Aug 4, 2006

BUET and the conspiracy theories!

Finally BUET has been closed for indefinite period as the sine die has been applied by the vice chancelor. It was quite expected that there's something going to happen as both sides became arrogant in their respective positions. Students, they wanted to delay the exam for a week after they spent 47days of leave still they claimed that as the didn't have the preperation for the test, so they want to delay it for a week. On the other hand authority were strict to take the exam on time. Shouldn't they be? In my buet life whenever I saw a demand for anything from the students, I saw it accepted. And as a result it was like a rule to us, 'if the students wants it, then it will be accepted'. That's why I think authority should take some strict steps to end this. They took and as a result BUET is now closed costnig the students at least 3-4 months delay instead of that one week.

After the incident all of the mailing lists of BUET students became heavily active. The seniors who passed from BUET start rebuking the juniors, the juniors showing no respect to the seniors replying harshly and all of a sudden it's like blaming each other for the incident for which no body there seems to be responsible. There are some points that should be discussed before pointing your fingers to others. Let's start with the authority,

The authority stands still this time when they are asked to delay the exam for a week, they asked the pollice to take action against the students if situation gets out of hand , and what the pollice did was beating them heavily with baton, tear gas and rubber bullet (yeap rubber bullets, believe it). But didn't the authority know the consequences of this? Ofcourse they did. But still they went for it because there are some other things involved too. When it came to prostpone the exam as the students wanted to watch the world cup, the authority didn't hesitate to grant it. Even the halls were not vacated that time. If the authority decided to do it in the hard way (that they did it this time) why didn't they do it that time?

Now lets come to the student's view. They've got 47 days vacation. After that a preperatory leave of 2 weeks, but still they wanted one more week. If these 60 days aren't enough to take preperation for the exam, how can they expect to finish it getting only another week? Some students pointed to the fact that they wanted to be sure that the classes of next semester will resume as soon as possible. As there were a rumour that after the exam BUET might remain closed for 3 months and will resume with students of 2006 batch. So there was a demand that if classes aren't going to start soon, then why sitting for exams so fast! But these demonstrations can be made after the exam during the free time, right? Then why did you do it during the preperatory leave effecting your preperations for the exam?

The worst thing happened when the students went vandalizing the teacher's campus. They throwed stones to break the windows of the teacher's residence, broke the glasses of cars that were parked infront of the buildings and destroyed the lampposts. Students claimed after they recieved beating from the pollices, they went to take revenge on an instant. But the story I heared from one of the teacher doesn't really looked like a "hot headed thing" rather it was pre-planned. According to that sir, first all the lights of the street infront of ahsan ullah hall went out. Then the students started towards the residential campus in the dark. They didn't rush through the campus at once, but waited in front of the gate. Then about 10-15 students went inside and broke all the street lamps inside that campus. So when it went completely dark, all of the students entered the campus and started the damage. Does it look like a hot headed incident???

Long before this thing happened the teachers residing that campus expected something this worse and noticed that there were no pollice posted at the campus. They asked for pollice protection from the security officer but no pollice force arrived on time. I wonder why!

All of these events looked to me like everything was nicely planned, I don't know who planned, I don't know who's going to be benefited because of this, I don't know what's next but what I do know is this thing's going to cost us very badly. Not only it takes valuable times from our lives but also the reputation of BUET is going down.
BUET is the only university in Bangladesh, which has got its name in the preference list of the admission committee in US universities like University of Urbana Champagne (UIUC), Purdue, UTAustin, Cornell, Princeton. These things surely wont help to increase the long built goodwill.

There's a hearsay that after the election there will be EUCSU election in BUET. And the departing batch has some 15-20 good chatro dol leaders. So if everything went on smoothly they will have to leave the campus after the end of this term, sometime near september, long before any of the elections took place. So they planned it to shut BUET down so that they could stay in the halls and can work for the election committee and later for the EUCSU election. If this is true? Or just another conspiracy theory? I don't know. But popular daily prothom alo also reported in this tone. So there might be some truth.

Whatever may be the truth, the sufferers are us, the current students and also those who'll going to study here. Because this session jam is a cummulative thing. It propagates through batches. So if things aren't fixed right now, we'll will going to pay afterwards. I don't want to blame anyone but all I want is the resume of our BUET. Please save it.

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