Jun 25, 2006

About Me

Every website contains some info about the author of the site. So one day I thought why shouldn't I have one for mine. But when I tried it was the most difficult task to do. Don't you think that I am the most biased person to write about myself? So I thought it would be better if the 'about me' page contains what others think about me. As a starter I added here the testimonials I got from others at orkut. So If you think you know me a bit, you can contribute here by writing a comment about me. I'll update the page with that. You can also visit my blogger profile. So I start with what I thinks about myself..

ShafiI am Dewan Muhammed Ibtesham who is mostly known as Shafi, my nick name. I am from Bangladesh and was born in 25th december 1982. I think I love my country very much. I live in Dhaka and currently studying as an undergraduate student in department of computer science and engineering in BUET. I passed my SSC from Government laboratory high school, Dhaka in 1999 and HSC from Notredame collage, Dhaka in 2001. I have a sister who's a second year student at Viqarunnisa noon collage. My father is a superintendent engineer in PWD and my mother is a housewife. I love to travel.

About my quality? I am not too sure. But I would like to say I am very lazy. I am also very friendly and I value friendship very much. I tried to be helpful whether you sought for help or not. Can't live without music, love to listen as well as sing along to any tune, I liked. I am a loner. I prefer to bury my grief inside me. And I am the kind of person who can't stay idle, without doing anything. I spend most of the time infront of my computer. I love to read books so whenever find something to read, I sink into it. I am also a movie freak. I am humorous. And I am the greatest fool who think himself intelligent. Talking about itelligence, I like intelligent people and I am easily amused by the good qualities of others. I love to talk directly whether you liked it or not. I am not ambitious at all and I think I am easily satisfied and highly hopeful. If you don't like me then talk to me.

June 25, 2006

Shafi...da gr8 one....one of the closest friends of mine...We passed our sweet school life & college life together... and now we r passing our boring university days in BUET...In this boring environment,Shafi is surely da only guy who can give u some fun...who can bring some exception in u'r boring BUET life...thanks to GOD...Shafi is with us in da CSE dept...
Shafi is very friendly....He is surely da most popular guy in our dept...i guess, almost everyone of us just luv him for his sweet & very friendly nature...Just like me,Shafi is fond of rich foods...I have gone almost all wellknown fastfood shops and other good food shops in Dhaka with him...:D Just like me, he luvs music... luvs cricket... luvs football... luvs chatting... & offcourse luvs to be 'late to bed & late to rise' In fact, there r lots of similarities between us... and thats why Shafi is my best friend... Shafi...u r simply gr8...

June 16, 2004

I am planning to write Shafi a testimonial in part-by-part basis because there is no end to knowing a person! This is the first part, and hopefully more will come. :P


1. I know Shafi for not even a month, but he is already in the list of my most favourite friends.

2. Shafi and I have so many things in common that we believe we were twins in some other life.

3. Shafi can cook some really good dishes - the names will definitely tantalize your taste buds.

4. shafi can make others laugh and he laughs himself a lot too.

5. Shafi is a 'too good' student, but not a geek.


1. Shafi is very very very friendly.

2. If you like me (by any chance :P), you are definitely gonna like Shafi. :D

3. Shafi will cook you your favourite dishes. :D

4. You can look upto Shafi when you need to get rid of the blues.

5. He is cool!

August 18, 2004

Shafi... The Big man to me....at first je kothata boltei hoy ta holo...oshadharon quick witted.... brilliant... always smiling face... brave..and as a friend you will always get him in your side.... ar amar khetre ektu beshi.. amar onek prothomei Shafi joriye ache...

prothom computer movie dekha..prothom friend der sathe baire khete jawa.... prothom card khela....prothom net browse.... prothom chat...prothom blog lekha shafir inspiration ei....Orkut e amar prothom testimonial o shafir dewa...
ami jani na aro kotogulo prothom opekhha kortese....

