Sep 8, 2006

Hsc Result and some other facts...

Yesterday I was watching the news and the happy faces of students as well, with victory signs showing, happily posing infront of camera. Some were crying in joy. I liked to watch them. I always do. These people are the future of our country. The frustration that our politian's provide us from time to time, these students have the power to change them.

This year's result was better than all the previous ones, a boost with 63.92 percent of the examinees passing. The percentage was 59.16 in 2005, 47.74 in 2004, 38.43 in 2003, 27.09 in 2002, 28.41 in 2001 ( my passing year ) and 37.05 in 2000. Last year too saw a leap in the pass rate as it shot up to 59.16 from 47.74 in 2004.

But watching the students leaping in joy, I was also feeling pitty for them. Because they don't know what's infront of them. They don't know that they have to fight really hard from now on to get themselves admitted into a reputated university. Not all of them have the money to get themselves admitted into private uniersities. This year almost 7000 students got GPA 5 from science. But not all of them will even get the chance to sit for the admission test in BUET. So what is the benefit of getting this GPA 5 which will not even give you the assurance to get the chance to fight for a seat in BUET admission test?

BUET has the capacity to take admission tests for 4500 students. That surely indicates that the rest 2500 will be deprived. That's why I don't like this result system at all. In our times it was more fun. It was more exciting. And more over it was more informative. There were a merit list of 20 students. Every body was wondering who will be the first . There were speculations, rumors and so on. These students felt so special! Besides if someone weren't in the merit list then he got his marks. Total marks and also the marks of individual subjects. Then the admission process were easier. You can sort the students according to their marks. But now you can't. Because there's no such thing like marks. All you have is grade. If you get 100 in maths you'll recieve the same as someone who gets 80. How rediculous!!!

Now lets see what would happen if my results were published in this result system. My handwriting is just too bad. And that's why I couldn't score marks in subjects where literature ruled. But I had the oppurtunity to fill that gap by making higher score in Maths, Physics and subjects like these. Both in ssc and HSC I didn't get letter in Bangla and English. So if my results were published in this system I wouldn't get the chance to sit for the BUET admission test. But I passed the admission test!

In SSC my result was very good. I scored 100 in mathematics, I placed 19th from Dhaka board. (I don't want to brag, but these are the facts!). But if my results were published in GPA system then my 100 in maths wouldn't get any value. And my result would be moderate, although gpa 5 but with the help of 4th subjects. You should understand by now why I don't like this result system.

I am going to finish with another thing that made me upset. Yesterday while I was reading zafa bhai's post in Drishtipat about Fobana (Federation of Bangladesh Association of North America) 2006 festival, I found that as usual there were two groups among Bangladeshis. Isn't this just horrible! This things make us a laugh stock infront of others. We can't stay united. And this division is not only there. We are devided in every where. Among university teachers, there are grouping, even among justices!! How could you recieve justice from a judge who's biased! Sadly we have no unity among ourselves. And if we can't get ourselves united , we can't prosper. I'm finishing with a joke I heard, which relates this thing..

" A saint died so he was taken in heaven. Then god told him that he was so good in life that he can have a wish which will be granted. Then the saint told that he wanted to see the hell. So be it. So the god sent an angel to accompany the saint to tour the hell. The saint then found that in hell there were seperate rooms for persons of seperate countries. The rooms were sealed from outside so that they can't escape, and inside those houses they were punished for their sins. But soon the saint saw that one house don't have any roof, although it's sealed from the outside. Surprised, the saint asked the accompanying angel that why it is so. The angel explained, that this house is for bangladehis. So when a bangladeshi tried to escape climbing upwards from the roof, the rest of the bangladeshis pulled him down. So they don't require a roof for protection."

Indeed we are dragging ourselves down.
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  1. Hi Shafi Bhaia,

    First of all thanks for bringing an excellent topic for your write up....this matter should be consider highly with great attention...:)

    Disadvatages of HSC grading System :::::

    1. the system is like that....All HSC student appear for six subjects..each subject will carry Grade as following ( A=5, A- =4,B accordingly 3,2,1....etc ). Total grade will be devided by 5...Point to be noted Bangla And English Are common for all and rest four are their departmental courses. Now like the old system here also from optional course 2 point is deducted out of 5 and the rest point added to the whole GPA. Now where is the problem.....

