Jul 29, 2006

Again it's the wireless communication

I rambled previously about my project wireless data communication between two pcs in my post Backdated blogger. Although we couldn't satisfy our course teacher that much, but all the others seemed to very happy for us, as the task wasn't very easy. Anyway yesterday (29th july) daily jaijaidin reported about our project (It's a new daily which provides 32pages magazine every day with the newspaper, so one day they didn't find anything to cover their pages and hence picked us :P ) .

As I don't have any scanner, so I snapped the page for you, sorry if the picture looks hazy. You've to click the picture to have a clear view. Check it out.

Jayjaydin featured us
From left : Atif hasan rahman (not atik, it's their mistake), Dewan muhammed Ibtesham (that's me) , Ashish Saha, Nazmul alam khan (Shahan) and finally Tariq Iqbal Ove...They got the serial all wrong

Now while we were posing in front of the photographer, he made a joke. That's why we were all laughing and then he snapped us.

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Censorship again?

The information ministry of bangladesh has suddenly shut down thirteen popular satellite channels including Espn, Star sports, Ten sports, HBO, Zee Tv etc. I was watching the game between bangladesh and zimbabwe in BTV and time to time checking the scores of jayabardhane on the other channel, but suddenly it went out and our cable operator started showing the notice that a strike for a day has been called from 29th july 2pm to 30th july 2pm protesting this decision. By this time they are only showing the bangla channels.

I think this has something to do with the clash between MGH and UCS (later bought by Nationwide Communications Ltd. – a company that distributes the Zee channels in Bangladesh ), two rival groups in the country’s cable-tv business. This cable war was preventing viewers in parts of the city from being able to watch channels on the Star TV network. And now they stopped the channels on the zee tv network. Lets see what happened next.

But if you asked me about my opinion, I think all indian bangla channels should be banned because they wont allow any bangladeshi bangla channel to be telecasted there.

And don't forget to check this tool, developed by korean yahoo programmers. Although it's in korean language but you'll understand what it does. It shows you the links to a specific webpage. And it's cool :D

Update August 8,2006 : Looks like there might be some agreement between the two rival cable operators. Our cable operator started providing star world and star movies again (yahooooooo!). And by this time bangladesh government has proposed a cable tv act to be presented on the next perliament session. According to the act, government will be able to shut down any channel without any notice. So get ready for more Etv if goverment changes....


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Jul 28, 2006

The natok I performed!

rakkhosh shafiIncase if you are wondering seeing the title, yeap I did perform in a drama. It was just a school play but a real stage performance, when I was in sunrise kindergarten school in class 2. The storyline was a from a common fairy tale, sleeping beauty. I definitely wanted to get the part of the prince but my teacher (who was my most favorite in the school and was also in charge of casting and production) casted me for the king. She consoled me saying that as I was the tallest boy in class I should take the part of the aged king :(. But the real reason was kawnain, who was the first boy of our class and undoubtedly the sweetest boy to become the prince ( he was a big chapabaj too, he convinced us to believe that his father was a formula 1 racer and I never liked him).

Anyway the fun part begun when we started to rehearse for the play. My friends started to khochafy (teasing) me with Sadia from class 3 who was casted to become the queen. As I was for the king and she for the queen, so it made us husband and wife and hence we should marry, that was the point of the whole gang. I was so ashamed of myself hearing the teases that I immediately refused to act as the king. I went to the teacher and told her that I was not going to act. She asked why but I couldn't tell her the reason behind it (How can I tell such a shameful thing that I had to marry just to act as the king!). She became disappointed and called amma and explained her the situation that her son didn't want to act. So when I came back home, amma asked me about it and I didn't tell her anything either. ( she still doesn't know a thing about this incident). Any way she then asked me whether I am just afraid to act? But my point was not that. I told her I won't do the king which made her disappointed too.

Now let me tell you about some of my friends first. After I spent my early childhood at moulobhibazaar near sylhet, we came to dhaka at the end of 1988. So amma admitted me into that school which was nearer to our home when it was September/October. I still remember my first day at that school. When I saw her going away I started to cry. I still don't know why I did that. Because it was not my first school. I spent my nursery class at moulobhibazaar and half of my KG class there. And I didn't cry a single day there(except for the day when I got beaten in a fight by tanim who later became my friend, now living nearer to us at shyamoli). Anyway so I started crying and two completely unknown kid came to my aid. They were rizwan and arup. I lost track of rizwan after class 8 but I still have contact with arup, who just joined BAT (British American Tobacco) after completing from IBA. And amma consoled me for some time saying look at these kids, they aren't crying, only you are. And those two kids were really helpful, so I stopped crying and made friends with them. That was the start. May be the new atmosphere or the "smart dhaka kids" frightened the fresh mofosshyol kid i.e. me.

