Jul 27, 2009

Google books joins bing, win a sony reader

Now we all have seen how microsoft is spending money to attract users, but now google books joins the race. They have created a game which will help you to win Sony Readers everyday for the next 10 days. Google books joining with bingEach day 3persons will be able to win the book readers, but for the first 20,000 contestants the consolation price is a laptop sticker. The questions are really easy, and just need one google search and you'll find the answer at the first result of google search.

Like Bing cashback contest this contest of google is also limited to US residents. But unlike bing it requires a correct answer and without the 5 correct choices you cannot enter your information for the contest and submit your answers. By the way at the end google asks you to write a creative thought in 50 words on what the experience of reading will be like in 100 years. Funny eh? I wonder whether 100 years or even 50 years ago somebody could imagine about todays reading experiences? Electronic books blogs and websites have been taking over the printed ones which lasted a hell lot of time. I don't know may be in 100 years we will have something that even the sci-fi movie guys can't even imagine. Anyway, enough of crap, start playing and try to win a sony reader. And in case you are wondering it's the one that is in the picture on the left.

Jul 23, 2009

How to get bing cashback contest answers

Bing, Microsoft's google killer, has been trying to get people's attention by creating lots of prizes and contests. It started when Microsoft Australia burried ten grand in some place around the internet and you needed bing to find it out. Now they are offering a cashback trivia program on Twitter that will see one winner a day walk away with a Bing backpack and a $500 Visa cash card to use for back-to-school shopping. The contest will be running for seven days and each day one lucky person will get a 500$ cash back card. So if you are not amongst ones who are already competing for the 500$ prize, just join.

In order to join, you need to follow @cashback. Each weekday, we will tweet a new Bing cashback- trivia question. Whoever @replies with the right answer within one hour becomes eligible to win. But they have not specified the time when they are going to post the question. So you'll have to be a bit watchful about that. Now it will just be like a lucky draw or something, because I believe the questions will relatively be easy so that it sparks interest from everyone. But even if you can't find the answers you can just follow #cashbackpack on twitter and you'll get the answers. Or you can visit this link when they asked a question and get your answer from there. Because everybody is supposed to put #cashback tag on the answer's tweet. So what are you waiting for, lets start tweeting ;-) and don't forget to follow me if you start a twitter account.

Jul 21, 2009

How to get a google wave invite

From the looks of it, looks like Google started to provide invites already to interested users who wants to get their hands early on google wave, googles new product, which wowed the world in its preview release at Google I/O 2009. For those who doesn't heard of it, Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web. It will combine emails, web chat, wikis, social networking and project management and collaboration in a single communication client. It is open source and has a strong developer base so there will not be any lack of applications in the years to come. You might want to take a sneak peak.

Hoever if you want to get an early invite of google wave to try this amazing thing, click this link

Jul 4, 2009

Sit tight

Dear readers,
After long time I am going to change a lot of things in my blog. For example looks, navigation, commenting etc. In order to do so, following week you might experience lots of broken things in this site. Just sit tight and be with me, I assure you it will be a better experience after the overhauling process is complete. RSS readers might find same posts appear quite a few time in their reading. I hope you'll forgive these inconveniences.