    For example Science Group -- If any student get A over physics, chemistry, maths and get B over English and bangla then he won't be able to secure GPA 5....where as if any student secure A over English and Bangla but get A- over physics , Chemistry and Maths then he will get GPA 5 with the help of optional Subject.....:)

    That's the main problem about this grading system......cause here students are depriving from there result satisfaction.

    2. While we appeared for the buet admission test...Only Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English numbers were taken....And first 4500 students with their marks could only appear in the examination....

    Now what's problem with the new system....??? Problem is that BUET should also find a new idea of tracking the best students for appearing in the examination....Like they can also follow notredame collage to solve this problem....They can now take age for selection ....But What will be the result..??? Some brilliant students will miss the opportunity to appear in the BUET examination.....and BUET will start missing the brilliants...:(

    I don't know the new system of BUET now....How they select students for appearing in the admission test...But It will be really taugh for them too....:)

    To Me government should immediately change the mark standard in the grading system....:) And I think they are also thinking about that....cause now grading should be updated...:) Like ::

    90 and above = A
    80 and above = A-
    70 and above = B
    60 and above = C etc etc...

    If Education board won't update the grading our students will be really deprived....:(

    Its really a big problem for my juniors school friends.....and I am really also worried for them too.... :(

    I don't think about Dhaka Univeristy, Medical or others...Cause we all know their Admission test system....But BUET is the place which is Landmark of Engineering School in our country....So they immediately should find out the best way for select the right students....Hope teachers will think about it cause its a big problem for this year...:)

    But Every black cloud has a silver lining.....:)

    I am totally disagree with Shafi bhaia about not supporting grading system...:( Grading System really made our education system more competitive...:)

    Advantages of Grading System :::

    1. I saw many friends become enemy just becaz of 1 mark.....grading system stop enemy relation with friends.....cause now If you get 100 or 99 all the same....and to me A student who get 100 or 99 all the same...Now you needn't to have cock and bull fight with your friends for one mark....If you give 100% correctly you will surely get 100 right.....A student who is capable of getting 99 and miss just number 1 can't be ignore...But while it was marking system The scenario was so bad over school and colleges...teachers really behaved double way just becaz of those one marks.....teachers and students relationship were just like robots....Becaz of having that 1 Mark most of the brilliant students of Dhaka board visit to all the board teachers home for securing that one mark......We know over the exam copy there's not written your name on the top but I really don't know why they love to go so many teachers home before appearing board exam ( OLD SYSTEM...Not for the NEW ONES )
    That's why I do always support grading system....cause now you can have your own identity no variation :)

    2. I am so happy that now communicative English Introduced in HSC level...So now you needn't to worry about your handwritings....Cause you just have to answer to the point not much theory about stories...that's the best step to Me... :)

    3. I was a student of Viqarunnisa Noon School and College....I know how VNC and NDC students fight with each other for securing the first Place....what's the thrill and fun with only 20 stand students.....All students should be equally awarded for their results.....I am so happy Now TV and Media didn't only show the first boy's picture on the cover page and ignore others....Its so nice that now all get importance.....And no fighting between NDC and VNC for securing first....It was just too silly......:)

    Whole world following Grading system....Bangladesh Government started it so we should highly appreciate it.....But Its also our duty to modify and update the grading system so that Student's won't deprive from their real judgement...:)

    Admission Test Is totally a different Thing.......After HSC 8-10% Students go abroad for their further study....A few Join some cool subjects like Astronomy, Flying Club, Genetics, BioEngineering etc etc etc....Few goes for Medicine...A few goes for general Subjects....So As far As I know....BUET Offer 810 seats...Medical like 2500 seats....DU like 3000 seats....IBA like 60 seats....Other Government universities outside of Dhaka also offer this kind of seats....So If 10000 students get A+ then I think they will be perfectly able to sit for their destiny....:) Nothing to be worry much.....:)

    And Private Univeristy Scenario ::

