Jun 28, 2006

Today's lesson

"Never argue with a fool. Someone watching
may not be able to tell the difference."

Now everyone knows that I am a fool. So anyone who's reading this don't try to argue with me over anything. Because arguing with a fool makes you a fool too. And that is the lesson I learned today. It costed me a few things though. Like I lost my patience and couldn't stay calm. But at the end I am grateful that I learned something. Something that would be helpful for the rest of my life.

You know what's my biggest problem is? I can't keep my mouth shut when I know that I am right and people talking with me is wrong. If they talked logic I won't mind. And really I think any logical explanation would be enough to shut my mouth. But when people talk nonsense with me how can I just let it go without making a protest? But today I learned that it's better to let somethings go. Because you can't just make others to change their belief just because you(along with any logical person on this earth) think wrong. But I might have to learn to accept other's thought (which I definitely know is wrong) , otherwise I don't know what's going to happen next....

So hey you, reading this, if you think drinking your urine makes you live longer then drink that, I heared that one former prime minister morarji dishai did that too (by the way he lived for 99 years).

What's around : June 28 , 2006

Now if you're reading this for the first time, it's my regular post What's around in which I try to share different links with you that seemed interesting to me. So check them out..

Are you fat like me? Scientists are offering 'Top 10' alibis you can use. They looked at more than 100 studies on potential contributors to obesity besides diet and exercise, and concluded there was at least some support for 10:

1. Inadequate sleep. (Average sleep amounts have fallen, and many studies tie sleep deprivation to weight gain.)
2. Endocrine disrupters, which are substances in some foods that may alter fats in the body.
3. Nice temperatures. (Air conditioning and heating limit calories burned from sweating and shivering.)
4. Fewer people smoking. (Less appetite suppression.)
5. Medicines that cause weight gain.
6. Population changes. (More middle-agers and Hispanics, who have higher obesity rates.)
7. Older birth moms. (That correlates with heavier children.)
8. Genetic influences during pregnancy.
9. Darwinian natural selection. (Fat people out-survive skinny ones.)
10. Assortative mating, or "like mating with like,". Translation: fat people procreating with others of the same body type, gradually skewing the population toward the heavy end.

Looks like I need to start smoking again to reduce wait? Check details here.

Close up 1 relaunches this year with the slogan “Gao Bangladesh Gao". After last year's success, the biggest ever talent hunt competition in the history of Bangladesh, widens oppurtunity for perticipation this year. Non-resident Bangladeshis can also take part in the program. They can register through www.closeup1.com. Two audition panels will be set up at New York, USA and London, UK. Local selection will be carried out at 11 different locations across the nation. The audition locations are : Chittagong, Comilla, Faridpur, Barisal, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Bogra, Mymensingh, Sylhet and Dhaka. Check the official website for details.

Like every year, Askmen has released lists of 99 most desirable women of 2006. You can vote there now. I found 3 of my favorites in the top 10 in 3rd, 6th and 9th position. The top 10 looks like this :

1. Jessica Alba
2. Sienna Miller
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Adriana Lima (last year's number 1)
5. Maria Menounos
6. Charlize Theron
7. Jessica Biel
8. Amerie
9. Natalie Portman
10.Eva Longoria

Let's see where my other favorites are :

Heidi klum 11
Monica Bellucci 15
Halle Berry 19
Naomi Watts 29
Elisha Cuthbert 23
Salma Hayek 25
Jennifer Aniston 27
Maria sharapova 31
Penelope cruz 32
Keira knightley 35
Alessandra Ambrosio 36
Shania twain 44
Jennifer love hewitt 53
Catherine zeta jones 67
Cameron Diaz 91
Nicole Kidman 96

By the way I don't like Ash that much but for your information she's at 47.

Finally check out 55 ways to have funs with google and if you are a nirvana fan then you can download nirvana performing live at new york by clicking here.

Jun 26, 2006

World cup football and bangladesh cricket

Now everyone's concentration is fully focused on the world's biggest show all over the world, I hardly found any news of cricket in the newspaper. But today I found a tiny news at the bottom of sports page about bangladesh A team touring zimbabwe. I visited cricinfo after that and found out that Bangladesh A team has been visiting zimbabwe and already played two 4-day match. One of which they won and the other was a draw. Check the two scorecards, match 1 , match 2.

