Aug 31, 2006

Happy BlogDay 2006

Today is Blog Day. It was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. Every blogger celebrating this day posts a recommendation of 5 blogs. In this way all blog web surfers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new previously unknown blogs.

Now you may wonder why 31st of August is announced as blog day. Let's see,

31/08 = 3 1 o 8 = Blog

I first came to know about this day from Mezba bhai. So it's time to introduce five blogs that I follow frequently and all of them cheers me up..

Funz N Jokes: Munaz Bhai started this blog long ago. He shares funny pictures and jokes in this blogs most of which are hillarious.

Fun And Jokes with Morals.. : This blog is pretty new. Started from mid august this blog posts collected funny jokes with a moral based on that joke. The morals are funnier most of the times. You'll surely have fun reading it. But beware some jokes might be rated as adult.

বড়মণিদের কৌতুক: This blog is also a new one, newer than the previous one, run by Swadheen Mitra, author of the book বড়মণিদের কৌতুক . This blog is in Bangla and posts are created using unicode. Swadheen Mitra promised to post one or two bangla jokes every day. And according to him those jokes are really really dirty. So he set an age restriction of people over the age of 16. So if you've crossed you sweet 16 barrier you are authorized to view them.

Welcome to the World of Fakts : This one's another funny one by Swadheen Mitra. This blog is bilingual, German and English. Some of these facts are really very funny.

Joke of the day: Finally joke of the day from Everyday a new funny joke from askmen..

Have fun reading those. But be aware as some contents might offend you. And don't blame me 'cause I told you already about it.

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Aug 29, 2006

Back to dhaka

I am back, back to dhaka after a trip of 8 days. This tour was lots of fun. I travelled a lot, almost everyday. I went to jessore where abbu's now posted, but also visited jhinaidoho, magura, kushtia , meherpur and rajshahi. Rajshahi is my nanabari. So it was preplannaed that my mama, khala and ammus mama and khala will go to rajshahi from dhaka on friday , 25th august. And I with my father will join them from jessore on that day. Later we all will return to jessore together after visiting our relatives living in rajshahi and also the graves of elders who passed away and sleeping there peacefully. That was the basic plan. But thanks to khaleda zia and the age old custom of bangladeshi politics. Since it's the end of their ruling term it's the time for inauguration of unfinished or half finished structures for taking credit. Also it's the time for lying foundation stones for upcoming projects. For these reasons prime minister begum khaleda zia is now visiting all over the country and marking her names over the stones.

Now what related khaleda zia's tour with my travelling? The answer is that khaleda zia was scheduled to visit kushtia on 28th of august and jhinaidoho on 6th september. Both of these districts are under abba's juridiction and she was supposed to inaugurate 3 of his projects and would place foundation stone for 2 of his projects. That's why he had to tour these districts to make sure that everything is according to the respective project plan. So I accompanied him in those tours and while he was doing office works I wanderred around the country side. I'll write details about my trip later. I also had to write about my last jessore trip which I took at the end of may and about my lawachora trip at the beginning of may. How lazy I become!!

So I came back to dhaka at night on sunday, 27th august. But when we came back to dhaka we came to know that ammu's khala who met us at rajshahi then came with us to jessore and later returned with me to dhaka, her house has been robbed while we were travelling. But the silver lining behind the dark cloud is that since she had moved her ornaments and some other precious belongings to a realtive's house prior to leaving for rajshahi, so the bandits couldn't take them. They ransacked the house in search for those which results the following pictures...

Anyway over all the tour was great. And we had loads of fun. I'll write in details later. Before leaving I'll share a few links.

First, Click here to see top 10 most beautiful cellphones and then read here an amazing true story of ATM mistake which led to 700,000,000$ credited to an account.


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Aug 18, 2006

Leaving for jessore again...