    NSU, IUB, AIUB, EWU, AUST, DIIT, UIU, BU...etc etc etc...Many more univeristy each semster Toook many students....And Interesting is that though they taking lots money from their students but none stop going there....every year its like more than 1200 students only Joining I think you can get the idea how many people can able to join Private universities...:)

    Anyways Thing is that....HSC grading system should have to be modify...That's the main point of this Write...:)

    I wish all the students of HSC 2006 for a bright future......Buddy's Don't worry much.......Inshallah everything will be perfect with You people...Just Never Loose your hope and Never Run for one thing only....Cause if you fail You should also find the other way too right...:)

    So Good Luck and Cheer Up and Congrats to All of You for passing HSC 2006........HSC is not like SSC so, I think all students should be happy with their HSC result....Cause You surely Get what You done right...:)

    Okay I think I should quit now otherwise Shafi Bhaia will kill me........take Care........Don't delete my comments...hehehe....BYE BYE...:)

  2. that is one big a** comment right there..woah, lotsa details and about cent percent true none the less.

    I have mixed reaction about the HSC results. On one hand I feel relived thinking that I did't have to face as much competition (although I faced a LOT) as these new blokes would have to face in the admission exam (because as per my observations, the admission exam is the only thing in BD that might make or break you); on the other, I'm quite concerned about our fore-goers..they are gonna have a helluva time when the smoke of admission starts to rise, I mean "Ooooh, ooooh". My dad knew the current education minister personally and was not oblivious about his or his dad's AHEM! "Works on the behind panel" (although the education minister has a very good command over written english); perhaps the fact that all of the minister's offspring were brought up abroad and didn't have to face the harsh realities of BD that made him take inadequate actions (and employ a vocal retard as his accomplish in the parliament, i.e:aa no mo ehsanul haque milon)..but what can we do?? Maybe a long misil by all the dhakabashies with sticks and stones which ultimately ends in the ministers being burnt alive on account of witchcraft and sorcery can solve the problem, maybe not ;)

    PS: Woah, you were one heckuva student man..19th in Dhaka board, thats like....ummm....not on my domain that is :)

    And, new rumours suggests 2 exam before eid and the rest after the eid? and certification?

  3. amaro grading system bhalo lagena.

    amar nijer kothai boli (amra SSC n HSC te grading systemer 2nd batch chhilam )..SSC te amar marks chhilo 97% up(jodio grading systeme marks jana jayna..kintu konobhabe jante perechhilam)arekjoner marks chhilo 81% ..othocho duijoner grade kintu eki chhilo jodio amar or cheye minimum 176 number beshi chhilo.

    eshapu gradinger advantage gula ke to amar disadvantage lagchhe:-s

    1 mark er beparta thik bujhlam na:S khata code kora thakle teacher ra no.beshi dibe kibhabe kono bisesh student ke?
    englisher bepare hoyto haater lekha ekhon bepar na..kintu bangla science ..religion ..egulote?
    ar 20joner merit list jokhon chhilo tokhono college gulote competetion mone hoyna kom chhilo.

  4. grading system er bepare amar kono apotti nei... r apotti thaka uchit o noi... karon ei grading system ei almost whole world er education why not ours??

    but, amader ekhankar SSC and HSC exam er question paper er standard niae amar bhishon apotti achhe! Ami jeta bolte chachchi sheta holo: amader board exam gulo te question paper er standard i emon haoa uchit jate kore protita course e (even in maths and physics) 80% marks or above pete hole ekjon student ke shei course er upor khub i bhalo dokhkhota orjon korte hoi and ejonno ta-ke bhalo effort o jate dite hoi! amra jodi eta ensure korte pari, then r kono problem thakbe bole ami mone kori na....