So I studied both match and was amazed to see mehrab hossain jr performing consistently. He scored 46 and 4 in the first match and 120 and 100* in the second. Alok kapali also performed good. In the first match he played an innings and scored 21 but in the second match he scored 111 and 66 from only 45 balls including 7 fours and 4 sixes. But the problem is he always performed good in non-international matches. And when he got picked for the first team he failed!. Tushar imran also got century (128) in the first innings of the first match, but again proved the inconsistencies of most of the bangladeshi players. After this performance I checked mehrab's previous record and he's actually very good in record books too with a first class average of 36 and list - A average of 41 is pretty good. And also he can bowl in odis, because 22 average at list - A is actually very good. I am attaching his carreer record below..

Among the bowlers Enamul junior was the top pick as usual. He took 9 wickets (5+4) in the first match and 7 wickets (5+2) in the second. Tapash baisshya, Hasibul hossain shanto and mohammud sharif all got calls for the A team but none of them could perform well. So the first teamers won't have to worry at all about them.

By the way remember mohammud ashraful? Yeap that gifted kid , who forgets his ability all the time. If you keep track of bangladesh cricket, you might know that he's been playing in liverpool cricket for rainhill cricket club. So I checked his stats and found that he's actually doing very fine there and became a real heroe. His last five innings in cup and league matches are 66,202,1,108*,and 123 . Believe it. He scored 486 runs in 7 matches with a healthy average of 81 and took 23 wickets with an average of only 11! He scored 36.73% runs of the total team runs and grabbed 42% of the total team wickets. Check his stats here.

Now I know what are you thinking. You may think this isn't a great deal playing against non-professional , part timers. But com'mon man this is ashraful. He doesn't need strong or weak opponents to succeed or fail. All he needs is the belief upon himself. We've seen him playing against australia and england in natwest as if he's playing against the weakest bowling attack. Again at home he failed against the weaker bowling attack of the kenyans. He doesn't need strong bowling attack to get out. It's mohammud ashraful who took his wickets most of the time. And scoring these runs shows that he might got out of that habit, or who knows!

And finally for msn space users check out microsoft's new adcenter and start earning money. :P And don't forget to treat me when you get the check.

Jun 25, 2006

About Me

Every website contains some info about the author of the site. So one day I thought why shouldn't I have one for mine. But when I tried it was the most difficult task to do. Don't you think that I am the most biased person to write about myself? So I thought it would be better if the 'about me' page contains what others think about me. As a starter I added here the testimonials I got from others at orkut. So If you think you know me a bit, you can contribute here by writing a comment about me. I'll update the page with that. You can also visit my blogger profile. So I start with what I thinks about myself..

ShafiI am Dewan Muhammed Ibtesham who is mostly known as Shafi, my nick name. I am from Bangladesh and was born in 25th december 1982. I think I love my country very much. I live in Dhaka and currently studying as an undergraduate student in department of computer science and engineering in BUET. I passed my SSC from Government laboratory high school, Dhaka in 1999 and HSC from Notredame collage, Dhaka in 2001. I have a sister who's a second year student at Viqarunnisa noon collage. My father is a superintendent engineer in PWD and my mother is a housewife. I love to travel.

About my quality? I am not too sure. But I would like to say I am very lazy. I am also very friendly and I value friendship very much. I tried to be helpful whether you sought for help or not. Can't live without music, love to listen as well as sing along to any tune, I liked. I am a loner. I prefer to bury my grief inside me. And I am the kind of person who can't stay idle, without doing anything. I spend most of the time infront of my computer. I love to read books so whenever find something to read, I sink into it. I am also a movie freak. I am humorous. And I am the greatest fool who think himself intelligent. Talking about itelligence, I like intelligent people and I am easily amused by the good qualities of others. I love to talk directly whether you liked it or not. I am not ambitious at all and I think I am easily satisfied and highly hopeful. If you don't like me then talk to me.

June 25, 2006

Shafi...da gr8 one....one of the closest friends of mine...We passed our sweet school life & college life together... and now we r passing our boring university days in BUET...In this boring environment,Shafi is surely da only guy who can give u some fun...who can bring some exception in u'r boring BUET life...thanks to GOD...Shafi is with us in da CSE dept...
Shafi is very friendly....He is surely da most popular guy in our dept...i guess, almost everyone of us just luv him for his sweet & very friendly nature...Just like me,Shafi is fond of rich foods...I have gone almost all wellknown fastfood shops and other good food shops in Dhaka with him...:D Just like me, he luvs music... luvs cricket... luvs football... luvs chatting... & offcourse luvs to be 'late to bed & late to rise' In fact, there r lots of similarities between us... and thats why Shafi is my best friend... Shafi...u r simply gr8...

