Dec 10, 2006

A Skeptic, A helpless and Newton’s laws of motion

Today while I was coming back from BUET by bus, a boy got into the bus from science library. By his outfit he looked poor. So when the bus started running again, the boy stood in the aisle of the bus and start addressing towards the passengers. This is quite regular if you are a regular bus goer. Most of them asked for money stating that they themselves or their father/mother/brother/sister are sick. But I ignored them almost all the time unless the help seeker is very old. But today’s story was different from all others.

The boy told us that he is a student of class 9 studying science and his sister is in class 7. His mother is a garment’s worker. He needs money as he can’t fill their exam fees for their upcoming final exam. So I called the boy. He came towards me and we had the following conversations :

Me: Which class are you in?

He: Class 9 sir. I am going to be in class 10 next year if you kindly help me.

Me: You are studying science?

He: Yes sir.

Me: Can you tell me Newton's laws of motion?

He: Yes sir. Which one do you want to hear?

I was impressed with his confidence but still not very sure about his story so I asked again.
Me: How many laws are there?

Without a hesitation he answered,
He: 3 sir.
Me: Tell me one.

He: Which one sir?
Me: The one you like most.

He: Okay sir. First law : Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. (In his language : bol na dile prottek gotimoy bostu gotimoy thakbe ar sthir bostu sthir thakbe)

I was so impressed! Also at the same time I was happy that this boy proved me wrong. So I helped him with whatever I had in my wallet. He thanked me and got down from the bus. But after he left I was feeling sad for him. The way I helped him, wasn't a permanent solution. May be next year he'll be seen again begging for money to fill his exam fees. I am so stupid! I should write his name and contact address and could easily arrange something to secure his further educational needs.

I am sorry little boy, please forgive me.

Where were I? : Now let's come to another important topic, where were I and why there wasn't any update in my blog lately. The reason behind these is I was extremely busy with a proffessional project. In addition to that there were first one of my aunti's wedding, then our departmental picnic and now I am heavily involved with the preperation of CSE festival or CSE day whatever you may say. More over class has started. So the result, my virtual life almost became obsolete. But I'll still try to be more regular. Keep visiting..

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