Dec 31, 2014

2014 - Another year gone

Like every year, we are on the eve of another new year, 2015. And I am lucky to be able to finish 2014. As an optimistic, every year was great for me so far. 2014 was not an exception. Surely there were ups and downs. But now, looking back, I want to focus on only the ups.
Biked to the Balloon Fiesta in 50F

2014 was really awesome. I am not a new year's resolution type of guy. So back at the end of 2013, I never made promises for 2014. But instead, I opted to commit to specific small loosely defined goals. And now looking back, I can see that I was able to make some progress on most of those fronts(yes I am awesome!). Here are few things that I wanted to mention specifically-

Dec 11, 2014

Ritmo Mundo Corinthian watch review

Ritmo mundo corinthian watch
A closeup on the Ritmo Mundo Corinthian watch
After I wrote my last post about the watches I was reviewing in order to buy one, I got a pleasant surprise over mail. My wife read the post and to my surprise ordered the Ritmo Mundo for me. Imagine my surprise when it arrived today! So yes, I was extremely excited. But after spending about an hour with the watch, I had to say the aesthetic beauty of the watch is all it had.

Here is a quick review of the watch. It provided