I'm leaving for jessore again. Last time when I visited jessore on june 4th I visited khulna, jhinaidoho. But I didn't write any descriptions of my tour. I hope to write this one's and that one's together when I'll be back. I've a plan to visit kushtia, Rajshahi and also Bogra (only this one's for the first time). But I don't know whether it will be possible to visit all of them.
After my last visit I knew that there's edge facility available in Jessore so I'll be in touch through my Gmail.

Another thing is that I started jogging again. I used to do it with my father and uncle when I was a kid. But after school became busier day by day, I gave up. Now from last week I started it again because of the tummy that's getting bigger day by day. I have always been in the buliker side. And I hated that very much. And that's why I started jogging. I am almost 13kg overweight than the normal weight of an average person of my height. Which on the long run will increase the risk of heart attack and other coronnary diseases. And yeah reading horrific stories about heart attacks and seeing some of the victims, Shafi became health conscious. So I changed my routine, wake up around 5 am every morning and start to jog at 5.30 am. I walk for about 6-7 killometres. I tried to run first but running about half a killometre makes my breaths lost. And there's a rule of walking/jogging/running. It says "Run at a pace at which you can still hold a conversation." And so I obey the rules. I walk.

Apparently it's all the same. If the distance is same, then you'll burn the same amount of calories whether you run/walk/jog. But it will take definitely more time if you walk rather than run. That's why running is benefitial. And also it prolongs the breathing capacity and improves stamina. I wish someday I can run for an hour! I'll try to do it step by step.

Before starting to walk, I didn't have any idea how much health conscious people have become. I went to walk at chondrima uddyan where almost 1-2 thousands people walks jogs or do free hand excersizes. I saw a man who was like 4 times of me (of course by width not height :P) . He is so fat, that he can't sit properly! I liked it when I saw him trying to lose his weight. And no one's paying attention to how others are doing it, as long as they're working out then it's fine.

There's also an association of people called 'Probhate Chondrima.' They formed lines and do free hand excersizes following an instructor. Oneday I was late to go there and saw thay they've finished their excersize and was singing a song together. Isn't it nice? It's also a great way of socializing. I don't wanna join the group. I am happy with my walking but it'd be great to have one of such 'probhate chondrima' captioned T-shirt.

Anyway I have a bad news. As I've been preparing to leave, I found out that my canon powershot a 75 is malfunctioning. After searching i found out that it's due to one of canon's manufacturing fault. They've issued a statement saying that it'll be fixed free of cost. So lets see if it can be fixed. Atunu had experienced such thing already. So I saught his help. Wish me luck...

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Aug 17, 2006

Shamsur rahman has passed away

The great poet Shamsur rahman has passed away today at 6.25pm(Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun). Dr. Iqbal, who was his physician for the last couple of weeks, announced this news at 7.00pm. According to the doctor the poet's blood pressure started falling from 3.00pm in the evening which ultimately was the reason for his death. He has been under life support machine for
the last couple of days.

Earlier his heart was having trouble functioning and other vital organs of his body like kidney, lever too were not working as well as they should. He had high blood sugar. He was admitted to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital (BSMMUH). His blood pressure was constantly fluctuating and the level of oxygen fell alarmingly. Prime minister begum khaleda zia promised to give necessary supports for his treatment. But while poet's family wanted to take him abroad for better treatment the doctor's panel insisted to keep him here. But I think his condition was not well enough to fly him away. But his family wanted to take the risk. The poet wished to have his grave beside his grandmother's. So he'll be buried there.

He was born in Dhaka. Fourth of thirteen children, he studied at Pogos School from where he passed his matriculation in 1945.Later he took his I.A. From Dhaka College. Rahman started writing poetry after graduating from Dhaka College at the age of eighteen. Shamsur Rahman studied English literature at Dhaka University and received his B.A. in 1953.He also received his M.A. where he stood second in second division. He had a long career as a journalist and was the Editor of a national daily, Dainik Bangla and the weekly Bichitra.

I am finishing with one of my favorite poem by shamsur rahman, which is obviously shadhinota tumi.