He takes very good care of me.....[:p]
....sometimes he guides me like an elder brother... "don look at the girl.. look at the girl now... don go there.. ok go there..."... aro koto ki.. [:D]

And so...He is not my "good" friend.... He is my "best" friend....

January 05, 2006

It all began when i added shafi bhaia, curious to meet an a****** frm buet! (source error!) and he thought me to be someone no better than what i thought about him!

i know it sounds very confusing... and so it was. we had a good laugh over that later on & i'll remember that incident for the rest of my life :D

surely i was mistaken(which is unusual)... now, what should i say about him **matha chulkai**.. everything have been said before.... so i guess i'll just say tht he's .. .. genuine! yup, that's the right word. he doesn't wrap himself in a false appearance, which is rare these days...

anyways... if i open my mouth (fingers in this case!) i'll go on babbling forever(!) which i don't intend to do. i'll just say that i find my unborn bro in shaafi bhaia :$... JOY SHAAFI BHAIA!

**4 Shafi bhaia- to bring offline online is all u need to bring a smile on my face ;) [i got asked "why am i smiling for nothing" several times... but how could i explain tht little nothing? :P

February 02, 2006

Shafi is a very interesting character. first i saw him in SB (Shadeshi Bondhu) but we meet here in Orkut. if i didn’t joined here i’ll definitely miss a gently and caring bro like him. as i hav seen, he is very much loyal to his friends. he likes to smile to his friends, always try to keep them smiling. and off course they also like him, love him very much, jar chotokhato ekta proman holo or scrap book! he is a nice guy, who cares for u, who knows how to share. he knows very well dat how to live and let live others. a flower stays for an hour, but the power of Shafi’s friendship will stays for ever. so guys, a friend gives hope when life is low, a friend is a place when you have nowhere to go, a friend is honest, a friend is true. a friend is precious when its Shafi for you. thnx to all...:)

Raquib Rony
September 13, 2004

S : Sweet
H : Honest
A : Adorable
F : Friendly ; Funny
I : Intelligent ; Interesting
.................Shafi bhaiya's name describes himself!
Well, Shafi vaia is an interesting person.
witty..and funny! U can never feel bored when chatting with him..he'll make u laugh for sure. He is a good writer and a good reader as well.. Whenever i write anything in my Blog or LJ shafi vaia is always the 1st reader & his comments are encouraging.
I'm very lucky to have such a sweet person in my friend circle.
Be always happy bhaia...& Keep smiling.

April 22, 2006

:O.. Omg.. ami SHafi bhiyah ke Testi dicchi.. :O..:P..i ve meaning to ryte something to him for a while but ki likbo.. izz like there is so much to ryte about.. :O..!
weLL shafi Bhiyah is extreamly contraversial.. :P he only reacts in groups or community when there is some sort of trouble..:P..LOL..
He is extreamly Blunt.. that it scares me..:O he is more strait fwd then me man.. he is not a person that hides around the bushes or doesnt use n e euphamism for n e thing he is just strait cut.. n thats y i reckon he has one of the worlds Sexciest Personality..:-D..!
weLL umm he is definetly good looking.. ;) *CHEK OUT HIS ALBUM - especially the one of him in the bathtub* :P.. LOL..! n.. ummm he is extreamly caring towards the PPL he lurves.. (refering to Kingbodonti'r testimonial to him) ummmm.. i belive w3 r all lucky in some way to have a friend/net friend like u..:P.. i just hope allah looks after u foreva n lezz hope uget married to a super model.. LOL.. :P.. weLl thazz ALL..:-D..!

