Sep 1, 2006

Benefits of load shedding

I've been trying for the last two days to write this post. Not that I haven't had time. I tried. But he who's the subject of this post always interrupted. There's a saying that great people don't want publicity. They just stay behind the curtain and enrich mankind. Like the electric supply of bangladesh. Whenever I tried to write, bang there's a black out. I wonder how it knew! But hey technology has been doing wonders right? Anyway it's all started when I read Atunu's The midsummer night mis-dreams. He was digusted after experiencing a 5 hour long loadshedding. And after reading I started to write this post and the electricity went out! What an irony! But still I was thinking how lucky I am! I am living in a part of city which can't be called POSH but still we had only 2 hours of load shedding every day. (If you are living abroad or in a place where there's no such thing like black outs and shivering in horror reading about load sheddings let me tell you that we are so used to with this thing that we accepted it happily when electricity went out for an hour or two)

Anyway my point wasn't bragging about the fact that we had "only" two hours of load shedding every day. I actually wanted to point out the benefits associated with load shedding. You know there's always some silver lining behind the dark clouds. And there's always some super optimistic persons like me who'll come forward to point out those silver linings. Allow me to start :

1. When it's load shedding your electric meter stopped running for that time being. That obviously save you some bucks. We used to have 2 hours load shedding at night and one hour load shedding during the day. But the scenario is not so good everywhere. Like Atunu experienced a 5 hour long one. So on an average let's think that you have a 4 hour load shedding everyday. That means 4*100% / 24 = 16.67%. So you ended up a decent 16.67% savings over your electricity bill at the end of the month. Now since government is a total failure controlling the market price of necessary day to day products, this 16.67% savings would definitely help you a bit.

2. Load shedding mostly occurs during night. So When at night load shedding occurs everywhere went dark. It's obviously a blessings for the mischiefs. The longer time they get the more they can earn. And it'll definitely help to grow our GDP. Besides when the entire locality is covered under darkness, the clear sky with lots of shinning stars remains, as the most beautiful thing to watch. Where else could you get this oppurtunity?

3. When it's load shedding in you area, the power is used to enlight some other part of the city. And this great deed will definitely help you after death (Only if you believe in after life.)

4. As the load shedding continues to grow I came to know from newspapers that some people are offering generator connections. That is you can take connections to fans or lights from a generator monthly giving away some fees. This business will definitely decreases unemployment problem. And as employment rates increases it will help to eliminate the frustation of youths who were now engaged in druggs or hijacking or fundamentalism.

5. Last but not the least, I don't know whether this applies to all of you. But it surely applies for me. I am a type of person who can't sit idly doing nothing. So when during loadshedding I've nothing to do guess what I do? I start studying. :D

So don't blame anyone for load shedding anymore..

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