June 16, 2004

I am planning to write Shafi a testimonial in part-by-part basis because there is no end to knowing a person! This is the first part, and hopefully more will come. :P


1. I know Shafi for not even a month, but he is already in the list of my most favourite friends.

2. Shafi and I have so many things in common that we believe we were twins in some other life.

3. Shafi can cook some really good dishes - the names will definitely tantalize your taste buds.

4. shafi can make others laugh and he laughs himself a lot too.

5. Shafi is a 'too good' student, but not a geek.


1. Shafi is very very very friendly.

2. If you like me (by any chance :P), you are definitely gonna like Shafi. :D

3. Shafi will cook you your favourite dishes. :D

4. You can look upto Shafi when you need to get rid of the blues.

5. He is cool!

August 18, 2004

Shafi... The Big man to me....at first je kothata boltei hoy ta holo...oshadharon quick witted.... brilliant... always smiling face... brave..and as a friend you will always get him in your side.... ar amar khetre ektu beshi.. amar onek prothomei Shafi joriye ache...

prothom computer movie dekha..prothom friend der sathe baire khete jawa.... prothom card khela....prothom net browse.... prothom chat...prothom blog lekha shafir inspiration ei....Orkut e amar prothom testimonial o shafir dewa...
ami jani na aro kotogulo prothom opekhha kortese....

He takes very good care of me.....[:p]
....sometimes he guides me like an elder brother... "don look at the girl.. look at the girl now... don go there.. ok go there..."... aro koto ki.. [:D]

And so...He is not my "good" friend.... He is my "best" friend....

January 05, 2006

It all began when i added shafi bhaia, curious to meet an a****** frm buet! (source error!) and he thought me to be someone no better than what i thought about him!

i know it sounds very confusing... and so it was. we had a good laugh over that later on & i'll remember that incident for the rest of my life :D

surely i was mistaken(which is unusual)... now, what should i say about him **matha chulkai**.. everything have been said before.... so i guess i'll just say tht he's .. .. genuine! yup, that's the right word. he doesn't wrap himself in a false appearance, which is rare these days...

anyways... if i open my mouth (fingers in this case!) i'll go on babbling forever(!) which i don't intend to do. i'll just say that i find my unborn bro in shaafi bhaia :$... JOY SHAAFI BHAIA!

**4 Shafi bhaia- to bring offline online is all u need to bring a smile on my face ;) [i got asked "why am i smiling for nothing" several times... but how could i explain tht little nothing? :P

February 02, 2006

Shafi is a very interesting character. first i saw him in SB (Shadeshi Bondhu) but we meet here in Orkut. if i didn’t joined here i’ll definitely miss a gently and caring bro like him. as i hav seen, he is very much loyal to his friends. he likes to smile to his friends, always try to keep them smiling. and off course they also like him, love him very much, jar chotokhato ekta proman holo or scrap book! he is a nice guy, who cares for u, who knows how to share. he knows very well dat how to live and let live others. a flower stays for an hour, but the power of Shafi’s friendship will stays for ever. so guys, a friend gives hope when life is low, a friend is a place when you have nowhere to go, a friend is honest, a friend is true. a friend is precious when its Shafi for you. thnx to all...:)

Raquib Rony
September 13, 2004

S : Sweet
H : Honest
A : Adorable
F : Friendly ; Funny
I : Intelligent ; Interesting
.................Shafi bhaiya's name describes himself!
Well, Shafi vaia is an interesting person.
witty..and funny! U can never feel bored when chatting with him..he'll make u laugh for sure. He is a good writer and a good reader as well.. Whenever i write anything in my Blog or LJ shafi vaia is always the 1st reader & his comments are encouraging.
I'm very lucky to have such a sweet person in my friend circle.
Be always happy bhaia...& Keep smiling.

April 22, 2006

:O.. Omg.. ami SHafi bhiyah ke Testi dicchi.. :O..:P..i ve meaning to ryte something to him for a while but ki likbo.. izz like there is so much to ryte about.. :O..!
weLL shafi Bhiyah is extreamly contraversial.. :P he only reacts in groups or community when there is some sort of trouble..:P..LOL..
He is extreamly Blunt.. that it scares me..:O he is more strait fwd then me man.. he is not a person that hides around the bushes or doesnt use n e euphamism for n e thing he is just strait cut.. n thats y i reckon he has one of the worlds Sexciest Personality..:-D..!
weLL umm he is definetly good looking.. ;) *CHEK OUT HIS ALBUM - especially the one of him in the bathtub* :P.. LOL..! n.. ummm he is extreamly caring towards the PPL he lurves.. (refering to Kingbodonti'r testimonial to him) ummmm.. i belive w3 r all lucky in some way to have a friend/net friend like u..:P.. i just hope allah looks after u foreva n lezz hope uget married to a super model.. LOL.. :P.. weLl thazz ALL..:-D..!