Now the story I began involved those two kids heavyly. Arup was the man who was leading the team teasing me about the marriage and rizwan was his right hand. Arup was given the part of the rakkhosh (monster?) as he was quite tall too. So I thought of a plan to teach arup a lesson. I went to my teacher and asked her why didn't she switch arup and me? She agreed at that instant as she really wanted me took part on the play(likings are mutual, right?). Anyway so I was waiting happyli for arup to come and also to see the expression on his face after the teacher broke the bad news to him that he's going to act the king and me the rakkhosh. But to my amazement arup happily agreed to become the king (how smart those dhaka kids were!!!) making me the complete looser. Later I tried to gather those kids who were teasing me but none of them seemed interested. So thus my first stage performance went as the rakkhosh :D

Now let me introduce you to a few who starred on that play..

Rizwan, Arup, Khaled, Afzal, Shafi
Guys from left Rizwan (the doorkeeper), Arup (the happy diplomatic king ($@#$!@##!)), Khaled (another doorkeeper), Afzal ( bengoma, the talking bird who knows all the secrets of the fairy tales ), and finally me (the rakkhosh). The only girl in the frame was the bengomi( mrs bengoma, but no one seemed to be noticed the fact, only there was I to be teased :( ) but I forgot her name. And also I can't recognize the boy on the right most corner of the picture. :(

I've already told you about kawnain, rizwan and arup, now let me tell you about others. I lost contact with khaled after I left that school in class 3. But from rezwan and another friend ali ( ali azam bhuyan , I still remember his full name :D ) I came to know that khaled was died from an accident but when I was in class 8 I stumbled on him oneday on the way and he was alive and kicking :D .

Ali azam bhuyan always claimed that he lived nearer to us. He used to visit me till my ssc. But I never found his house, following the directions he gave me. That's still a mystery to me. After SSC he stopped visiting and after that we never met.

Then there was afzal who was a year older than me. After sunrise I moved to dhanmondi govt. boys high school in class 3, Afzal was there too and was admitted in class 3 with us but in different shift so we hardly met. Another friend of mine was zakir hossain, whose family was not well off, and at that very little age he seemed to aware of that fact. While we were in class 2 he stole his brother's watch and brought it to the school to show that he has a watch. Now when I think about him, it makes me sad. He couldn't complete his education. I lost his contact after my ssc.

Finally there was this kid named masum, who wasn't by any far masum (innocent). As far as I can remember he was the most nottorious amongst all of us. He somehow cracked his head so we used to call him 'matha fata'. I lost his contact after class 3.

Now let me tell you about my girl friends in the school. I was too shy to play or even to talk with girls. But I still remember one name, habiba who used to play kumir danga with us. I lost her contact after class 3.

During my HSC while I was in first year, one day while I was doing math in shibley sir's class a very tall girl came towards me and asked "remember me?". I was speechless as I cant. She understood and told "I am fouzia, we used to read in the same class, remember sunrise??" I still can't remember her as my classmate there. By the way after the day during hsc I never met her again.

Finally after I got myself admitted into BUET, oneday amma was giving me lift with the car and suddenly she pointed towards a girl and told "Remember rakhi? she was with you in sunrise." I really can't remember. :( 4 years have passed after that but still I didn't ask her whether it's her with me in sunrise, I don't know whether she recognized me or not!

Now as the post's getting bigger and bigger, I realized how many memories I had with sunrise, and only a friction of those I shared here. The funny thing was although I read there in KG, class 1 and 2 but most of my leisure time at sunrise went in the playgroup class. That classroom was awesome. I still remember those puppets I used to play with. Those were simply great. And I still remember my most favorite teacher there. She used to take our singing class and let me finish with the song I learnt for the first time in my life from that class...

"Indy bindy shonibare,
Gacher aral theke robibare,
Ekdin naki shure gahilo ke gaan?
Tai shune indi bindir ure gelo pran.

Indir khide pelo,
Gach theke neme elo,
Khichuri khabe bole kaa dilo re,
Maa eshe boke dilo,
khawa taar ghuche gelo,
Raag kore indy bindy shute gelo re."

The lyrics may seem meaningless to you , but it still is my favorite and at times I still sing with the tune, that's why I can remember all the words of it and cherish the memories.

Memories! I am feeling so nostalgic right now :(

By the way, if anyone mentioned above have somehow come across this post or is reading it now, please do contact with me.

