Oct 31, 2006


Yesterday when my cousin Sakib knocked me over MSN and sent me a track, I first came to know about 'Enlightment' . Sakib and two of his friends practices music at home and call themselves together as 'Enlightenment' . Well I was surprised to see the similiarity with ' Ondhokar Theke Alor Pothe ' i.e. this blog title, perhaps it's in our gene.

So here's the track Fall in love by enlightment. Sakib downloaded the music from internet and records the song over it in his house i.e. the floor below ours. So he would like to hear your feedbacks about the song. I hope you'll like it. So download the song and post your feedback here after listening to it.

On a completely different topic, Sheikh hasina has shown maturity (certainly enlightened) by giving the president a few days time to prove his neutrality. I thank her for that. But if she had shown the same thing for k. m. hasan then a few lives (at least 20) would be still breathing. Perhaps this political unrest of bangladesh compelled this cockroach (picture below) to commit suicide in my hot bathing water...

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Oct 28, 2006


I don't know if everyone's aware of what's happening currently in dhaka. Well in a word the situations is TENSED. According to awami league they are fighting for people's demand and rights, according to BNP they are protecting people's constituional rights and guess who's suffering? Yeap the same people. And who's to blame? Ofcourse these two arrogant ladies.

Everyone's afraid and staying at home. Well not me. I had to went out for a couple of occassion. And believe me I've never seen dhaka this way. I've seen dhaka in awami league's oborodh times in 95-96. I've seen dhaka in numerous hortals, but never the streets were so empty. My father who's posted at jessore must need to leave dhaka today, so I've to go out again to take him to the airport the only way to get in to or out from dhaka. I don't know what's coming.

Both parties have taken K M hasan issue as their ego. So there's no looking back now. The country has devided into awami league and bnp and fighting everywhere. Even they've ransacked BSMRMC (former PG hospital) at shahbagh. For a country like us this type of things is really very unfortunate. Why don't they understand? Because everyone wants the power. They are just fighting so that they could gain power for the next five years and do whatever they want like they did during their regime.

Now I think common people like me are ready to embrace marshall law. Although there's rumour that K M hasan refused to become the chief. I hope it's true. The only seemingly solution. President Iaz uddin has called Jalil and manna bhuyan to his office at bongobhobon. Let's see what's happening next...

And pray for me 'cause I'm now going to the airport :)

Good luck to myself.....

Update :
It took only 27minutes exactly for me to go to airport and returned back home at mohammudpur. For the first time in my life I'vent seen any bus on the street. Only a few cars, ambulances, CNG autorickshaws were there. And rickshaws outnumberred all others.

Update 2:There's been a problem with blogger which prevented me from posting. :( I hope the issues fixed now.
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Oct 23, 2006

The mysterious phone call

Phone ringing Yesterday night my internet connection was causing problems, so I was watching desperate housewives' 2nd season (thanks to Sheetal). Suddenly the phone rang. It was around 3am . So I was startled to hear the phone ringing. Anyway I picked up the phone. It was a girl. Lets call her X. And the conversation begun...

Me: Hello Assalamu alaikum
X: Walaikum assalam

Me: Whom do you want?
X: You ofcourse.

Me: Who's this?
X: Guess?

Me: umm (thinking) T? [Sidenote: T was one of my students. I taught her for one and a half years, but when I suspected that she might have a feeling for me, I quitted. It was about 3 years ago. And I'm pretty much sure about this caller that it was T]
X: Who's T?

Me: Don't play games with me.
X: I am not kidding, so T's your girlfriend right?

Me:haha So who are you?
X: I am M. But why T's name came into your mind, were you thinking of her?

Me: I don't know any M
X: I am your friend, we met at BUET.

Me: If you are my friend then why are you calling me by 'apni'?
X: Ok I'll tell you who I am , if you admit that you love T.

Me: Listen if you can't convince me about who you are, i'm going to hang up.
X: If you hang up, then I'll call again.

Me: You can call as many times as you wish, but I won't talk.
X: Please just say that you love T. I won't tell anyone.

Me: I don't love T. Okay sorry I'm going to hang up now.
X: Please don't.

Me: Then tell me who you are.
X: I am M.

Me: Okay good night. (click : I hung up...)