Shadhinota tumi
Some parts of this post are from wikipedia and the poem is from nybangla

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Aug 16, 2006

What's around : August 16 , 2006

Eye tha sees the worldNow if you're reading this for the first time, it's my regular post What's around in which I try to share different links with you that seemed interesting to me. So check them out..

A man uses sword to fight off burglars. According to police, once the burglars were inside, they got into a fight with one of the residents who grabbed his roommates sword and started slashing the intruders. His feisty attack send the invaders running, but not before he wounded several. Shortly after Minneapolis police arrived, they were called by doctors at the hospital about the arrival of three people to the ER with severed fingers and lacerations. One had minor injuries and was treated and arrested. The other two were more seriously injured and were treated. They’ll be transported to the Hennepin County Jail when they are released by the hospital. Read the full story here.

Firefox cropcirclesT o celebrate 50 million downloads, of firefox the Oregon State Linux Users Group took back the sidewalk with an enormous painting on their campus quad. At 100 million, they took back the sky with a huge Firefox weather balloon. Now it's time to celebrate the 200 millionth download. So what could be done to beat the previous two?? Well, a 45,000+ square foot crop circle might do it. This past weekend, they descended on a field in beautiful Amity, Oregon for two days of plotting and stomping. By Sunday, over an acre of oats was emblazoned with the Firefox logo. To get the pictures, they pulled out the planes and the helicopters. Click here to see pictures of this massive event.

Ever wonder how your visitor's eye move over different sections of your webpage while visiting your webpage? Well a study has been made which observed 46 people for one hour as their eyes followed mock news websites and real multimedia content. During the study, researchers noticed a common pattern: The eyes most often fixated first in the upper left of the page, then hovered in that area before going left to right. Only after perusing the top portion of the page for some time did their eyes explore further down the page. The eye follows the page like this image below..

Eye movement on website
Of course, this pattern can vary. The image above is a simplistic representation of the most common eye-movement pattern researchers noticed across multiple homepage designs.. The graphic below shows the zones of importance they formulated from the Eyetrack data. While each site is different, you might look at your own website and see what content you have in which zones.

Priority of eye while looking into a website
Read details here.

English premier league is going to start from this saturday, 19th august. I'm a die hard arsenal supporter. But my team's condition doesn't look too good this year as crucial players are leaving the teams allured by richer clubs like real madrid or chelsea. Although the team is quite competitive now but the inclusion of a center back and a left winger will be necessary to fulfill it's potential. Anyway here is a quick start guide of all the premiership clubs that you might need to take a look before the tournmanent starts.

Finally, would you like to have window's vista's original cds for free? Well it looks like Microsoft is giving away free Vista Cd's if you can answer a small quiz. If you can answer all the questions of the quiz perfectly then you'll be redirected to a page where you'll have to provide your address and details. Click here to take the quiz. The free offer is from microsoft india. But a funny thing I noticed upon successfully completing the quiz when it give me this message : "Congratualtions! You have got all the questions right. To have your gift couriered, please click on the button below and provide your details.". He he looked like the coder of that page was in such great hurry that he made the typo 'Congratualtions' while trying to type 'Congratulations'. Anyway if you don't know the answers of the quiz then don't worry. Here they are :

3.November 2006

Have fun.

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Aug 14, 2006

Windows Live Writer and blogger beta

Microsoft launches a desktop blog editor Windows Live Writer (Still in beta though). The really interesting part is that, while geared for Windows Live Spaces users, Live Writer works with blog platforms like WordPress, Movable Type, LiveJournal and Blogger. Previously I tried performancing but didn't like it because they can't show blog preview. So always stuck with blogger's dashboard. But Windows Live Writer does it within a Microsoft Word-like environment.

Installation is pretty much easy. Just download the soft fromhere and install. You might need to install .NET framework if you don't have it yet. After installation give it your site URL and login info and it automagically does the rest. It downloads the site template and thus will be able to show how the post will look like in your blog.