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Jul 27, 2006

To my subscribers

RSS feed for RajputroThe one i'm going to write is more like a letter than a post. So the title should be like 'letter to my subscribers'. But I skipped that because it'd make the post more formal. Now there's something I want to say if you are subscribing to my blog through RSS feeds or email.

By default blogger publishes two feeds, one is atom (http://rajputro.blogspot.com/atom.xml) and the other is rss (http://rajputro.blogspot.com/rss.xml). According to functionality both feeds works the same. I'vent find any special advantage in any of them over the other. But a few days ago I discovered feedburner which burns an existing feed (i.e. subscribes the content of that feed), gives the feed a new name and adds some functionality to that feed. And for the added functionalities I decided to switch to feedburner. Now the new feed of this blog is (http://feeds.feedburner.com/Rajputro). The old one's will also be here since blogger will publish them automatically, but I'll use this one as the main feed. So if you are an existing rss/atom subscriber of this blog I request you to switch my feed to this one. If you are using bloglines to track feeds then sit back and relax, it's taken care of. So you may ask how you'll be benefited by subscribing to this new feed? Let me tell you them.

First, If I ever decide to switch blogs or switch to my own domain, there will be new feeds but you don't need to switch again because I'll burn that feed through this one. So you'll get the content without switching.

Secondly, If you are fond of social bookmarking, with this new feed you can directly digg, add to delicious, see the posts importance from technorati linkings and mail the post to someone else if you like the content.

Finally, Please do switch 'cause there are lot more features to come.

Now if you switch how will I be benefited? Let's see:

1. I'll get the statistics of visitors.

2. I can use the statistics to show off. Not only show off but also if someone stumbles upon this blog through search engine or some other way s/he can see how many people are subscribed to it.

3. If you socially bookmark any content that will surely give this blog some visibility on the blogosphere.

4. I don't need to use another service for email subscribtion, feedburner handles email subscription pretty well.

So if you are an email subscriber, you need to update too. Previously I've been using zookoda. But they've problems sending mails to hotmail. But feedburner works quite well with all the big names like yahoo, hotmail, gmail. So what you've to do is to look for the subscribtion form on the right sidebar and re-enter your email adress there and subscribe. You too will get the benefits like the feed subscribers.

If you have any problem understading, then comment here or mail me.

Sorry for the pain. And thanks a lot for staying with me and my blog.


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Jul 26, 2006

CellBazaar : first ever electronic marketplace over the mobile phone

Bangladesh's top mobile phone operator GrameenPhone Ltd., majority-owned by Norway's Telenor, and USA-based CellBazaar have introduced a service connecting buyers and sellers in an electronic marketplace over the mobile phone. It's like a more direct, more primitive e-Bay , a phone-based equivalent of newspaper classified advertisements. The concept was developed at the MIT Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This is the first time such a service is being launched anywhere in the world, Kamal Quadir, CEO of CellBazaar told a news conference on Tuesday.

The service will enable sellers to list details of their products, produce or even services in a database while buyers can look for any of this information through SMS. It will not handle transactions, but will simply put buyers and sellers in contact with each other via mobile phone. This will also have the effect of making price information more transparent and widely available. The system is designed to be as simple as possible. It will be possible to access the system using just text messages. For example if you are looking for an ibm laptop within price range of 25k-30k taka, you can simply sms:

buy ibm

and then send the sms to 3838 and on the reply sms you'll get the list of ibm laptops within that price range. If you then select a laptop from the list and sms the number of that laptop to 3838 you'll get the contact number of the peson willing to sell that perticular laptop.

Every item/service submitted to buy/sell will be valid in itemlist for 15 days.

Bangladesh has around 11.6 million mobile phone users, supplied by five operators, among a population of 140 million. Currently the cellbazaar platform could be accessed by 8.5 Million mobile phone users of bangladesh through grameen phone.

For countries like bangladesh, where the transport infrastructure is often poor, electronic commerce could prove to have even greater appeal, than in developed ones.

Source: Reuters (via csebuet blog)

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Jul 23, 2006

Rajputro reincarnates in his birthday

He was not supposed to live. Consider this, someone fell 60 feet below earth and still didn't get hurt. That requires luck right? Now consider that someone fell through a hole that is only 1 feet wide. Still people could hear his cry for help. That again requires pretty good luck. And finally that special someone was rescued after around 50 hours. Luck again. And now if I tell you that the someone was only 5 years old, would you believe it? But it's true. Yesterday all of our family members were glued to the tv set as zee news has been showing live telecast of an unbelievable rescue. And guess what's his name? prince it was. And when he was rescued finally, the day was his birthday. A rebirth huh.

