Nov 4, 2010

Roku got five new channels

Today at twitter Roku developers announced that Roku player is going to get 5 new channels. Which takes the number of channels at the official Roku store to 96. The new channels are

Oct 17, 2010

যেদিন বাঘের ভয়ে প্যান্ট নষ্ট করেছিলো কিউইরা ...

Jan 27, 2010

Free $25 Starbucks Gift Card! - scam ?

Starbucks logo
Today I received a mail from one of my friend, inviting me to join a facebook group "Free $25 Starbucks Gift Card!". In the facebook group, there were some instructions about how you can get that 25$ free gift card. The first step was to post it to your profile, the second step was to invite all your friends into the group. I didn't mind these steps, but in the third step it ask you to go to a specific page where it asked me to fill in a survey. Now I am a bit concerned. As I previously read about

Starbucks logo
the firmville scam, so I checked whether the quiz wants your number at the end of the game to send you the result. And bang it was. So I believe this is a total scam. And by inviting your friends enticed by the 25$ gift card, you are also taking part in it. I am interested to know if anyone actually got that 25$, If so please post it on the comment section. I also checked the official starbucks website, Starbucks fan page on facebook and their twitter channel but couldn't find any thing at all about the offer. More over if starbucks actually wanted to giveaway gift card for participating a survey, the survey would be conducted on your starbucks experience or coffee habit or something relavant. I am pretty sure that they don't give a shit to know what twitter character are you.