Man I miss caller id :(

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Oct 20, 2006

Back after the break with some music

I am back. Finally my exams were finished on 15th october. But after the exam when I am supposed to be free I got busier. Infact while exams I can spend more time infront of the computer. Because the only job to do during that time was to study. And as I hated to study, I always sneaked for a chance to sit infront of the computer. But when the exams ends, loads of work needed to be accomplished. So I hardly stayed at home, other than I was asleep. As a result no update. Besides when there's a break in posting, it took some time to restart again, build the lost tempo. But I have so many ideas to implement in the next few days. I decided I would start a regular post 'Seen through the lense' (Inspired by someone's flickr id : I see through lense) highlighting images from bangladsh. I already had loads of such pictures just waiting to show you people.

Now lets come to the point. How was the exam. All I can say is it was satisfactory. But the level of satisfaction varies person to person. From my point of view, I am happy because I knew about my preperations. My luck which always helped me to achieve the most with the least preperation left me after I get myself admitted in BUET. This term's exam was no exception. But better not to blame the luck because i know there are ways to beat the luck.

In case if you are wondering about the title which indicates some musical flavor let's not get too impatient. I've something more to say. I started a post on 28th september about 27th september on which day 3 of my favorites were born, but couldn't finish the post yet. I hope to finish it soon and publish. In the meantime Dr. Yunus got Nobel and I was so thrilled with it, I don't know whether I would be happier if I myself would achieve something this great. I was so happy. When I saw him talking about this, when I saw reporters asking him about it, when I read news clips, articles, blogs about it I got goosebumps, tears almost came. I was so excited! Although some people still had enough time to point me the fact that according to them Grameen banks is not helping the poor. My answers were 'I don't care'. I simply don't if you speak against it then do something good, bring a nobel and then talk. If you can't be happy with his winning nobel then just f*** (the four letter word) off.

If you are a keen follower of bangladeshi blogs or the daily star, you might've already heard about Madhobi. The poor unfortunate girl was thrown away by the ruthless housewives who she served along with her sister. Her sister died immediately while she survived being crippled. Drishtipat was trying to help madhabi so that she could get justice along with I myself. But I completely failed. The only way I could help them was by contacting a legal organization to take care of madhobi, which I did but somehow I don't know whose fault it was mine, BNWLA or the scared little one's ill fate they faield. An update can be found here. If you think you can help in this situation please speak up. I myself feeling so helpless right now. But I know I don't have the stands to talk about it anymore, because I couldn't do anything that can help.

On the day when Dr. Yunus won the prize it was also a happy occassion for Bangladesh as Bangladesh cricket team beat Zimabwe by quite a big margin. I know it's not a big news now as everyone expected them to do so, because clearly it's not the best zimbabwe team. But in reply to the heavy bashing of critics after the west indies game I'd like to point to the fact that after every team has played at least one match in the tournament Bangladesh cricket team still holds the second highest team total of the tournament. Also the best individual score is by a Bangladeshi, shahrear Nafees's unbeaten 125. That was a great day for us.

Now as I'm approaching the end it's time for music. Habib wahid has become and euphoria in Bangladeshi music industries lately. After two years he released his album ' Shono ' which instantly became a HIT. I found the songs of the album via mail. So I would like to share them with you people. By the way don't forget to buy the CD because it's worth it. The songs are :

Shopner Cheo Modhur
Mon Muniya
Elomelo Mon
Calender Er Pata
Poran Pakhi
Ae Shomoy
Ekhoni Nambe Brishti

In order to download the songs of Habib's ' Shono ' click here or here or here.

Another bangla band Yaatri has gained huge popularity after their songs Ekta gopon kotha and Nupur. Now they too released their own album ' Daak ' with 10 wonderful tracks. I hope this awesome album will also be fitted into your Eid shopping cart. The songs are :

Ei ki beshi na?
Amra shopne bachi
Bhalobasha Shunechi Ja
Ektu Pore
Ke Dake
Miththey prem
Ojana Mone
Pari Na

Click here to download songs of yaatri's new album Daak . And once again don't forget to buy both the CDs. Seems like this Eid is going to be a very good one for the music lovers..


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Oct 13, 2006

Congratulation Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Congratulation Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus for being the first ever bangladeshi to become a nobel prize winner. He along with his organization grameen bank wins Nobel peace prize 2006 for their efforts to create economic and social development from below.

Hats off to him. He made us proud.

Here's the official link.

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