No body knows his name until the day before yesterday. He was playing with his friends and then fell 60 feet below the earth through a well. Construction workers had left the bore well, close to the village well, uncovered on Friday before the boy went to play in the area, locals say.

When he slipped in he slithered down the narrow shaft, managing to escape serious injury. The bottom of the well is dry. One effort simply to pull him out failed because the shaft is not wide enough. Oxygen were pumped in through the narrow channel and he was also fed milk and chocolates. Operation was slowed down because of concerns that the sandy soil could be dislodged in the final stages of the operation, putting the boy's life at risk. Villagers first realised something was wrong when they heard his cries on Friday. Soldiers dug a parallel shaft and reached the boy late on Sunday.

After he emerged into daylight, the boy was carried through the crowds of people who had gathered to see him and reunited with his family. Looking tired and confused the little boy had little idea his fate had captivated the nation.Thousands of people have been sending messages to TV stations, wishing luck to the rescuers. "Ever since I saw him on your channel yesterday, I have been crying. I can't think of anything else. He is a brave child, I would not have survived if I was in his place," a caller to Zee News, Shashi Jain, said. Prayers were said around the country among all religions. And finally he was rescued. Good luck kid for the rest of your life.

See the video here.

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Jul 22, 2006

What's around : July 22 , 2006

Now if you're reading this for the first time, it's my regular post What's around in which I try to share different links with you that seemed interesting to me. So check them out..

Coming soon, coming zune. So what's zune? It’s Microsoft’s new, holistic approach to music and entertainment. In simple words, it's microsoft's iPOD. Microsoft today confirmed the existence of a new portable music player and integrated service called Zune. Launch is scheduled for some time this year. Zune is clearly aimed at Apple’s iTunes/iPod dominance. Here's Cesar Menendez who just started working on project, Zune. And here's the official site Coming zune.

Dennis bergkamp, who doesn't know his name? If you track football you surely know him. For those who doesn't know him here's his carreer record. He's the dutch and the arsenal legend. Both teams are my favorites. Not to mention why he became my most favorite player. Today Dennis Bergkamp bowed out of football on a entertaining, celebratory opening day at Arsenal's new Emirates Stadium. He took off from the dutch national team long ago and today he ends his football career from arsenal. He has scored 120 goals in 423 games. But there's a funny thing about him, he was too afraid to travel by plane. So whenever arsenal went abroad to play champion's league football they had to leave him at england. And if possible bergkamp joined the team after driving a long way. :D Funny eh? Check out his fairwell photos and arsenal new 60000 capacity stadium. Good bye bergkamp :(

Good news for bangladesh cricket and the cricketers. UK-based sports company Reebok recently struck a deal with Bangladesh skipper Habibul Bashar and star batsman Mohammad Ashraful for three years, to be effective from the upcoming Bangladesh's tour of Zimbabwe in later part of July. This type of deal surely will attract attention for lots of young cricketers. But, the bad news follows the good one. It was reported that selector Athar Ali, who is sole distributor of Reebok in Bangladesh, was involved in the process and took a certain percentage as commission from the cricketers for helping them to sign such a deal. It'd be very unfortunate if the news is true about atahar ali khan. He's been my favorite from my childhood and became more favorite when he commentried against ramiz raza in bangladesh's pakistan tour in 2003. BCB working committee meeting scheduled for Sunday will discuss the matter and probably launch an investigation. Read the full news here.

Titanic Two the surface. What is it? It's definitely not a sequal. How can it be? Jack dies and rose became like 89 at titanic. So when I first got the link I was surprised, how can they make a sequal from titanic? Then I thought it's hollywood so everything's possible. Later when I chech the video I found out it's actually a parody trailer. I found out clippings from Titanic, Gangs of newyork, Con air, Shawshank redemption (oh I love this movie so much!) Watch it...

UPDATE, July 14th: Looks like Atahar ali was not alone. Check out this report from daily amar desh.

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Jul 20, 2006

Same school , changed me!

Government laboratory high school dhakaFew days ago I went to my school with my friend enamul and khaled. Shahan accompanied us too but he was not from our school. By our school I meant Government laboratory high school from where I passed my SSC. You know this is funny. I actually went to other schools too. But whenever the fact of govt lab comes out i always refer it as 'my school'. I started my school journey from KG flower school in moulbhibazar, sylhet. I went to nursery and KG class their. Then at the end of my KG class we came to dhaka and I found myself in a new school, sunrise kinder garten school until class 2. I sat for the admission test of govt lab in class 1 but failed to get myself admitted their. Later at class 3 I tried for Saint joseph's high school and dhanmondi government boys high school. I failed the first one and started my journey in dhanmondi govt. boys high school. I was their until class 6. In class 6 I tried for govt lab again and successfully became a laboratorian, a proud laboratorian.