September 2, 2006

Shafi, all i can say about u is ur a brilliant student... sorry man, is that a good testimonial??...:S.... oh yes shafi has a gigantic figure...could act in the hulk, as the main character(enraged one not normal one)....:P

June 26, 2006

MoonShafi bhaia...Queens bhai to me:D ..amar dekha sompurno different ekjon manush ..He is so friendly, hilarious,intelligent, quick witted,bold and brilliant..

onek dukkher modhheo hashate pare..U will never feel bored while chatting with him ...khubi logical kintu khub beshi practical na.. nijossho kichhu idea ache jibon shomporke ...prithibir sob manushke bhalo mone kore:P...Taar bhitore ekta shishu bash kore jake lukiye rakha holeo majhe majhe beriye ashe:D

Spostobadi...honest...Patient..helpful..kintu nijer bepare onek
careless...ebong khubi chapa shovaber manush...pet theke kotha ber kora khubi dussadhho bepar:(

He is a good writer also. His blog is one of the nicest blog I have ever seen..

o arekta kotha bolte to bhulei giyechhi..special ghum system:D...bondhe beshir bhaag somoy e diner bela ghumay ar raater bela jege thake:P...khela ar gaan pagol...
sob jodi bolte chai amar kotha ar jibone sesh hobena:P

Bhaia ekhon jemon achhen sobsomoy thik erokom e theken...
Wish u sucess in life..:)

August 8, 2006

শাফি ভাই ,boss of the boss...ওনার সম্বন্ধে বলতে গেলে মেঘনাদবধকাব্যও ছোটো মনে হবে।men of ultimate what can i say.....(ভাষা হারায় ফেলছি :-D)

buet এ আমার দেখা সব চেয়ে coooolest বড় ভাই। আমার মত buet বাঁশে জর্জরিত ছোটো ভাইদের একমাত্র আশা ভরসা
শাফি ভাই।

কি আর বলবো (যদিও অনেক কিছু বলারছিলো)

শাফি ভাই ভালো থাইকেন আর be cooool for ever
April 2, 2007

শাফি ভাইয়ের সম্পর্কে আমার অনেক কমপ্লেইন আছে। এইগুলো মানুষের জানা দরকার। scrapbook এ লিখলে কেউ দেখবে না। তাই উনারে Testimonial ই দিতে হচ্ছে!

প্রথমত আমার জন্মের আগেই উনি আমার নাম থেকে ধার নিয়ে উনার নাম রাখসেন। ভাই এইটা কি ঠিক হইছে?

এরপর আসেন পড়াশুনার বেপারে। আমি কোন স্কুল, কলেজ একনকি ভার্সিটিতে পড়বো সেইটা আগেই উনি কেমনে জানি যাইনা গেছেন। তারপর ওইখানে ছুটছেন। গভঃ ল্যাব, নটরডেম কলেজ, বুয়েট সব কিভাবে এক হয়? তারপর কলেজের গ্রুপ আর ভার্সিটির ডিপার্টমেন্ট ও এক! গভীর ষড়যন্ত্র। ও ভুলে গেছিলাম, আমাদের CGPA ও এক!!

তারপর আমাদের দিকে তাকান। দুইজনই প্রায় সমান উচুঁ! হাইটটাও চুরি করছে!! অবশ একটা জিনিস ঠিকভাবে মারতে পারে নাই :) আমার ফিগারের মত ফিগার বানাইতে গিয়ে ভুল করে ট্রিপল বানায় ফেলছে (একটু বেশি হয়ে গেল নাকি?!)

তবে আনার কাছ থেকে এতকিছু ধার নিয়েও উনি কিভাবে জানি আমার থেকেও অনেক বেশি জোশ হয়ে গেছেন। এত জোশ যে মনে হয় উনি আমাকে না আমিই উনাকে অনুসরন করি। কিন্তু আপনারা যেনে রাখেন এইটা একটা অপপ্রচার মাত্র!

যাই হোক সবশেষে শাফি ভাইয়ের সকল friend, পরিচিত এবং শুভাকাংখীদের শুভেচ্ছা।
March 29, 2007

Jun 24, 2006

Ogo bodhu shundori

I never liked bangla cinema. Neither from epar banglar nor from opar banglar. But as Uttam kumar was a craze among my chachi, fupu and dadi i had to watch a few of his movies with them. I didn't like many of them. It might be because I was too young then to understand those. I only liked cartoons and action packed movies back then (by the way, I still do). Anyway that's not the thing I am intended to write today. It's about a special movie, 'ogo bodhu shundori' which starred Uttam kumar. It's actually was his last movie. Oneday about 4-5 years ago the movie was shown in E-Tv bangla and my father told me to watch that. I am lucky that I obayed him. My god!! what a movie it was!! It was very hillarious. It also featured Moushumi, who was just too beautiful. You should watch it if you already don't. (By the way I do have the dvd :P)

Anyway I am giving below a lyrics of a song(one of my favorites) from the movie, which will help you to understand how funny the movie actually is. Here it goes :

Nari Choritro bejay jotil,
Kichui bujhte parbena,
Ora kono law manenaaaa,
Tai oder naam? lolona.

