Jun 3, 2007


Today while I was browsing flickr, I found an amazing photo, which I'd like to share with you people. Although the photographer keith erickson didn't put any name of that photo, I'd love to call it a monster. Since it kills many people everywhere in our country. And amazingly the photo portrays the monster theme very nicely. Check it out...

The Monster

Jun 2, 2007

Westecs and me

For those who don't know what Westecs is, It's kind of a fashion house now in Dhaka and they are my favorite. They has to be because not many shops in dhaka has clothes/outfits that fits my gigantic size. But Westecs does have. But at the beginning they were not where they currently are. They started in a small house where every room was for different sections for boys/girls/kids and now it's 4 storied building there and they have outlets all over the city. At the beginning they only sold clothes that were rejected from export oriented Garments for reasons like loose button or wrong tag etc. Kind of a sophisticated Bongobazar. But now they have their own products too. But thats not the story I'm intended to tell you now. Lets come to the point...

Yesterday I went to Westecs again, this time with my friend Shaon. Last time when I went, Khaled was with me. But in both the cases Khaled and Shaon bought the same pant for themselves! It was very surprising to see that. Now shahan wants to go with me and I'm pretty much sure he'll buy the same thing too. Because he liked Khaled and Shaon's one. So just a co-incidence? Or I become a pimp for that specific pant? I don't know!

P.S. : The way I write blog is first a specific event/idea come to my mind, then I think a storyline for that and finally write and publish it. Believe me when the content of this specific post came to my mind, it sounds way too interesting. But after writing, I think it became a bit boring. Sorry for that.