  5. Shafi Bro,u r rite in this topics. i want 2 add 1 thng that Dr.Zafar Iqbal Said in the result day that "they r taking n teaching student in SUST every year, but they don have any prove that latest students knows better than others(olders)." To make a huuge success in HSC this year is nothing but a political tricks n it will lead our new genaration towards destruction.Most of them wont get chance in good institiutions n many meritorious students will be gone!!!!

    a lot thnx to u bro for ur wish n comment, i makes me proud when any one of our country commnets on my blog

  6. Hi Moon,

    Well U r in BUET now and I think U r very lucky that you had Your SSC and HSC in grading system.....Because You Know...While I was In Viqarunnisa Noon School And College I saw my Batchmates, Senior friends just maintain too far distance with each other just because of one number....everyone wants to get the highest number...where as its not that important To secure 100% or 97% in the exam....You tell me...Do You think the person who secure 95% in his/her exam is less meritorious than the person who secure 98% ?????

    Over Mark System There was high competition too But they love to do cock and bull fight...But grading system stop that And I really like grading system that's why....:)

    To Me its no Difference...:)

    Well Shaon Bhaia well Said....Cause question pattern should also be modified....:) Cause its all the same question repeating for years and years....

    We should Welcome grading system...Cause its fit with worldwide system.....I hope Gradually Teachers will also change their marking patterns too....But they need time I know...:)

    Anyways All the Best For All HSC students....Buddy don't scare by anyone cause INshallah you all will be fit to the right place of your future life....:) All I want to Say....There's not Only BUET, DU, DMC, IBA in our country for study....So if u fail to get chance over there don't think the world is close to you...Keep your eyes open......Keep believe in yourself...You will be also a very successful Man of our country :)

    Just Trust on Yourself and Go Forward...:)

    Good Luck Bye bYe...:)

  7. loll..... thats a pretty much common joke for bd in recent years.

    Seems to me , students in bd are suddenly become very much talented...

    I guess BUET,MEDICAL,DU shud increase their seat capacity....otherwise how we r gonna accomodate these brilliant stuffs [:S :S]

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  9. ki jeno bolte gesilam kintu comments pore bhule gesi...

    jai hok... ota pore mone hole bolbo :P

    @Eshapu, i don't think results are meant for "student satisfaction" ... and also the whole grading system crap is supposed to be based on the "whole world" like shaon bhaia said but i wonder where the "whole world is" ... say for example here in US n Canada the universities look @ your marks not ur GPA... its true that the GPA does exist... but i don't think it gives u enough infomation about the student.... i might be an A+ student.. so what? i might be weaker in math than another A+ student... i'm using math for an example because to me a 2% difference in math is a big difference (say if someone gets 99% n the other 97%) but who gives a s*** if u get 5% less than the highest mark in class in english? (for science students of course)

  10. as i was saying... the universities here don't look at ur GPA .. they look @ the actual marks... as it was before in bd... the GPA is meant to be helpful for international students because standards vary from country to country .... a 100% in math is a lot harder to get in bd than in Canada... (u can completely trust me on that) in that case if u know that a student coming from a foreign country has a level A or A+ you can assume he is the top level student... whereas if u knew he got an 80, on what basis would u decide how much effort and knowledge he had to put into that 80?

    the "whole world" theory goes only for the international students... n they don't use GPA like people are using in bangladesh ... we just blindly copy others without analysing what is going on or how something is gonna work for us...

    i think bd is probably the only country that is going through this grading ordeal... every other country has a system mapped out considering every aspect of their teaching style... but we don't...

    bd students are getting discouraged to put their effort to be perfect.. because who cares once u get a stupid 80? but those kids will suffer... and it will not be the fault of them .. it is the system

    here in canada i can be an A+ student along with loads of "bocha"s ... but I KNOW as well as the universities that they are way better ... n there is a record ... look@ our marks... even in bd everyone knows that out of those thousands of kids who got a very satisfactory A+, very few of them are meritorious enough to be considered “heroes” (like the merit list students)

  11. "You tell me...Do You think the person who secure 95% in his/her exam is less meritorious than the person who secure 98% ?????"

    Esha apu, i know u didn't ask me that question but i can't resist myself expressing my opinion on that ... i've already mentioned it once.. but i will say again a student who gets 98% is a hell lot more meritorious than the one who got 95% depending on which course u're talking about .. n i'm sure i'm not the only one who feel this way.