Live Writer has the basic features you would expect of any blogging utility from WYSIWYG tools and spell check to the unique feature of inserting maps from Windows Live Local. It will automatically save drafts at your interval of choice, automatically check spelling before publishing and ping servers you tell it to when posts are published. There is one interesting section of the preferences pane though - plugins. Although the list is still empty but plugins means integration of user experience and customization from a huge array of users/programmers. Microsoft has released the API and an SDK for Windows Live Writer so you can expect to see some interesting plugins very soon. This plugins (extension in firefox) made firefox popular. It'll surely help WLW.

Now lets come to the best feature of windows live writer. It will provide bloggers with simple image editing and effects. When placing an image in a post you can easily do things like adding a drop shadow, adjusting brightness and contrast as well as sharpen, emboss and a few other image effects. It'll definitely be helpful for photoshop ignorants like me.

But there are some problems also. If you use the read more feature like I do, you can't see your total post preview in WLW instead you'll see upto the read more tag starts. Also I read that there's no way of stopping after you press the publish post button. But hopefully it's still in beta and they'll surely be updated time to time.

Now another interesting thing's that blogger also started to introduce a new beta blogger service. You can see it here. I always liked blogger because it gave me total freedom of messing up with the blogger template. Thus I can implement services that blogger failed to provide, in my own way. Like I did with the category feature or recent comments feature. Blogger beta will have these features built in, features like privacy, tags, drag and drop layout and easier inclusion of non-textual elements.

Blogger blogs can be public, private or read only by invitation. Posts can now be tagged. Drag and drop layout for both building your blog’s template and changing the position of elements will be possible. Perhaps the upgrade will also bring new stability to the service, as it goes down from time to time.

But what I've been thinking how the transformation will be made. From an existing blogger user to the new blogger platform. Let's see what they've in their mind. For some one like me with almost 200 posts the transformation is the biggest thing to worry. But let's hope for the best..


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Written based on personal experience and also with the help from this review and this review.

Aug 13, 2006

Implement category in blogger

As I've mentioned before about introducing category feature, now let me tell you how I did this. When I found BLOGGER doesn't provide categories (aka TAGS) for its posts, I searched for tips and tricks to see whether someone's doing it or not. Then I found this post which told me about using the tagging feature of the social bookmarking site and to make this process faster using the post template feature of blogger. Post templates help users save time by pre-formatting the post editor. Anyway just follow the following steps to implement a categorized blogger blog :

Step 1: Create an account with here to register for an account.

Step 2: Log into your blogger account. From the dashboard click settings. Now click formatting.

Step 3: At the bottom of this page you'll find the form for post template. Copy the following code and paste that in that form.

Just change the user_name by your user name. My user name is Rajputro so I changed it to rajputro. Check the image :

Post template blogger

Step 4: Click save settings to save.

Step 5: Now let me explain a few things on that piece of code. The target="_blank" portion will be used so that whenever someone clicks on any tag, list of posts associated with that tag will appear on the new page. So that the visitor doesn't need to leave your page.
Secondly the rel="tag" will work for technorati. Whenever technorati scans your blog it will automatically identify these tags or categories as technorati tags. So you don't need to specify technorati tags exclusively.

Step 6: Now start creating a post. You'll see in the post editor that the preceeding code is already there. Now write your post on top of that code. Make sure that the code appeared at the bottom of the post. Now if you are complete with writing your post, think about the keywords that will be best suited for the post. Now change the tag1, tag2, tag3 , tag4 tags in the code by your related tags for the post. For example, for this post I think the best tags would be : blogger, categories, So I changed that code in the following way :

You might've noticed that I used only 3tags so I deleted the 4th line. If you need more tags just add one. You can add as many tags as you think will be necessary to describe your post.

Step 7: Now publish your post. Go to the posts page. Now bookmark the page into and in the tag field of put the tags (for this post blogger, categories, ) you used in your posts. Make sure that those tags are separated by spaces not commas. To post quickly into you use browser buttons. Firefox users see this page to post directly to Internet explorer users can take help from this page for the same purpose.

