Jun 24, 2006

Ogo bodhu shundori

I never liked bangla cinema. Neither from epar banglar nor from opar banglar. But as Uttam kumar was a craze among my chachi, fupu and dadi i had to watch a few of his movies with them. I didn't like many of them. It might be because I was too young then to understand those. I only liked cartoons and action packed movies back then (by the way, I still do). Anyway that's not the thing I am intended to write today. It's about a special movie, 'ogo bodhu shundori' which starred Uttam kumar. It's actually was his last movie. Oneday about 4-5 years ago the movie was shown in E-Tv bangla and my father told me to watch that. I am lucky that I obayed him. My god!! what a movie it was!! It was very hillarious. It also featured Moushumi, who was just too beautiful. You should watch it if you already don't. (By the way I do have the dvd :P)

Anyway I am giving below a lyrics of a song(one of my favorites) from the movie, which will help you to understand how funny the movie actually is. Here it goes :

Nari Choritro bejay jotil,
Kichui bujhte parbena,
Ora kono law manenaaaa,
Tai oder naam? lolona.

Ora jukti tokker dhar dharena,
Sentiment e chole,
Icche moton kadte pare,
Hashe icche hole.

Oder motigoti, Oder motigoti, Tumi bhaia predict korte parbena
Nari choritro bejay jotil, kichui bujhte parbena, kichui bujhte parbena.

(Tomar opor jokhon ora bhishon rokom raag koren, janbe bhalobashar lokkhon ; dangerous!! )


Hashle ora bhoyer kotha,
Kadle jeno hire,
Heshe heshe boshle pashe,
Janbe pocket gechei geche.

Ora ulto kore, Ora ulto kore shotti bolen, shoja kotha bolen na,
Nari choritro bejay jotil, kichui bujhte parbena, kichui bujhte parbena.


Tobe jake ora bhalobashe,
Take shorbossho diye,
Dukkho koshte taar pashete,
Thakte pare shokol shoye.


Kintu bechal jodi koro tumi shohoje jeno charbena,
Ora shobkichu shoy, shoyna kebol bhalobashar cholona.
Nari choritro bejay jotil, kichui bujhte parbena,
Ora shobkichu shoy, shoyna kebol bhalobashoar cholona, bhalobashar cholona, bhalobashar cholona.

If any of my reader can suggest any free soft that can rip music from dvd, then I might be able to upload the mp3 of the song. Ogo bodhu sundori is simply great. :D


  1. hmmm... never watched any uttam kumar movie. but the song is correct...:P.... anyway, right reserve kortesis ken?.... toder final kobe?

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  3. amare nani durdesh durdesh korte korte kan kheye felsilo (also uttom-shuchitra).. shesh porjonto dekha laglo... kintu purata dekhar moto dhoirjo chilo na... ato boring x-( r i hate shuchitra... pura chokh khultei chay na :@ oshojhjho... kintu uttom er kichu rogin movie dekhsilam... bhaloi

    btw... tareq bhaia ek kothay bole dilen correct? statement ta beshi inclusive gelo .. ontoto nijer lokder bachiye kotha bola uchit na? :p

  4. lyrics ta joss.meyeder pitti jaliye deyar jonne jothesto.
    chobi ta dekhi nai, asha kori dekbo.

  5. Tareq, Rights should be reserved :P Ms add in ta dekhar pore lagalam (H) Final will start from august 5

    Audity etate shuchitra nei. Tobe shuchitra moha shundori.. E karone ekta T-shirt er buke tahar chaap o mara ache :P

    Llanin, lyrics ta asholeiii joss.

  6. aponar buke shuchitrar chap? hay! lut gayi.. barbaad ho gayi :'( [;)]

  7. ya..funny movie. ami dekhechi.

    and audity'r moto amio MUGDHITO....lolz shafi vaiar buke Shuchitrar chap...ahem...ahem... :P

  8. oops... sorry audity, shob shafir dosh. u r right, inclusive hoye gese. eita niye beshi kotha bolle bhejal e pore jabo. but sorry...:D

  9. tareq amar dosh kibhabe? :O
    Ami holam nishpap...

    audity, putul, "amar buker moddhekhane, mon jekhane shuchitra shekhane"

  10. tomar gola melano dekhek SHUKHITO hoilam putulpu :D tomar msg ta pore ato amar akranto heart e ambush hoye gelo! chhap re chap porilam ;)

    tareq bhaia defensive kheltesen dekha jay :D

    shafi bhaia moner majhe shuchitrake niye mone mone pach lagachchen ghotona ki? ;)

  11. shafi the papi... audity majhe majhe defense kora bhalo, its makes the next offense effective....:P

  12. hahahhahaha! ami ekta mix kori... "$hafi the tapi papi" - dahik-tareq mix ;)

  13. dahik-tareq mix... mane ki...:O...:-?...:-/

  14. Tareq, dahik amar mamato bhai..picchi shafi bolte parotna..tapi bolto.. :P

    and u know tareq ;)

  15. shafi baiccha geso amar hate poro nai
    amar kasa kasi thale jemne hok uttam kumar er sab chobi dekhae chartam
    amar jei frnd uttam kumar er bodnam kore tare ami uttam kumar er dvd gift kori
    movie dekhae charbo
    ar suchtra er moto actress ai bongo cinema te ase naki ar..
    thakle ki ar bongo cinemar ai durdosa hoe

  16. bongo cinema ta ki jinish re bhai? apni jader kotha boltesen tara ki jibrish cinema korto?

  17. Khaled , dvd ta nish.. fatafati movie.

    aar ronju bhai, apnar kache thriller ar action kimba animation film er bodnam korle ki apni oigulor dvd gift koren? :$ :$ Oti shottyor janan.

  18. ji na
    tobe tomar bday er date janaye daoat dile du akta dvd paileo [paite paro
    seita onno hisab

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  20. Neat Blog! I got hooked to the 'Maha-Nayak' after my friend gifted me with a DVD of AMANUSH a couple years back. I have watched his Nayak, Kitab, Aginshver, Sabibbibi Aur Gulam, Devdas and many many more. Now just looking for a great source for UTTAM KUMAR to watch all the rest (if it will be possible). I've tried ordering through Angel Video's official website, but their ordering process is awfully clumsy. Induna.com has a good collection of bengali DVDs but I have no prior experience with them . BigFlix.com is another place, but they offer only rentals and that too only in India. Please post links of Uttam Kumar's Subtitled DVDs of any reliable place u know of. Thanks for all replies in advance.

  21. Sorry, I am unaware of any such links :(