Enough of history, lets come back to the topic. We went to school to get our SSC certificate and marksheet's original copy. And we became nostalgic. We've passed so many quality times together there, unforgettable. Although I mentioned in title as same school but our school's also changed. There were a new school building, new college buildings and a superb auditorium. The sirs who used to teach us were transferred else where, but the clerks, pions, office assistants are not. And I was very happy when they recognized me. :D Ofcourse it's easy to identify me among a crowd. But still they rememberred me, that made me very happy.

Let me show you some pictures of school and us that we snapped that day,

Government laboratory high school dhaka
Government laboratory high school dhaka
Government laboratory high school dhakaThe new auditorium

Enamul Khaled Shafi (from left)Enamul Khaled Shafi (from left) click to get a clearer view.

Khaled Shafi Shaikat Shaon Kajol Abir (from left)Khaled Shafi Shaikat Shaon Kajol Abir (from left)

I think you should understand now why the title has "changed me"

Now as I wrote before about grameen phone's free mms, let me tell you the current status. Me along with monami (my sister), all her friends and my cousins continue to exploit grameen's free facility. Specially the way me and monami send mms again proves "free paile alkatrao khay" . khik khik. Let me tell you an example. Today after I woke up in the morning and turn my mobile on , I saw that monami sent me an mms. Upon recieving the content of the mms I found that it's her voice clip saying "bhaia ghum theke utho...". Ladies and gentelman that's us. So today afternoon I again came up with another brilliant (!!!) idea. So I told monami about it and as usual she agreed that idea is indeed awesome. (Am I bragging?)
Anyway the idea was simply nothing. I told monami let's implement some emoticons by making video clips. hihihi. She didn't understood it at first. Then I showed her the following clip and she at once started to maker her own version. :D After one or two hours the idea became a hit among her friends and now all of them are making clips of themselves imlpementing emoticons and sharing it among them. (Polapaner ar porashunar barota bajay disi). Anyway let's check my version of the wink emoticon ;) Click here to download the video. Unfortunately it can't be embedded :( The file is in 3gp format so you might need video players that can show 3gp files. I usually use nokia multimidea player. After failing from google video, finally I succeeded with youtube. So you can watch the wink here. Youtube rulezz...

Finally I had another success today. I persuaded monami to start reading my most favorite book shirshendu's 'Durbin'. She never reads anything except humayun ahmed. I hope after reading this her views will change. :P


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Jul 18, 2006

My Playlist : July 18 , 2006

MusicNow if you're reading this for the first time, it's my regular post My Playlist in which I will try to share one or two songs I've been listening to now a days in MP3 format and also the lyrics if possible. So check them out..

Disclaimer: You are downloading this file because you have the original copy of it. Otherwise, you must not download this file because it is illegal to have it. You have been notified and I do not take responsibility for the incorrect use by the visitors.

mahmudujjaman babuNow let's talk something about Mahmudujjaman babu who's the artist of the songs I am going to share today. For those who do not know, he is the voice behind the famous song ‘Ami banglar gaan gai…’, which of course we know is a song revered and loved by all. Although the song was by protul mukhopaddhoy but it was babu who made it popular. Anyway for the time being I am going to talk about his latest album ‘Ondho Tirondaj’ , which can roughly be translated as ‘Blind Archer’. If you haven't heard any song of it until now, run fast to the local music store and buy it. Because some of the songs are mind blowing to me, specially the song " Chokh Gelo " . I first saw the music video in probably channel one. And then was looking everywhere for it. Finally got it. The music is good and so is the lyrics. I will upload the song here. Another song I am going to share is from his old album " Chokh bheshe jay jole ". The album is also my favourite. But the song ` Priyo mrittika ’ that I am going to share also today is a personal favourite. Also if you haven't heard of any song by mahmuduzzaman babu start with ami banglar gaan gai.

So todays Mp3s are:

Song: Chokh Gelo
Artist: Mahmudujjaman Babu
Album: Ondho Tirondaj
Link to Download: Click Here


Song: Priyo Mrittika
Artist: Mahmudujjaman Babu
Album: Chokh Bheshe Jay Jole
Link to Download: Click Here

To download all songs from his first album 'chokh bheshe jay jole ' click here.