Step 8: Now you are almost done after posting the page into All you need to do is to show the category list into your sidebar. provides a feature called tagrolls that would provide in this purpose. Click here to configure your tagroll. Configure the colors and details (like cloud or list view, for example see this post) Now put the javascript code into your blogger sidebar.

Step 9: Now you are complete with the categorizing process. Have fun with your categorized blogger blog.

Update : The account you registerred must contain links from only your blog for which you're going to implement category. To share bookmarks you've to use another account.

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Aug 11, 2006

Introducing categories

You might've noticed the right sidebar categories already. It's the thing blogger has been missing. Categorizing posts will serve us in two ways,

Firstly, posts sharing a common attribute can be identified by clicking on the name of that attribute.

Secondly, the posts will automatically be tagged into technorati and So if anyone looking for that particular tag will find the post anyway.

There are two ways to view the categories.

In both the views (cloud view or list view) the font size indicates the frequency of the posts on that category. Larger font sizes indicate larger number of posts are associated with that category/tag. Here's the cloud view

And here's the list view

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Aug 8, 2006

The amazing race

Dhaka Traffic jamNo, I am not going to write about the TV program reality game show the amazing race where bunch of kids form a group and starts hunting treasures and hints as well to reach their destination. Rather I'm going to tell you about an amazing race that I participated today. The race wasn't at all even by it's terms. The two participants were me and my father. I had to cover around 20km distance on the other hand he has to travel around 300km distance. Don't get it?

Ok let me explain the scenario. My father, who's currently posted at jessore now was coming to dhaka by GMG airlines, and I was supposed to get him from the airport. But I had plans earlier. Our beloved Imran bhai and sonya apu is going to leave for Illinois, USA on the 10th of this month for their MS and PHD, so we (shafi, shahan, enamul and chayan) decided to give them a visit before their departure. Imran bhaia told us to come at 6.30pm at his place in shantinogor and we were on time. On the other hand Abba's flight from jessore was at 7.20pm. As I was the one to receive him from airport, I told abba to call me when he was going to on board the plane. And so he did just at 7.20pm. So I decided to take off and say good bye and good luck to imran bhaia and sonya apu and started for zia international airport at 7.25pm.

Now the race begun. Whose going to get their first? At 8.05pm I got a call from abba. I lost the race. I was still around 10 minutes away from the airport and he's already there. I got stuck in traffic in Mogbazar, Mohakhali and finally at kakoli which was responsible for my delay. Finally I reached their and we both came back home.

End of story!

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Aug 7, 2006

Desperate housewives

Desperate housewivesEverybody who knows me, knows it pretty well that I wake up very late when i've nothing to do early morning. But for the last two days I had to wake up early because on the first day I needed to go to BUET to see my thesis superviser and on the second I had to attend a meeting at around 11am. So I needed to sleep early as I've to wake up early to keep up the schedule. The first day to see my adviser went out pretty well. On my way back I met sheetal and she lent me 3 dvds. Two of those are two volumes of desperate housewives' first season. I've seen one or two episodes of it in star world while I was in jessore, and I didn't understand a single thing except the beautiful presence of Terry hatcher, who I fell in love with since the tv series superman has been televised in Dhaka.

Desperate housewivesAnyway so after I got those dvd that day, I needed to sleep early that night because I had a meeting the following day at around 11am at banani, so to be on time I needed to start at around 9.30 am and so I had to wake up at around 9 o'clock in the morning which is way too early for me. So I decided to go to sleep at 1.00 am at night. And then I thought lets watch one episode of desperate housewives and then I'll sleep. And guess what was the result? I slept at 6am in the morning. Fortunately I was able to wake up at 9 that morning and could catch up that schedule.