  12. sorry to be bitching about this matter but this system annoys the hell outta me :S (and i'm just hyper today!) SO, back to bitching:

    me and my best frnds were the top students in our class (even our district) nevertheless we were best frnds (i don't know if its a good example cuz our teachers used to say we were gems! the most unique thing of our school was our frndship.. as Eshapu has mentioned top students are usually envious and cold to each other) but my point is us being best frnds didn't mean that we had any less competition than those VNS students who fought for marks...

    and i don't believe in a frndship where the condition is "u are getting the same grade that i am!" no thanks... i would like to be loner... I am and I always was proud of my frnds as much as they are of me and don't care if u call it bragging when we call ourselved GOOD STUDENTS n BEST FRNDS.

    i pity those who try to find the warmth of frndship by trying to bring equality! (wretched creatures hungry for frndship .. makes me sick!)

    sorry to be so offensive ... i'm really sensitive about this :(

    anyhow... some people are saying grading gives u an identity without variation? I hope i got the point right... but would u call an A like two hundred thousand others a better identity than the only one who got 970 in SSC or HSC?

    Call it unfair to post the top 20 students picture on the newspaper 'depriving' the others who didn't make it to the merit list (i'm not trying to offend them but those 20 kids EARNED a place .. they are UNIQUE and they deserve to be honoured)

    What do we see now? a bunch of VNS kids celebrating A+ without having a clue of their actual worth! how fair is that!

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  14. :O @ Audity

    Eshapu..Audity has given my answer..but as we were in the same school I want to say u something.In school and college we had the number system not grading system and we also had the same competetion u went through,but i didnt see any jealousy there among frnds.Can u tell that person ur friend who envy u at ur success?I dont think so..

    Ofcourse I think that the person who secure 95% in his exam is less meritorious or less active than the student who gets 98%..for getting more 30/33 numbers he ofcourse have some qualities more than the other student .

  15. Oh My God......There's a big conversation about Grading hehe :)

    Okay First of All ::

    For Auditi ::

    I think again I can't make my views clear.......But I saw many of my senior+junior+batchmates doing excellent who doesn't secure stand in their student life...who doesn't even secure 90% mark in HSC/SSC....Also who doesn't get 100% in their student life...even they get below 85% but You will be amazed to see their success in life...To be oviously they are not less meritourious than a student who got above 90% marks.....Because Mark or Grade is not only one thing for judging a student....

    You brought up abroad things...Well You guys are very lucky...You are from a very excellent education system.....Comparing to that system we seems to be zero....But My cousin completed her SSC from Viqarunnisa School and She migrated to California now....And If our grading system is so bad and our education system that not up to compitable with world then She couldn't be able to get President's Award from California State in her Twelve Grade Graduation......

    Few things not good in our system...But its not like We study nothing in our student life....That's totally a bogus thing.... :(

    And last not the least To Me I can't find any difference who secure 970 in board exam with the student who got 930 in his or her examination....Cause board examination are One Day cricket match for all students.....So some Win Some lost.....That doesn't mean He/She not able to establish their life more successfully than to the student who secure 970...:P

    Well And about Friendship.....Well oviously yes I had 350 classmates when I did my SSC...and oviously 350 were not my classmates.....So I saw many girls feel too depresed when they didn't secure highest mark in the Class....Oviously my friends always feel better If I did well in my exam....:) But what about other classmates....:P They feel depress ....So its better not mark only grades....:)

    Moon Sweetie :::

    U r Viqiz.....And WHo can know more than you about friendship of Viqiz student and what they can do for their friends....But Buddy I think You also face group wise friends....Didn't you face at least 7/8 groups of friend circle while u did ur SSC...and Over college as u r in Science group....Were 150 students your friends....I think its not possible too....:)

    That's why I prefer no marks...SO that everyone can be treated equally......If I do well In my examination that's my success...I Am achiever.....I needn't to feel bad why there's 10000 A+ with me right....If they get that I should be happy for them...:)

    Competition getting harder day by day.....And in this competitive world You have to Show what You Are...:)

    Another important thing......None will remember what's ur SSC or HSC result if you can't establish your career....So First target should be build your career successfully :)

