Oct 8, 2007

Dhaka amar dhaka

Thanks to Mr. Rajesh borua for this wonderful photo, otherwise I wouldn't know that such a beautiful thing exists in my lovely city

Oct 5, 2007

What is 10 taka worth?

I was coming back from office after another busy day and as usual got stuck into the famous dhaka traffic. Suddenly a child came to my car and was trying to sell me a balloon -

Me : How much?
He : 10 taka.
Me : Why so much?
He : I get only 2taka sir, please buy one.
Me : Who gets the rest?
He : Mahajon , probably the balloon owner.

Suddenly the traffic seems to be freed for a moment, so I bought one from him. After coming back to home, gave it to my nephew Zehn and saw one of THE nicest smile, which made me forget about everything.

Thanks to my 10taka note.