So, what's so special in desperate housewives? The thing that attracted me most was that the story, although based on western culture, it resembles so much with ours. The series began with Mary Alice Young leaving her perfect house in the loveliest of suburbs and ending it all by committing suicide. Now she takes us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbors, commenting as the soul from beyond the grave. This style itself is attractive. All the episodes starts with a brisk introduction about what's going to happen from mary alice after what happened on the previous ones.

Mary Alice's suicide leaves behind a mystery involving her husband Paul , her son Zach and a mysterious chest, which Paul digs out from underneath the family's pool. Ultimately, it is revealed to have contained the skeletal remains of a dead woman's body. The story unravels through Mary Alice's four friends and neighbours. Each has her own storyline that ties into the theme of being a desperate housewife: accident-prone single-mother Susan Mayer trying to find her love, is it the suspicious neighbour, them plumber mike or she's still in love with her ex husband karl; perfect housewife Bree Van De Kamp , mother of two problematic teenagers, struggles to save her marriage; Lynette Scavo tries to be super-mum to four children while longing to return to her life as a corporate executive where she was very successful but had to sacrifice her career to grow her children; and materialistic, adulterous ex-runway model Gabrielle who tries to keep her husband from finding out about her affair with a teenager, her gardener.

The amazing thing with this tv soap is that you can't put it into a single genre. The tone and style of the series combine elements of comedy, mystery, thriller, soap opera and drama. I'vent completed first season yet, but finished 12 volumes within 2 days. So it isn't a snap judgement. I've been a huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And I am already a 'desperate housewives' fan. You can watch it online here. Hope you'll like it.

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Aug 4, 2006

BUET and the conspiracy theories!

Finally BUET has been closed for indefinite period as the sine die has been applied by the vice chancelor. It was quite expected that there's something going to happen as both sides became arrogant in their respective positions. Students, they wanted to delay the exam for a week after they spent 47days of leave still they claimed that as the didn't have the preperation for the test, so they want to delay it for a week. On the other hand authority were strict to take the exam on time. Shouldn't they be? In my buet life whenever I saw a demand for anything from the students, I saw it accepted. And as a result it was like a rule to us, 'if the students wants it, then it will be accepted'. That's why I think authority should take some strict steps to end this. They took and as a result BUET is now closed costnig the students at least 3-4 months delay instead of that one week.

After the incident all of the mailing lists of BUET students became heavily active. The seniors who passed from BUET start rebuking the juniors, the juniors showing no respect to the seniors replying harshly and all of a sudden it's like blaming each other for the incident for which no body there seems to be responsible. There are some points that should be discussed before pointing your fingers to others. Let's start with the authority,

The authority stands still this time when they are asked to delay the exam for a week, they asked the pollice to take action against the students if situation gets out of hand , and what the pollice did was beating them heavily with baton, tear gas and rubber bullet (yeap rubber bullets, believe it). But didn't the authority know the consequences of this? Ofcourse they did. But still they went for it because there are some other things involved too. When it came to prostpone the exam as the students wanted to watch the world cup, the authority didn't hesitate to grant it. Even the halls were not vacated that time. If the authority decided to do it in the hard way (that they did it this time) why didn't they do it that time?

Now lets come to the student's view. They've got 47 days vacation. After that a preperatory leave of 2 weeks, but still they wanted one more week. If these 60 days aren't enough to take preperation for the exam, how can they expect to finish it getting only another week? Some students pointed to the fact that they wanted to be sure that the classes of next semester will resume as soon as possible. As there were a rumour that after the exam BUET might remain closed for 3 months and will resume with students of 2006 batch. So there was a demand that if classes aren't going to start soon, then why sitting for exams so fast! But these demonstrations can be made after the exam during the free time, right? Then why did you do it during the preperatory leave effecting your preperations for the exam?