    Anyways.........Grading system Always the best.....And I will always prefer it...:)

    And Education Board Maintaining Your Marks too....So As Moon You know your marks...Many others can know their marks for their satisfiction too...Its not that taugh task to Know Your marks from Grading system in our country right...:)

    Anyways All the best again for HSC 2006 candidates.......Focus on your career now...Don't waste little bit time worrying about your grades...Cause what's gone is gone forever neevr looking back.......Keep your eyes open.....World WIll be yours then.....:)


    Esha :)

  16. Some ppl are very positive indeed! Seems like I get an F and someone else gets A+ but it doesn't matter! cuz what's gone is gone forever! never look back ... I'll keep my eyes open and will fall into a nordoma.. sorry :S i meant i'll own the world!

  17. eshapu I read in vnsc for 12 years .I was one of the top students in my class but I cant remember any of my classmates felt depressed for my results:S

    I dont understand what are u trying to say api:s u cant fail in exams to make someone ur equal or happy:s ..jodi sobai equally e treated hoy tahole exam newar upojogita ta ki?

  18. Interesting blog - If you would like a free Bangla/English Injil Sharif, please email and provide your name, address, thana name, and phone number, and your Injil will be delivered in within a couple of weeks.

  19. Hi Moon,

    Seems You are very lucky none feel depress while you stood first in all examination....

    I also studied over VNSC for long twelve years....And I was student of the last batch with Mark System....:)

    Well I always have good communication between my Senior and Junior friends over VNSC....

    I m telling you Few Names :::

    Moutushi K, F Farzana, N Noor, Monalisa M, S Arefin, Aparajita G, Sazia S...R R Joyee...R Reza...all this girls were the cream students of VNSC.....And all they stood in their SSC or HSC.....As you study over VNSC for 12 years I think I needn't to tell their full names to you cause you surely already know them quite well ..:)

    So If you met with their classmates ever..who are only their classmates not friends then varify Whether I m right Or wrong...:) Cause I know What they face and What We all face in the mark system.....U r lucky cause u r in Grade system....So all the top students of your batch secure GOLDEN A+ right...So I think They needn't to depress about your result...:)

    But while two students have same merit but One stood first and the other couldn't stood in the board exam surely It creates some hard feelings inside their mind....:)

    And That's why I strongly Didn't support Mark System....And I am happy Government also think likes me and they quit the system....:)I m not understanding Why you not trying to get my views......

    One of My Very close friend fail to stand in her SSC but now she having brilliant career over University of Washington...She's now Top student at her school in USA.....So you tell Me....What She loose ??? What Was problem if she couldn't stood in her SSC....Does other girls who STood in their SSC with her doing better than now what she doing....Not really :P

    I don't know why you all only think about SSC and HSC result which really doesn't matter if you can build your career properly.....Do U think Only Stand people can success in life others not....???

    What is the problem if government not declare you stand girl ??? If you are successful in your career you can show yourself worldwide automatically.... :)

    I left VNSC in 2002....U r probably two year junior to me...And I know only debaters from your batch....They also share their feelings with me all the time...So I have quite good idea about grading system too :)

    I think You don't support grading system cause You can't show yourself As the first girl Of Dhaka Board....Common You already know you get 97% mark....So you should be so happy with the grading system :) At least your friend who didn't get 97% mark in her exam equally treating like you :)

    Just Imagine....Now all grading level of GOLDEN A+ treating equally but you feeling bad about it....So just imagine How was the Mark System....where Only becaz of one mark One call First and the other call second ???

    How Can this stupid system can be better than this I m not understanding...:(

    And For Auditiy......Its feeling like you only wanna get A+ and if your other classmates get below A you will be so happy about that :P Cause You are the only one Who done your 100% mark...:)

    Anyways :) I m quiting the topic here....Cause Grading system accepted in my country So I m happy with it....:) Now I wish Government Should modify the system a little bit so That The students who get above 90% mark can get more advantages so that they won't get hurt with the students who get 85% mark :P

    :) :) :)

    All the best and Good Luck ...:)


    Esha :)

    ( Moon And Audity don't get hurt if I speak too much ...Just what I feel I said....)