September 2, 2006

Shafi, all i can say about u is ur a brilliant student... sorry man, is that a good testimonial??...:S.... oh yes shafi has a gigantic figure...could act in the hulk, as the main character(enraged one not normal one)....:P

June 26, 2006

MoonShafi bhaia...Queens bhai to me:D ..amar dekha sompurno different ekjon manush ..He is so friendly, hilarious,intelligent, quick witted,bold and brilliant..

onek dukkher modhheo hashate pare..U will never feel bored while chatting with him ...khubi logical kintu khub beshi practical na.. nijossho kichhu idea ache jibon shomporke ...prithibir sob manushke bhalo mone kore:P...Taar bhitore ekta shishu bash kore jake lukiye rakha holeo majhe majhe beriye ashe:D

Spostobadi...honest...Patient..helpful..kintu nijer bepare onek
careless...ebong khubi chapa shovaber manush...pet theke kotha ber kora khubi dussadhho bepar:(

He is a good writer also. His blog is one of the nicest blog I have ever seen..

o arekta kotha bolte to bhulei giyechhi..special ghum system:D...bondhe beshir bhaag somoy e diner bela ghumay ar raater bela jege thake:P...khela ar gaan pagol...
sob jodi bolte chai amar kotha ar jibone sesh hobena:P

Bhaia ekhon jemon achhen sobsomoy thik erokom e theken...
Wish u sucess in life..:)

August 8, 2006

শাফি ভাই ,boss of the boss...ওনার সম্বন্ধে বলতে গেলে মেঘনাদবধকাব্যও ছোটো মনে হবে।men of ultimate what can i say.....(ভাষা হারায় ফেলছি :-D)

buet এ আমার দেখা সব চেয়ে coooolest বড় ভাই। আমার মত buet বাঁশে জর্জরিত ছোটো ভাইদের একমাত্র আশা ভরসা
শাফি ভাই।

কি আর বলবো (যদিও অনেক কিছু বলারছিলো)

শাফি ভাই ভালো থাইকেন আর be cooool for ever
April 2, 2007

শাফি ভাইয়ের সম্পর্কে আমার অনেক কমপ্লেইন আছে। এইগুলো মানুষের জানা দরকার। scrapbook এ লিখলে কেউ দেখবে না। তাই উনারে Testimonial ই দিতে হচ্ছে!

প্রথমত আমার জন্মের আগেই উনি আমার নাম থেকে ধার নিয়ে উনার নাম রাখসেন। ভাই এইটা কি ঠিক হইছে?

এরপর আসেন পড়াশুনার বেপারে। আমি কোন স্কুল, কলেজ একনকি ভার্সিটিতে পড়বো সেইটা আগেই উনি কেমনে জানি যাইনা গেছেন। তারপর ওইখানে ছুটছেন। গভঃ ল্যাব, নটরডেম কলেজ, বুয়েট সব কিভাবে এক হয়? তারপর কলেজের গ্রুপ আর ভার্সিটির ডিপার্টমেন্ট ও এক! গভীর ষড়যন্ত্র। ও ভুলে গেছিলাম, আমাদের CGPA ও এক!!

তারপর আমাদের দিকে তাকান। দুইজনই প্রায় সমান উচুঁ! হাইটটাও চুরি করছে!! অবশ একটা জিনিস ঠিকভাবে মারতে পারে নাই :) আমার ফিগারের মত ফিগার বানাইতে গিয়ে ভুল করে ট্রিপল বানায় ফেলছে (একটু বেশি হয়ে গেল নাকি?!)

তবে আনার কাছ থেকে এতকিছু ধার নিয়েও উনি কিভাবে জানি আমার থেকেও অনেক বেশি জোশ হয়ে গেছেন। এত জোশ যে মনে হয় উনি আমাকে না আমিই উনাকে অনুসরন করি। কিন্তু আপনারা যেনে রাখেন এইটা একটা অপপ্রচার মাত্র!

যাই হোক সবশেষে শাফি ভাইয়ের সকল friend, পরিচিত এবং শুভাকাংখীদের শুভেচ্ছা।
March 29, 2007


  1. "And I am the greatest fool who think himself intelligent." - you are indeed the greatest fool to make that statement :D

    "If you don't like me then talk to me." - Excellent defintion of fool! ;)

  2. shafi, all i can say about u is ur a brilliant student... sorry man, is that a good testimonial??...:S.... oh yes shafi has a gigantic figure...could act in the hulk, as the main character(enraged one not normal one)....:P

  3. Shafi Bhaia,

    VIQARUNNISA ...Not Viqarunnesa...Please correct it...:)

    Its an awsome post about Rajputro...cool :)



  4. Nice post :)... bhalo laglo Testimonial gula dekhe..

  5. Audity, khocha marle na proshongsha korle??

    Thanks tareq, esha and munaz bhai.

