Jul 29, 2006

Censorship again?

The information ministry of bangladesh has suddenly shut down thirteen popular satellite channels including Espn, Star sports, Ten sports, HBO, Zee Tv etc. I was watching the game between bangladesh and zimbabwe in BTV and time to time checking the scores of jayabardhane on the other channel, but suddenly it went out and our cable operator started showing the notice that a strike for a day has been called from 29th july 2pm to 30th july 2pm protesting this decision. By this time they are only showing the bangla channels.

I think this has something to do with the clash between MGH and UCS (later bought by Nationwide Communications Ltd. – a company that distributes the Zee channels in Bangladesh ), two rival groups in the country’s cable-tv business. This cable war was preventing viewers in parts of the city from being able to watch channels on the Star TV network. And now they stopped the channels on the zee tv network. Lets see what happened next.

But if you asked me about my opinion, I think all indian bangla channels should be banned because they wont allow any bangladeshi bangla channel to be telecasted there.

And don't forget to check this tool, developed by korean yahoo programmers. Although it's in korean language but you'll understand what it does. It shows you the links to a specific webpage. And it's cool :D

Update August 8,2006 : Looks like there might be some agreement between the two rival cable operators. Our cable operator started providing star world and star movies again (yahooooooo!). And by this time bangladesh government has proposed a cable tv act to be presented on the next perliament session. According to the act, government will be able to shut down any channel without any notice. So get ready for more Etv if goverment changes....


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  1. Hi,

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  2. erokom to ageo koyekbar hoyechhe...amader to star tv networker kono channel e ashena 4/5 months dhore..

    Indian bangla channel aro onek agei ban kora uchit chhilo..eisob channelgulor maan o to bhalo mone hoyna..

  3. thanks Esha for the link, my sister could use that.

    Moon, ebarer ta different... tobe star alader karshaji mone hoy..

  4. Hindi shob channel ban kora uchit.. khali ghanor ghanor x-( amar ek frnd muftonline e dekhe r skool e eshe amar kan pochay :(

    link ta joss :D ... thnx!

  5. i will miss HBO. amader age thekei star sports, espn baad chhilo... super sports diye kaaj chalate hoy...

  6. Tareq tao to supersports ache :( amader to tao nai! tobe espn star sports chilo ekhon ar nei.. Shamnei EPL shuru :((

  7. Audity hindi channel ban korle amar choto bon oti dukkho pabe :P

  8. Interesting how people call for strikes as a protest. I'm curious as to what thoughts you may have as to other ways of lobbying.

  9. well actually strikes were effective when it was applied against british. From then on our politician's can't think of other alternatives. And people really are disgusted with this type of activities.

  10. These channels were not registered properly. The govt was being deprived of the tax. In short the broadcasting of these channels namely HBO, TenSports etc. were pretty much done illegally. I heard another 11 channels will be shut down soon for the same reasons. And I don't think you will be able to see HBO or TenSports anytime sooner.

    As for me I think we should be ready to put national interest above our individual ones.

  11. I also think we should put national interest above our individual ones. But the fact is the incident that banned these thireen channels doesn't reflect national interest.

    If "national interest" was the ultimate intention and the fact that government took action because it was being deprived of the tax, were even nearer to truth then channels like star plus, star world, star utshab (channels broadcasted by MGH group) were also shut down. But that didn't happen.

    And by the way there's no cable tv act yet in our country, so government can't claim any kind of tax from any of this channel distributors.

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