  20. In our time we were not given A+ by adding optional subject .Only 10 girls got GPA 5 from our school in that time.U cant say that only 10 meritorious students were in our class.Only cz they didnt secure A+in bengali doesn't make them bad students.

    well,beside merit, result depends on being studious or active.I'll tell u that -u just can't treat the guys who study the whole night to the happy-go-lucky grasshoppers ,and if u do, heaven forbid,d'u think it's right?

    Marking system reveals A to Z about the students.If he stands second for only a mark u can understand this too.But in grading system no matter how well u do none cares as long as u get a so called A+.

    u said ,"I think You don't support grading system cause You can't show yourself As the first girl Of Dhaka Board....Common You already know you get 97% mark....So you should be so happy with the grading system."

    I dont know whether I was the first girl or not but I really dont understand why should I be happy. By knowing that i could become the first girl but I was not bcz of grading system and that made someone happy ?or for the reason that she felt herself equal to everyone who were really meritorious thinking that 'ami temon kono pora na korei koto bhalo korlam ar onnora bokar moto sarabocchor kosto korlo'?

    U like the grading system or not its upto u but when I see one who's got 80% marks is being compared to one who had managed to score something like98%-99% ,it wips my heart cz I know behind each n every mark there's a saga of countless hours hard work.

  21. "Its feeling like you only wanna get A+ and if your other classmates get below A you will be so happy about that :P Cause You are the only one Who done your 100% mark...:)"

    I'll be proud of myself apu! and also i'll think that I'm more meritorious than the ones who didn't get 100% and if someelse got 100% and I didn't, I wouldn't ever think that I have same merit as him/her just because we are both labelled as A+ students ... because it doesn't matter what people think about my merit... its upto me to judge myself as worthy of being honored for being the best or not.

    Moonpu can think she is the best.. but if someone with 85% even dares to think that s/he is as meritorious as her (since they both got A+), that person is a complete fool.

  22. Auditi And Moon,

    Well I believe in :::

    “If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner."

    So....To Me securing only 100% Mark in SSC and HSC with memorizing the whole book can't be only meritorious to me....:)

    I Saw Many students who have memorize the whole book and If you ask them anything without book they couldn't even answer you...:)

    I hate Bookish knowledge....Important is what you are in your life...:)How successful Person you are in your life...:)

    I had been over VNSC for long years...I saw many meritorious students who secure above 97% mark in their SSC and HSC...and I also see many students who secure above 85% mark in their Career...:)

    And If you go for statistic....Then all those girl who didn't secure above 97% mark are more successful in their life...:)

    You both Prove how nice That there's no more Mark system in our country...Cause if a student get only 97 and her batchmates get 100 in their examination they will be treat him/her same way you both are thinking now...:)

    I was absolutely correct....Grading system Stopped all this stupid act of students who only thinks if they stood first in class they are the best....All others have no merits ???/

    Anyways......Talent is him/her who can establish their life......Oviously Not whom who only get 100 in exam but later he/she can't even face simple Viva boards...Do u think they r only talent....???

    Girls grow uppppp...Anyways I had enough talk about this stupid Mark Vs Grading topic.....:)

    Teachers, Students and Government all happily accepted grading system like all over world....So I shouldn't waste my time talking about that :)

    btb, Moon, In your department and all over the BUET do u think only he/she who got 4/4 GPA r talent students ???

    I think now u won't say All BUET students R Talent.....If you say so then See I m correct....You both are really confused about the definition about Talent....Check out wikipedia...check out whom people called talent And Meritorious :)....If only first girl or Boy treated only talent in the country then we should really don't think about development in out country......:(

    Anyways, Take care.......and Hope you both will be very successful in your career too....Hope to see you both in genious Book of Records...:)

    be Most Talented student :) and Be First in your whole Career :)

    All the best.....Adios :)


    Samiha Esha :)

  23. For Moon,

    So u are in HSC 2003 .....Its my sister's batch......As far as I know in your batch there huge numbers of girls get admitted in BUET and DMC from viqarunnisa College....So what you think they r looser because they can't show their marks to anyone ???? I don't think so...Besides I found every top students of our school from your batch successfully secure their place in the admission tests of their time.....:) So they didn't loose anything infact they all r winner...:)