Ora jukti tokker dhar dharena,
Sentiment e chole,
Icche moton kadte pare,
Hashe icche hole.

Oder motigoti, Oder motigoti, Tumi bhaia predict korte parbena
Nari choritro bejay jotil, kichui bujhte parbena, kichui bujhte parbena.

(Tomar opor jokhon ora bhishon rokom raag koren, janbe bhalobashar lokkhon ; dangerous!! )


Hashle ora bhoyer kotha,
Kadle jeno hire,
Heshe heshe boshle pashe,
Janbe pocket gechei geche.

Ora ulto kore, Ora ulto kore shotti bolen, shoja kotha bolen na,
Nari choritro bejay jotil, kichui bujhte parbena, kichui bujhte parbena.


Tobe jake ora bhalobashe,
Take shorbossho diye,
Dukkho koshte taar pashete,
Thakte pare shokol shoye.


Kintu bechal jodi koro tumi shohoje jeno charbena,
Ora shobkichu shoy, shoyna kebol bhalobashar cholona.
Nari choritro bejay jotil, kichui bujhte parbena,
Ora shobkichu shoy, shoyna kebol bhalobashoar cholona, bhalobashar cholona, bhalobashar cholona.

If any of my reader can suggest any free soft that can rip music from dvd, then I might be able to upload the mp3 of the song. Ogo bodhu sundori is simply great. :D

Jun 23, 2006

Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office

Microsoft released creative commons add-in for microsoft office which enables you to embed Creative Commons licenses directly into Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. There's already a bunch of CC-licensed Word documents out there already (just Google filetype:doc "This work is licensed under" + "Creative Commons") and hopefully this add-in will mean ever more.documents. With a Creative Commons license, authors can express their intentions regarding how their works may be used by others.

The add-in downloads the Creative Commons license you designate from the Creative Commons Web site and inserts it directly into your creative work. Creative Commons supports a number of languages. To learn more about Creative Commons, please visit its web site, www.creativecommons.org. To learn more about the choices among the Creative Commons licenses, click here. It's currently supporting Microsoft Office Excel 2003, PowerPoint 2003, Word 2003, Excel 2002, PowerPoint 2002 and Word 2002. Click here to go to the download page. Below is an example how it'll look like.

Jun 22, 2006

Use your mobile as external modem

I've been using grameen phone's EDGE for quite a long time from my mobile , sony ericsson k700i. But unfortunately I couldn't use it as an external modem to connect to the internet until now. I looked at grameen's EDGE setup page but it was so lame. They just instructed how to use it from nokia 6020 and without any explanation. Just do this and then do that, but the reason why were we doing that was missing there. So the help page didn't work out for my mobile. So I searched the net for detailed instructions and finally came up with it, which I am going to share with you guys now.

1. First subscribe your phone with grameephone's EDGE, if you are an aktel user then aktel's GPRS service. To know how to subscribe Grameen phone users visit this.

2. Connect your mobile with your pc using infrared, bluetooth or cable. Then install the appropriate modem. To install the modem go to control panel -> phone and modem options -> Modems -> Add. For example, if you are using sony ericsson k700i with bluetooth to connect to the pc then install the sony ericsson k700i bluetooth modem like me. If you still don't understand how to install the modem then take help from the phone's user manual.

3. Now as the modem is installed, go to control panel -> phone and modem options -> Modems again. Select the modem you just installed and select properties. In the new window select advanced. Type +CGDCONT=n,"IP","apn" where "apn" is the APN of the provider and n (after CGDCONT) is the CID or data account number. Now in case of grameen the apn is gpinternet. To locate your data account number or CID number you have to look into your phone's data accounts. If gpinternet is in first then n=1, if it's in second position then n=2, if it's in third position then n=3. The serial varies from phone to phone and the way you set up your data accounts. For grameen users you can have 3 data accounts gpwap, gpmms and gpinternet. So the value of n can be 1,2 or 3 depending on how you set up those accounts. For my phone the data account gpinternet was in 3rd position. So I had to type +CGDCONT=3,"IP","gpinternet". If you have problem following the instruction see how I typed..

