Jul 18, 2006

My Playlist : July 18 , 2006

MusicNow if you're reading this for the first time, it's my regular post My Playlist in which I will try to share one or two songs I've been listening to now a days in MP3 format and also the lyrics if possible. So check them out..

Disclaimer: You are downloading this file because you have the original copy of it. Otherwise, you must not download this file because it is illegal to have it. You have been notified and I do not take responsibility for the incorrect use by the visitors.

mahmudujjaman babuNow let's talk something about Mahmudujjaman babu who's the artist of the songs I am going to share today. For those who do not know, he is the voice behind the famous song ‘Ami banglar gaan gai…’, which of course we know is a song revered and loved by all. Although the song was by protul mukhopaddhoy but it was babu who made it popular. Anyway for the time being I am going to talk about his latest album ‘Ondho Tirondaj’ , which can roughly be translated as ‘Blind Archer’. If you haven't heard any song of it until now, run fast to the local music store and buy it. Because some of the songs are mind blowing to me, specially the song " Chokh Gelo " . I first saw the music video in probably channel one. And then was looking everywhere for it. Finally got it. The music is good and so is the lyrics. I will upload the song here. Another song I am going to share is from his old album " Chokh bheshe jay jole ". The album is also my favourite. But the song ` Priyo mrittika ’ that I am going to share also today is a personal favourite. Also if you haven't heard of any song by mahmuduzzaman babu start with ami banglar gaan gai.

So todays Mp3s are:

Song: Chokh Gelo
Artist: Mahmudujjaman Babu
Album: Ondho Tirondaj
Link to Download: Click Here


Song: Priyo Mrittika
Artist: Mahmudujjaman Babu
Album: Chokh Bheshe Jay Jole
Link to Download: Click Here

To download all songs from his first album 'chokh bheshe jay jole ' click here.

Finally! I am finishing with a good news from my friend jishan. He plays bass in one of the leading underground Band Arbovirus who is about to bring out their highly anticipated debut album. After prolonged delays and setbacks, Suharto, Ranjan, Sufi, Jishan & Tanim managed to finish their album. The album titled "64m 53s" will be released from G-Series on July 20th. It was at first named as ' britto '. The opening ceremony will be held on 20th July (thursday) at Geetanjoly Store on the 6th floor of Boshundhara City Shopping Mall, 6 pm. Jishan invites all of you to attend the openning, not to mention buy a cd , hehe. If you are interested you can know more about them from their "under construction" website viralogy .The site is not complete yet but the flash animation is definitely eye catching. Amadergaan.com has been offering two demos from the new album, songs titled `amadergaan' and 'omanush'. You can listen to them from here.

arbovirus poster
Previously their singles released in underground mixed albums like Agontuk 2, Dinbodol, and Lokayoto. The three singles are Artonaad, Obhishap and Shopnadishto respectively. Click the song titles to download them. And click here for the music video of arbovirus. Good luck jishan and arbovirus.

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  1. yeah the songs are great !! :D


    now about the arbovirus .. yeah lets go to Basundhara City at the first album release ceremony of our friend ! two thumbs up to "Arbo" and "Jishan"


  2. Chokh Gelo ganta onnorokom.. bhalo legeche :) .. thanks

    r Arbovirus er vdo ta jotil korse! gangula'r link e gondogol ache :( goodluck to Jishan bhaia n his Arbovirus [ei Jishan ki shey gale angul dewa Jishan?]

    btw.. Dipu bhaia ki gtalk maniay bhugchen naki ;)

  3. Audity, link er gondogol pelam na to :( . Specificly bolo kontay bhejal. [gale angul kahini ta bujhte parlam na:$]

    Aar ei emoticon ta mone hoy yahoo teo ache :P

  4. I know Babu Bhai since early nineties. Did you know he has another (or two) album before chokh bhese jai jole. I have one back at home (I forgot the name). He was a Gonoshongit Shilpi. Sadly he had an accident recently and about to lose an eye.

  5. nice songs...specially chokh gelo gaanta..:)

  6. Rezwan bhai, I didn't know that he has albums before chokh bheshe jay jole. His voice so good. I heard about his unfortunate accident. He was taken to singapore for treatment. Do you know what happened later?

    Moon gaanta amar o prio onek.

  7. Khaled, darun to botei...othocho tui amake cd kinte dicchilina :@

  8. dosto.....arbovirus er new album er gaan gula upload kore de to plz :)


  9. porag dosto, jishan mair dibe...Taar cheye 60/- dia cd kinna felo.

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  11. i hate image verification ..bujhi na kichu :P

    .. urm . .any idea where to get his lyrics ?