    Tareq yeah that's a good testimonial. :P

    Esha the error will be corrected.

  6. Tareq bhaia hulk bolleo good testimonial hoy r amar belay khali shondeho na? ami jotodur jani ami bitter truth ta tule dhorechi(a) bakita apni hishab kore nan :p

  7. ki din ashlo re baba..blogging korte holeo kotodin pore dekhi testimonial show kora lagbe...
    "ami ei morme prottoyon koriteshi ze Omuk Miya Tomuk Miyar putro/konna. she amar zanamote kono beainee kaje lipto chilo na.sutorang blogging korte tar kono badha nai.
    ami tar ujjol vobisshot kamona kori."

    kotha hoilo testimonia issue korbeta ke?

    Anyway, nice post.

  8. Audity , tareq amare kotto bhalo student bolche dekhso?? huhu..

    Llanin, tumi mone hoy poronai thik moton..arekbar pore dekho :P

  9. amaro majhe majhe 'huhu' korte ichcha kore ;)

  10. ki ek khan testimonial lekhlam 'huhu'....:P

  11. ami abar manusher shamner tahar shunam korte pari na [:P] ... actually kokhono ii shunam korte pari na ....shamne o pichone shobshomoy ii bodnami ii korte pari shudhu [:D] ... apnar bodnam /*apner shamne */.....thak nai ba korlam[:P]


  12. ami abar manusher shamner tahar shunam korte pari na [:P] ... actually kokhono ii shunam korte pari na ....shamne o pichone shobshomoy ii bodnami ii korte pari shudhu [:D] ... apnar bodnam /*apner shamne */.....thak nai ba korlam[:P]


  13. Sheetal, amar je bodnam ache eitai to amar boro bodnam :'(

  14. orkut polapan re ki shikkha ditese eshob??? third bracket chara emoticon dite parena!!

  15. it's abt 2 am in the morning ... i was searching for soem other informations in google ... bt i have no clue how i ws brought in here 'n stumbled upon on ur page ... i would like to talk to you sometimes ... bil_912@hotmail.com

  16. ami je etto boro ebong shundr testimonial disilam oita koi ..x-(.. eita ki disi..x-(

  17. Fata Kolosh Fata Deem Fata Superlabrat FatALIFE..Friday, November 03, 2006 6:32:00 AM

    DEWAN..? thazzzz the coolest n the Hottest name ever bhiyah NICE.. i know very contradicting but thazz nice name.. DEWAN i like the sound of that =D

  18. Hello anonymous, please visit the contact me link.

    Eshon, Sorry onek alshe hoye gechi :$ , Tomar shundor testimonial shighroii update kora hobe :P And btw Dewan's my family name :P

  19. x-( good joldi upload koro.. i want everyone to see my bhalobasha for u =P lolololololol.. how can a first name be a family name =S...? i thouth ibeshta somthing was ure fam name =S..!

  20. Done 8-) And ibtesham's my name. Dewan's the family one and muhammed is to show respect to prophet Muhammud (Sallelahu alaihiwassalam) And last one Shafi is the nick B-)

  21. apni ki order e post korsen testimonialgula???? :S

  22. bah bah bah... tor dekhi hajar hajar vokto....ek kaj kor... ekta majar khule gamcha niya boshe ja... :-)

    Bye Dosto.

  23. Well,i was surprised to see ur innovative idea!!But whats the point in writing about ur life history?????
    And how enthusiastically ppl have been enterataining u!!But hey u tried to do something different i apprecialte that.
    Vallaglo to see something different from the other websites!

  24. lol i was searching for a rajputro nd got this site... why did u name ur site ,ondhokar theke alor pothe' anyway ??