4. Now I understand you've successfully installed the modem. So create a dialup connection now and enter *99***n# as your dialed number. Where n is the data account number you used before. In my case it was 3. So I had to dial *99***3# .

And thus I got connected. The speed was slightly more than the average dial up speed in bangladesh. I got around 43kbps. But as my phone supports GPRS not EDGE so I think the speed I got was not the full that EDGE provides. Anyway if you still have any trouble connecting then you can contact me here.

Have fun

Jun 21, 2006

Google earth and me

Google earth has become my latest playground. Yesterday night I spent around 3-4 hours(after watching football) with it and with my amazement I found my home. Then I continued to look around for the arial view of everything around. The perliament building and the new market looks great. And also dhanmondi residential area wrapped by the lake was also a great sight. So here I am sharing a few pictures taken from the map. Have fun. By the way if you are from BUET and a guy like me, then probably for the first time you are going to see the chatri hall where boys are strictly not allowed to enter. Anyway have a look at them below. You can download the soft from here. Click the pictures for bigger and better view.


Jun 19, 2006

Obak crossfire..

Yesterday's (19th june-06) prothom alo reported a very interesting news. Which is about BHUT (ghost). Believe it. And one para of the report was very funny. I name it obak crossfire. Here's it for you...(click the images for bigger and better view).

If you don't believe me then click here and scroll down to see the actual report.

Jun 18, 2006

Happy Birthday!

I am sorry that I forgot. But that's me. People often tells me that I've a good memory but I am not that good actually. Specially to remember occassions. Like this one, your birthday. I know that I am sounding lame. But what could I do now, other than telling excuses. I really shouldn't forgot. It's not that I entirely forgot. I checked about this date about a week ago. And then I thought that I should write something this year. But unfortunately I forgot again. :(

But you know, we can look into it's bright side. As soon as I woke up this morning (of course if you say 1.00pm a morning) suddenly I rememberred what have I done. I totally forgot that yesterday was your birthday. And today while the calendar is showing 19th June, I am trying to compensate by writing this one as 18th june. I know you've every reason to be mad at me. But see I am trying to be honest. Although I am posting it on 19th june, I am pretending it's still the 18th. But I admitted what I did, by writing this. So later years after when I'll read it again, it'll remind me what I did. Once I read a joke. It's like, "The most effective way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once.". You are not my wife, but my love for you did count. I'll try not to forget it again.

Last year also I couldn't wish you. Yeah because we were on a break that time.(we broke up on november,'04). So how could I? But after we were re-united on july,'05 then I decided not to leave you again. Things are going nice so far after that between us, arent they? So please don't make my "forgetting your birthday thing" an issue.

Readers, if you are patient enough to read it so far, 18th june '04 was the date when I started this blog. Read here my first post. I was just curious to know what it was and how to deal with it , but didn't have that much fun with it. As a result after 11th november '04 I stopped posting. Yeah that was the break up :P . Anyway in july '05 I saw a few persons blog and started to realize the power and the fun of blogging. And restarted my journey from
their and continuing so far. So happy birthday to my blog once again. I am very much thankful to everyone of you who read this blog and special thanks should go to them who also have time to post a few comments on them. I would like to thank Khaled, Shaon, Sheetal, Chayan, Turyo, Rikhi, Tumpa, Kafi, Rezwan bhai, Audity, Esha, Moon, Tareq, Dipu, Rabab, Atunu, Shahan, Ovi, Raquib bhai, Ronju bhai, Shumon, Mohiuddin, Shantonu, Badhon, Putul, Shantonu bhai, Sami bhai, Tahmid Munaz bhai and others whose name I can't remember right now, for commenting and inspiring me time to time.

Lose Control (Deshi Style)

This is going to be my first video blog. The video was taken with my sony ericsson k700i when we went to visit our friend atif's home a few days ago. As his home was nearer to the airport, in the evening he proposed to take a walk towards the runway. So we went to a place that was a runway before but now abandoned after the flood of '88. And it's just after the boundary of present runways. The place is like heaven. It's vast and breezy but it's populated by visitors like us.(What could you do if you live in world's most densly populated country?) Anyway the fun part was when the plane starts to land. They were like 30-40 feets high. And they flew in such pace that might give you the feeling that they will end up crashing on you.

Anyway about the video I am sorry for it's poor quality. I am blogging now during the half time of brazil vs australia match. Brazil looked really pale. But you've to consider that the opponent is Australia. Let's see what the second half brings.

Signing out!

Jun 16, 2006

What a Goal !!!

