Apr 17, 2009

When I love to be proved wrong...

Today, I saw an amazing video. Thanks to shoshi and Enamul for the tip. I am pretty much sure if you are well aware of the roads and highways of the internet you've already seen this, if you don't then you'll see this at the end of this post. Now lets talk about what was so amazing about this video. Some facts :

  • It's about a 47 Year old lady, Susan Boyle, who tried her luck at a talent show named "Britain Got Talent"

  • The video is uploaded on 11th April and till 17th April it's been watched 19,633,004 times.

  • I have checked the same video appeared in youtube many times and almost all of them have view count in 7 digits. So I can assume so far in 6 days it's been watched roughly 40,000,000 times in total.

  • Which means about 77 people were watching it every second after it's been uploaded on the internet.

  • She already had a page in wikipedia

  • Googling her name returned 3,490,000 results

  • And she already had a facebook fan page and more than a thousands fan club

Amazing huh? So what makes someone so popular in these five days? Within this short time she just became a heroe from zero. Now it's not that she did something extra ordinary or spectacular. What she did is just took part in a talent show, Britain got talent, and sung well. I am pretty sure lots of people do well in these talent shows every year and every channel. But neither of them was ever so became so popular or such a hype. But what made her so exceptional then? I think her appearance and her age. To most of people like me what she did was extra-ordinary. When we saw her at the vdo for the first time, we were expecting something old , shabby and not to mention a somewhat crappy ok, may be a normal performance. And boy how wrong were we! What she produced was awesome. She had an amazing gifted voice. But that didn't make the trick, she proved all of us wrong and that is what clicked the trigger. We were quick too judge her by her appearance and she proved us wrong. If you watch the video carefully you'll find that everybody was having fun from susan's initial appearance. One of the spectator literally raised her eyebrow when she heard what susan who to become in future. But in the end everybody seemed happy. Because like me to everyone else, it was like a story, like a movie, a fantasy. An underdog, a deprived person winning it all. That's her made her susan boyle and that's what made her popular. Susan Boyle, take my salute... Others, enjoy the video :)