    By the by,.....GPA 5 and Golden GPA 5 is not same......This year if get take the ratio of GOLDEN GPA 5 with normal GPA 5 then its also not that huge number.....Well 519 students get GPA 5 from Our college this year among them only 16 girls hold Golden GPA 5.......:)

    So you see...... you told the person who didn't secure A+ In bengali you think they are not bad student or not less meritourious then who secure A+ in literature....Same Way I also think those who failed to get 100 in their exam can't be less meritourious than the student who only get 100 in their exam.....In marking system many meritorious student's can't get 100/100 in Math in their SSC and HSC.......So will u tell me that Those students who get above 95 in Math over their SSC and HSC know maths less than the student who get 100 in their exam.......??? I think you think so then You are living in your fantasy world..........Cause You know our teacher's marking system.....In maths teacher's also love to deduct marks for a comma and side notes.....In theoram there's huge example of deducting 1/2 marks for all those side notes in SSC and HSC...:)

    So Moon u thinking it will be so great in u attend the exam in Mark system ....But Sweetie its really cool that u needn't to face that cause you will also think like me if you would see becaz of only 5/10 marks you couldn't stand first in the Board examination ....To Me all the students who stand in SSC and HSC are equal. I never treat A guy/girl who stood 17/18/19/20 in the stand list are less meritorious than the student who stood first........All are equal talented to me...But teachers do discriminate with the first boy/girl and with the 20th boy/girl in board exams......So How can I support such a weired system.......:(

    Anyways, Take care....Very soon Your final gonna start.........So Be first in your class ....:) Good Luck and all the best :)


    And Auditi :::::::::::::

    You left Dhaka and now migrated to Canada.......You are studying in most advanced educational system of the world.......So you tell me why Your result publish in Grading system.....?? Why didn't they Tell you get 100 ??? Why they need to said you get A ????

    Marks also kept in the education ministry of our country too......So any student can know their marks from the ministry too...( Which is at all no need )..Government surely not stopped you from getting 1000/1000 in the grading system too right ??? So where's the problem if they publish your result in the format of A+ A and GPA style...????


    Esha :)

  24. before expressing opinions about a controversial topic people should read what others say very carefully. i never said we don't have marks system.. infact we do have marks system... and we also have grading... but not like bd... here marks gets priority just like it should get...

    you're right about "some" good student being nerds... but that's not general ... not a lot of good students have done good because they have memorized books.... even if they did i think they are worth more than who 1. can't memorize 2. don't do well, yet point at those "bookish ppl" . this is nothing personal... no one cares if u or i hate bookish ppl or love grading system. the government didn't change the system because you like grading system or because they had some enmity with me.

    the question was never about the "only meritorious ones" the question was who are the bests... and 5000 ppl can't be the BESTs (not in read world... and according to the definition of BEST in wikipedia!) and establishment comes way after HSC ... so ur arguements are quite off topic .... establishment is related to a lot more factors than SSC & HSC result. there is no point giving examples of people who got away with being average. cuz u can have 5000 averages.. but there will always be only 5 outstandings.

  25. I Am Sorry But Again I have to come back...:)

    Well Government change the system from Mark to grade System Because none supports that idiotic Marking system....And Grading system highly appreciated.....Government always do what People want...:)And oviously government can't do what is not accepted by the people...:)

    Bill Gates is the example of everything :) Talent is important Not Grades/Marks or anything in this world :)...:)And Surely Bill gate is not an average guy Right....

    I don't know why u think only he/she who stood first is only outstandings. Its totally a wrong conception...:)


  26. """" .. but there will always be only 5 outstandings """"

    -------- and Do u think those who only stood first in the SSC and HSC are outstandings...did u find any person treated as outstandings who only stood first in SSC or HSC...-----

    I never find anyone like that :P

  27. personally i think we have lost the need of exams like SSC or HSC. College and University admission exams are good enough. The results are only confusing us. I would like to refer my blog entry on this issue, which is on