Today I probably have just seen the best team goal of my life. It's by Esteban Cambiasso of Intermillan who scored it for Argentina in their group match against Serbia. My god what a goal it was! The fact that amazed me most was before the goal scoring shot the argentines have 24 consecutive passing movements of the ball. Now all who know me already know that I am a die hard Arsenal fan who's very famous for their passing. But I had to admit I really never have seen such a great passing movement by any team like argentnia showed today. I never liked Argentina, dont know actually why, probably because of the row between dennis bergkamp(my most favorite player) and ariel ortega (the player I hate most) in '98 world cup. But if the argentines continued to play like this no one in this world cup can stop them that's for sure.

Now the second half has started so let's watch the game again.

Jun 15, 2006

World Cup , Math and others!

Guess what mathematicians do during wolrd cup? Yeah they do maths about who could win the world cup. Today while browsing orkut I found an interesting statistics. Later googled about it and found out an amazing number 3964 and it's relation with worldcup winners. This calculation was performed in 2002 and based on the calculation they predicted that brazil's going to win the world cup. And bingo Brazil did win. So let' start with 3964. The last time Argentina won the World Cup was in 1986, and previous to that it was 1978. If you add 1978 and 1986, the answer is 3964. The last time Germany won the World Cup was in 1990, the time before that was in 1974. If you add these two figures, the answer is 3964. Brazil last won the World Cup in 1994(as for 2002), and before that it was 1970. If you add these two figures the answer is 3964. So they predicted that Brazil was going to win 2002 world cup because 2002 + 1962 = 3964. Brazil won in 1962. And Brazil proved them right.

Now in this calculation there's an exception. England last won the World Cup in 1966. If you add this figure to 1998, the answer is 3964. Unfortunately, France won the World Cup in 1998. But if you look closely there's a similarity. Both team were host of the two world cups.

So let's diduct 2006 from 3964, which is 1958. And who was the champion? Yeah Brazil, who's also a big favorite of this one. So let's see if brazil can proove this stat true again. (Source)

Finally if you love gold jewellery, there's good news. An Australian researcher says, there's enough gold buried deep within the Earth's core to cover the entire land surface of the planet to a depth of half a metre. So just start digging the earth towards the core and collect them. Read more here.

And also don't forget to check world's largest camera and the preperation to snap world's largest photo, here.

By the way if you are a regular reader of mine you may notice that I've changed the formatting of the posts from left aligned to justified. So any comment about it? Which one do you think is the better? Please give me feedback. And also pray for my grandma's sister who died today in chittagong at the age of 88. May her soul rest in peace.


Jun 14, 2006

Backdated Blogger - 4 (The End)

Last time in this series was our entrance day where I left you. Now while I tried to restart from there I find it very difficult to exactly recall the happenings of that time. So I decided to finish the series with this post.

Any way the end of the term was really approaching fast. And we were just busy like hell with our projects. Our group consists of five persons Atif, Ashish, Shahan, Ovi and me ofcourse. We had three huge projects in this term, Interfacing, Digital System Design and Software Analysis, Design and Development. Due to the decision from the academic commeetty it was decided that this term would be of 13 weeks, instead of usual 14. So it was even tougher because we had one week less. Unfortunately the reason behind this decision later proved unsuccessful. But that's a different story.

So before drifting away again, let's start with our interfacing project. Our project was "Wireless data communication between two PCs". Well it's pretty easy if you try it with infrared. But it had the limitation of functioning within short distance and more over you can't have any obstracle between the two PC's infrared sensors. So we decided to give it a try using radio frequency. We were really optimistic at first but after surveying the local IC market we found out that the trancievers that could trancieve using ISM band is not available in our country. As a result it became practically impossible to transmit using radio frequency due to heavy noise in the lower frequency range. Then Atif came up with the idea of using FM signal as carrier which after studying gave us some light of hope. So what we did was first searched the net for an FM transmitter circuit, found one then later implemented and interfaced it with the PC. Whenever there's a 1 at the parallel port output we turned the transmitter on and whenever a 0 we turned it off. We used 555 timer as the signal generator. That was the main mechanism in the transmitter end. In the reciever end, we used a two band FM radio that we bought from the market by 130 Taka. We ripped the casing and then connect the output wires ,that goes into speaker, with our reciever circuit. The receiver circuit was simple consisting a buffer and a comperator circuit. The output of the comperator was interfaced with the PC's parallel port. So that's pretty much how the hardware was designed and the software we wrote polled the data several times to eliminate noise and determine the transmitted bit. We were very happy after being successful to transmit and receive data using radio signal which at the beginning of our term looked impossible. But unfortunately our almost error less transmission couldn't convince our course teacher and as a result we got one of the lowest marks among all the projects. But all the other teachers were very happy with us and encouraged us because this is the first time in BUET radio frequency has been successfully used for data communication. Ours was cheap ( less then 300 taka) and the error rate was almost nil but the desatisfying factor was it's slow transfer rate of 1Bps. Anyway we hope our juniors will work to improve the transfer rate. I am sorry that I don't have any eye-catching pictures of our project and it wasn't even possible to snap one pc in one room and the other in the other, transmitting data, at the same picture. So I left it upon your imagination.