Finally! I am finishing with a good news from my friend jishan. He plays bass in one of the leading underground Band Arbovirus who is about to bring out their highly anticipated debut album. After prolonged delays and setbacks, Suharto, Ranjan, Sufi, Jishan & Tanim managed to finish their album. The album titled "64m 53s" will be released from G-Series on July 20th. It was at first named as ' britto '. The opening ceremony will be held on 20th July (thursday) at Geetanjoly Store on the 6th floor of Boshundhara City Shopping Mall, 6 pm. Jishan invites all of you to attend the openning, not to mention buy a cd , hehe. If you are interested you can know more about them from their "under construction" website viralogy .The site is not complete yet but the flash animation is definitely eye catching. Amadergaan.com has been offering two demos from the new album, songs titled `amadergaan' and 'omanush'. You can listen to them from here.

arbovirus poster
Previously their singles released in underground mixed albums like Agontuk 2, Dinbodol, and Lokayoto. The three singles are Artonaad, Obhishap and Shopnadishto respectively. Click the song titles to download them. And click here for the music video of arbovirus. Good luck jishan and arbovirus.

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Jul 17, 2006

Head Butt it like zidane

While everyone's still wondering about what actually happened between zidane and materazzi, here's a chance for you to experience how does it feel to head butt like zidane. Today I found a nice flash game which gave me the chance to head butt materazzi. Move your mouse to move zidane and left click to head butt. Let's see how many times you can head butt before the referee shows you red card and give matching order. So enjoy headbutting..

From Addicting games.

And I am finishing with an amazing story, I found out yesterday. It's about google. Several days ago, andy beal wrote an article titled, “Dear Google, You’re Giving Me a Headache.”. Someone from google read that and to everyone's surprise, they sent him the pain relief, a small pack of acetaminophen which is a pain killer. Read the full story here.. These are the things that makes google so great. Amazing huh!

Jul 14, 2006

Contact Me

The best way to contact me is via email. So if you'd like to say something or for just a friendly hi mail me. Otherwise you can post a comment here. Here are the email addresses :

Jul 13, 2006

It's MMS time

Time (2.30pm)
MMS - 1
Background : A scary looking picture of the undertaker.
Music : The x-files theme
Text : Kire hala kemon asos?
Audio Clip : None
Image : None
From : Turyo ( Siemens M 65 )
To : Me ( Sony ericsson k 700i )

Time (2.35pm)
MMS - 2
Background : Gray
Music : None
Text : None
Audio Clip : "Koshte asi, portesi " [recorded by my mobile]
Image : Me sitting on my study table [just snapped]
From : Me
To : Turyo

Time (2.40pm)
MMS - 3
Background : White.
Music : None
Text : Tui koi? bashay?
Audio Clip : None
Image : A picture of turyo.
From : Turyo
To : Me

Time (2.45pm)
MMS - 4
Background : Gray
Music : None
Text : None
Audio Clip : "Ho bashay achi.. ashbi?" [recorded by my mobile]
Image : Bugs bunny eating rabbit
From : Me
To : Turyo

Time (3.00pm)
MMS - 5
Background : White
Music : None
Text : None
Audio Clip : "baba jano amader moyna pakhita achena..." [performed by his sis]
Image : None
From : Turyo
To : Me

This was the mms conversations between me and one of my best friends (also my mama because he's my mom's first cousin) turyo ( this is not entirely accurate, I can't remember the whole conversation and the times of mms s exactly, so put only those that I can remember). Well the fact behind these "ajaira pechal" is that Grameen Phone has made mms free till 31st july. So if you're a GP MMS subscriber, don't waste time and grab this oppurtunity like we did. :P

Well this is not the first time GP has given free MMS oppurtunity. I still remember the first time they offered it free. And we were like "no call or no sms only send mms". But after that when they put a rate of 5Taka/mms , I hardly sent any. But now is the time again , to have fun with mms. So have fun mmsing. By the way if you don't have any friend (it requires a grameen subscriber with mms enabled phone) to send mms then you can send e-mail via mms too.

Now while writing this post, Lux channel I superstar competition was being broadcasted on channel i. But unfortunately I don't think any of those girls who I saw in today's episode can make it through final round (But who cares what I think, last year i didn't think it was shanu who later became the superstar) . The winner of this year's competition will get the chance to play the lead female character in Humayun Ahmed’s famous novel ‘Daruchini Dip’ , the first ever Telecinema made in Bangladesh. Visit here for details.

Jul 12, 2006

Bangladesh appears as the featured article in en-wiki on July 14th

I just came to know about this from Ragib bhai's mail in bangla wikipedian's yahoo group. In English wikipedia's front page on July 14th, Bangladesh is going to appear as "Today's Featured Article". So please visit http://en.wikipedia.org on that day.

