Aug 18, 2009

[Solved] Frustating experience with blogger for custom domain

We found an existing order for this domain. Please contact support.

This error message have been killing for the last couple of days(Solution here. Last weekend I finally managed some time to sit with this blog and customize the design and everything that I was supposed to do way before ago. As a first step, I tried to purchase a domain name for my blog, so I can switch to a new custom domain leaving * subdomain. So when I picked a domain name, checked it's availability and found out it was available, I was very happy. But the happiness didn't last for long. As soon as I proceeded to enter billing information in order to purchase the domain, one of my friend knocked at the door. So I canceled the process for that time hoping to do it again sometimes later. But little did I know what was waiting for me!

After a while when I was free again, I tried again to buy the domain, and got the above error message. The funny thing was, there was no other mention of how to contact support or which support it is. Since the problem arouse while I tried to purchase domain from my blogger dashboard, I went to seek help from blogger help forum only to found out that this has been an issue of Google Apps. And even funnier thing is, I still see that particular domain as available. I frantically started searching the internet and found out that I am not the only one facing this problem. I asked in some of the threads which is like 2-3 months old, to know if anybody have this problem solved and found out that none has this problem fixed. But I tried to search in GoDaddy and Enom separately to see if those domains are available, and found out that they still are. I am pretty much sure that if I purchase it from them directly I will get the domain, I desired. So the problem is definitely within Google Apps. Also I sent an email to customer support and also still waiting for a reply from them. I will wait until next weekend for customer support to respond after that I will purchase it from GoDaddy itself. Unfortunately I had to go through the process of creating Cnames and other records which I was trying to avoid desperately.

So please help me spread this word, so that Google fixes this bug. If you also face this problem or you want blogger to fix this please click this link to re-tweet this.

Update 1: Experiencing the power of twitter, caught the attention of a PM at Blogger.

Update 2: Steps to reproduce the problem
1. Go to to your dashboard -> Settings -> Publishing -> Custom Domain.
2. Check availability of the domain and perform step 1 and step 2 and click "I accept. Procced to Google Check out" at the end of step 2.
3. Close the window. Restart the process. You cannot anymore buy the domain from blogger, as it's already gotten into some sort of deadlock.

Update 3: Solved
Finally the problem solved for me. I didn't have to do anything, just waited for 7days. Yes on the 8th morning I found out that I can register again, so I registered my domain under my name, Wohooo. Meanwhile if you don't have the time to wait, just go to Godaddy, purchase the domain you desire and follow these steps to obtain your desired domain redirected to your blogspot blog. I hope this solves the problem and you don't have to wait without any hope for a week like I did.
Happy blogging !


  1. You can post the url you want to buy on google apps help group

  2. @Ravy,
    I don't want the url to be public before purchasing it.

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  5. Congrats! :) finally it is approved for you.

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