The worst thing happened when the students went vandalizing the teacher's campus. They throwed stones to break the windows of the teacher's residence, broke the glasses of cars that were parked infront of the buildings and destroyed the lampposts. Students claimed after they recieved beating from the pollices, they went to take revenge on an instant. But the story I heared from one of the teacher doesn't really looked like a "hot headed thing" rather it was pre-planned. According to that sir, first all the lights of the street infront of ahsan ullah hall went out. Then the students started towards the residential campus in the dark. They didn't rush through the campus at once, but waited in front of the gate. Then about 10-15 students went inside and broke all the street lamps inside that campus. So when it went completely dark, all of the students entered the campus and started the damage. Does it look like a hot headed incident???

Long before this thing happened the teachers residing that campus expected something this worse and noticed that there were no pollice posted at the campus. They asked for pollice protection from the security officer but no pollice force arrived on time. I wonder why!

All of these events looked to me like everything was nicely planned, I don't know who planned, I don't know who's going to be benefited because of this, I don't know what's next but what I do know is this thing's going to cost us very badly. Not only it takes valuable times from our lives but also the reputation of BUET is going down.
BUET is the only university in Bangladesh, which has got its name in the preference list of the admission committee in US universities like University of Urbana Champagne (UIUC), Purdue, UTAustin, Cornell, Princeton. These things surely wont help to increase the long built goodwill.

There's a hearsay that after the election there will be EUCSU election in BUET. And the departing batch has some 15-20 good chatro dol leaders. So if everything went on smoothly they will have to leave the campus after the end of this term, sometime near september, long before any of the elections took place. So they planned it to shut BUET down so that they could stay in the halls and can work for the election committee and later for the EUCSU election. If this is true? Or just another conspiracy theory? I don't know. But popular daily prothom alo also reported in this tone. So there might be some truth.

Whatever may be the truth, the sufferers are us, the current students and also those who'll going to study here. Because this session jam is a cummulative thing. It propagates through batches. So if things aren't fixed right now, we'll will going to pay afterwards. I don't want to blame anyone but all I want is the resume of our BUET. Please save it.

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Aug 3, 2006

What's around : August 04 , 2006

Now if you're reading this for the first time, it's my regular post What's around in which I try to share different links with you that seemed interesting to me. So check them out..

Googlism, is a funny website that finds out what Google thinks of you, your friends or anything! Actually it searched for the word at google and picks up lines from the description of search results. I searched for shafi and it says : "shafi is his aunt's husband, shafi is a doctor working in malta, shafi is the 67 ,shafi is between the devil and the deep sea" Funny huh? Try googlism and look what google thinks of you.

Check out this rainbow gallery. These images are no photoshop trick. They are just awesome. All of them are snaps of beautiful rainbows.

Ever wonder how geeky someone is? Don't worry this certified geek, will give you a rundown of how to pass as a geek for brief moments. Understanding these tactics will in no way work over the long term, like, say, a marriage. But in quick social exchanges, or to bamboozle your friend these tricks should work sufficiently to help you fool the rest, thinking that you're one of the geeks. So check it out.

Now those who are reading this, if you follow hindi music or movie, you surely have heard of the famous movie bombay. The movie was not only a hit because of the story but also the songs are awesome. Recently when I was browsing I found out a music from the movie bombay as a background music of this site. So if you have the mp3 of the tune then please mail it to me.

In my last what's around post, I talked about the allegation against Athar Ali khan. But it looks like Atahar ali was not alone. Check out this report from daily amar desh.

Finally I've been trying to categorize existing posts and also new posts. But blogger doesn't provide the post category feature. So I've been using for this. The method is simple. Whenever you publish a post , just insert the tags you want as the category of that post. Later bookmark the page at with those tags. To avoid the pain of including tags after everypost use the post template feature of blogger which you'll find under settings->formatting. Post templates help users save time by pre-formatting the post editor. So you can add some tags in the post template and just edit that after every post. Remember the "rel" attribute of the hyperlink tag should contain the value "Tag". In this way it will by default be tagged to technorati also.
For example : I used this rel="tag" href="" for my personal tag. There are lots of social bookmarking services but I choose because of it's tagroll feature. Because of the tagroll I can show the tags/categories in my sidebar. I'll upload it shortly. Try it..

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