Every day, wikipedia puts a featured article (meaning, among wikipedia's best) on the front page. We had Bangladesh upgraded to a featured article in April. After staying in the queue, it has finally been chosen to appear on Wikipedia's front page on July 14th (after 6 am in the morning in Bangladesh... as articles for July 14 appear on 12 am GMT). So, don't forget to check back.

Wikipedia is among world's top 20 most visited websites, with Billions of page views per day. So it'll be a great thing for bangladesh.

If you want to see what will appear in the front page right away, click here. This small summary points to the main article.
So don't forget to check back bangladesh on 14th april after 6am bangladesh time..

Jul 11, 2006

How brazil lost!

The world cup is over. But not the hype, it's still there. In most of the cases the discussion's are based on zidane's incident. Why zidane did! or what may materezzi told to rise the anger. But yesterday when I recieved a mail from my friend Atif, it looked like brazilian fans were busy dissectioning their defeat against France. Well the mail was funny but kinda logical. So I'm attaching the pictures, check them out. (click the photos for bigger and better view.)

Time : 11.00
Time : 11.02
Time : 11.06
Time : 11.07
Time : 11.07
Time : 11.08
Time : 11.08
Time : 11.09

Now as I just completed this entry, newspaper arrived and found out that mumbai train junctions has been rocked by seven powerful bomb blasts. I don't understand what's the philosophy behind this type of terrorist attacks. Do they think killing those innocent people will bring peace in their life? According to news report so far more than 160 people have been killed and 460 injured. Click here to read more.

Let's finish with a site I came across yesterday. It's called dogster. From the name you might get an indication what purpose it serves. Yeap it's just like friendster, orkut , hi5 or other social networking sites. But the difference is it's for dogs, or those who have dogs as their pets. The site title is "Welcome To Dogster, Where Every Dog Has A Webpage! Make your dog a free webpage now! Share dog photos, tell dog stories, make dog friends! " Funny eh?

And as my exams are approaching, I found out that in vietnam more than 20 students paid 20 million dong to 50 million dong ($1,250 to $3,125) to get wigs or shirts that were wired to mobile phones so they could call during test for questions and get answers. The idea is cool. Using tech to ease life ;) Check it out.

Jul 8, 2006

Bangladesh to host opening ceremony of World cup cricket 2011

Yeap, it's official now. Bangladesh will going to host the openning ceremony of world cup 2011, co hosted along with india, pakistan and srilanka. It certainly is a great oppurtunity for us. It has been decided that all four should evenly play a part in hosting the major events of the tournament. India will stage the Cricket World Cup final for the second time in 2011 while Pakistan and Sri Lanka will stage semi-finals in 2011, with the opening ceremony taking place in Bangladesh. India is due to host 22 matches, with Pakistan holding 16, Sri Lanka nine and Bangladesh six.

The Asian bid was preferred to a joint application from Australia and New Zealand for the 2011 showpiece. And officials have already expressed their determination to make it the best World Cup in the tournament's history. "Traffic will come to a stop in the four countries in 2011. There will be more than a billion (TV) viewers in the sub-continent, and another billion in the rest of the world," India's Inderjit Singh Bindra has said.

I personally think it'll be a great oppurtunity for our country. Bangladesh has already performed well in home matches. In recent matches we gave australia hard times. We beat srilanka. And whitewashed kenya. So I hope if bangladesh can play with their potential in this known condition, there's a very good chance to get through first round towards second round. In addition to this, staging the openning ceremony will give us the chance to promote our culture infront of international audience. This will surely sharpen our fading image.

Me and khaled mashud pilotMe and the captain, habibul basharNow as a side note, yesterday I went to a wedding where we met habibul bashar, khaled mashud pilot, syed russel and razin saleh. So I went their and was lucky to have a chat with them. I thanked them for serving our country. For the last couple of years cricket was the only good news from bangladesh. Later that I requested them to snap pictures with me. So sharing it with you people,

Jul 4, 2006

Falgun music, first ever bangla music channel?

From yesterday our cable operator started broadcasting this new channel falgun music. I was surprised to see this new bangla music channel. At first I thought it's a local channel and our cable operator are showing music videos from vcd/dvd like they do in the english video channel. But after asking a few friends I came to know that they've seen it on air too. So this is no local channel.

I was hoping someday there would be a bangla music channel and sports channel for us. And so now we have the music channel. But I didn't find any news about it in the newspapers or now when I googled it over the internet. Later I found out an announcement in amadergaan forum asking for demos from underground bands. The channel's name is similar to Hanif sanket's Fagun audio vision . But it's falgun instead of fagun. Anyone reading this have any idea about it?

Now after music lets come to movies. I've been watching a few movies for the last couple of days. Among those the one I loved most is Banlieue 13. It was awesome. If you like action movies you should love it then. The only problem is it's a french movie. So you have to depend on the subtitle. The story is in paris 2010 when the authority decides to put troubled locality under walls. Benlieue 13 is the most nottorious of all the walled districts. Leito, a local boy, fights against the army of mischiefs led by Taha. Another heroe is Captain Damien, an army officer who got the assignment to defuse a bomb from benlieue 13 within 24 hours before the bomb explodes. As Leito sister Lola was kidnapped by Taha so leito accompanied him to rescue his sister. But both heroes, with huge egos and their own agendas - one to save lives, the other to save his sister share a common enemy, so that makes it easier somewhat to find common ground to cooperate. So the quest begins from there.

But as with most action movies, you'll also have to suspend belief that while bullets can make nasty holes in metal, they will never find a way to penetrate wood or human flesh, at least when the heroes are concerned.

The next movie that I liked was The Manchurian candidate. It featured Denzel Washington. The movie is actually a remake of frank sinatras famous Manchurian candidate. And denzel washington performed really well. The story begins when a soldier, who was under denzel in the gulf war, told him about his weard dreams. Finally denzel found out that they've been brain washed by a business organization, manchurian global, so that another soldier, shaw could become a war heroe and later run for president and favor manchurian global's policy and Shaw's mother , a senator was behind all of this. Everyone thinks he's nuts...but is he?

If you're a fan of suspense movies on any level, I'm pretty sure that you'll greatly appreciate this tense thriller.

The other two movies that I watched are Scary movies 4 and Truth about charlie. To me both are just non-sense. So I recommend not to waste your time watching any of these two. But that's just my personal opinion.

By the way before I go, don't forget to check Guruza Here people set price tags for their questions which any one can answer. If your answer is right then you'll get the price for the question. Like the otherday I saw a 10$ priced question which was "What is the best way to follow world cup online?". Silly eh?

Jul 2, 2006

Photoshop goddess, Audity

All who follows my blog, might notice an under construction banner in the front page. It's because I've been trying different things lately with the looks of the blog. Of all the things, I decided to put a navigation panel. So that it would be easier for anyone to browse. So oneday I asked audity for a favor with photoshop. As I knew I don't know almost anything about photoshop and she's too good with it. So I send her a picture of mine which I'd like to show you first ,

The original one

That was the picture I snapped with my mobile phone, tried to capture my face outline. So after I sent her the picture, yesterday she sent me 6 different versions of her photoshop magic. So check them out..

Embossed shafi on translucent button

Crumbly Shadow on black button

Neutral shadow on black button

Shadowed button

Sharlockized Shafi ( Shaflock Holmes )

Outer glow

Software used : Adobe photoshop

Thanks audity for the help. :)

Jul 1, 2006

Sorry England

Once again england are out of the world cup by penalties. The only difference is that in the previous occassions they were lost to world champions. This year it's portugal. Does that mean porgual's lifting the trohpy? Who knows! But england supporters could easily blame the referee. The Manchester United player was dismissed after a 62nd minute foul on Ricardo Carvalho and a confrontation with club team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo. It was unclear which incident led to Horacio Elizondo, the referee showing the red card. But none of the incident deserved a straight red. Com'on man it's world cup quater final. A little error could easily turn the result other way. Like the referee drestroyed australia's dream. But still I liked the way england played even after rooney was dismissed. They performed well except for frank lampard. The moment he went for taking the first shot in the penalties I knew he would put it wide. He is the floppest star in this world cup. He came with huge expectations as he played consistantly well for chelsea. But through out the world cup he just shot aimlessly towards the post and most of which were awkwardly wide off target.

But if anyone in the field deserved to win, that was Ricardo , the amazing goalkeeper from portugal. I admit that england shooters were not very good at shooting but ricardo saved three and almost saved the only one england could put in. Such performance deserved success and he got it. Congrats to portuguese fans if anyone reading. Anyway yesterday I found some screenshots of windows vista. They are quite cool. Here's an example..

It shows that windows vista will support desktop gadgets. That'd be cool. Check the other screen shots here.

And if you think that your old tv set is out of use then you are wrong. Check out wikihow.com who showed how to convert an old tv set into... Well it's better if you check yourself. That's the only advantage these types of tv sets have over plasma tv, i think.

It's brazil vs france now. I am supporting brazil. So I am finishing with a link of humayun ahmed's story. You might find it interesting. Click here to read it.

Any way no more today. I am thinking of changing this one's name to " khichuri post " , as it became so at the end.