The other two projects went on smoothly. In digital system design we were to design and implement a 4bit microprocessor with 28 instructions. We couldn't implement all the 28 instructions but implemented 22 among them. That was proved enough later.

And in system analysis and design and development we were very successfull, infact we scored the highest in our class. Our project was Online billing system with complete automation of Desa. We developed 3 Web applications using ASP .NET, a desktop application using C# and 3 J2ME application. Anyway I am feeling bored now, the post at the end became huge. You should be feeling the same. Thanks for being with me with this boring story.


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Jun 11, 2006


I just received a funny cartoon from my friend Amber via e-mail. Liked it so sharing it with you people. Check it out...

Back to Dhaka...

I am back. Back to my home. I came back at around midnight of 8th June. The trip was quite nice. But I became quite busy with my khala who had been sufferring from dengue hemoregic as soon as I came back. Now she's alright and out of danger. But I am very sorry to see Apollo hospital's service. When they started there were a series of apollo patient in our house. And we were quite happy with their care but things became worse by this time.

Anyway now about my jessore trip. I'd like to remind you that this was probably my 12/13th Jessore visit. So I already visited all the reknowned places to visit there several times. So this time I went to some of the rural areas. And was very suprised to see the world cup football craze in the remotest places. Flags of different countries were flying all over the places. Among them Argentina and Brazil outnumbered others. I think Bangladesh has Argentina fans most. Although I myself is an exception , a dutch fan. Anyway I'll try to share details with you later. I'd like to finish now with a few links here..

First, If you are a firefox user like me you might find this extension very handy. It's called Extended Statusbar which adds an Opera-like statusbar to Firefox that shows:
-number of loaded images
-bytes downloaded
-average download speed
-load time
-percentage of the page loaded

Now read a joke :
A couple of New Jersey hunters are out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. He doesn't seem to be breathing, his eyes are rolled back in his head. The other guy whips out his cell phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps to the operator: "My friend is dead! What can I do?" The operator, in a calm soothing voice says: "Just take it easy. I can help. First, let's make sure he's dead." There is a silence, then a shot is heard. The guy's voice comes back on the line. He says: "OK, now what?"
This joke became the best joke after 100,000 people around the world cast their vote on 40,000 jokes. But I didn't think it's that much funny! Read more here from BBC.

Finally download the song Kon Kothata Bolbo Tomay. Thanks to Raquib bhai for the link.

Jun 3, 2006

Leaving for Jessore

I am leaving for jessore for "I don't know how many days." But I think I will be back by next friday. I still don't know whether Jessore has GPs EDGE facility. If so then you can contact me over Gmail. And also my cell will be there with me all the time.


Jun 1, 2006

Backdated Blogger - 3 : Entrance Day

The idea first popped into my roommate shishir's mind that we should celebrate our entrance day, april 13th. We all thought by then that this was going to be the last entrance day that we might have in our BUET life. But unfortunately now, after getting the 2 months long "world cup break", we may have another one next year. Anyway when shishir told me , I took it seriously and discussed the fact with shahan. And finally we started preparing for our entrance day.

The first problem we faced was that we started our class in BUET back in April 13, 2002, but this year's april 13 was thursday, a weekly holiday in BUET. So we thought to celebrate it on april 12. Next we had to name our class with something suitable for us. As we started preparing for it, we name our class as "Pagla". Not a single person argued against it. Because our favorite teacher Tanvir Irfan sir, used to call us "Pagla".

The next thing was the design of the tee-shirt. We asked in our group for designs and Nabila (B section) responded sportingly and drew us two wonderful designs for the tee-shirt. We also requested Alim (B section) for design who also brought us two beautiful designs for the front and back side of the tee-shirt. We were thinking of combining the two designs to get the best of them. Alim specially was very helpful to confirm the final design having nabila's one in front and Alim's one as back. He and Ashish really worked very hard for the Tee-Shirt.

The rest of the preperation went on smoothly. Finally 12th april came and once again we had an enjoyable program. Thanks should go to Khaled for helping me bringing the cake, Shaon for his car that caterred the food from the restaurent to BUET, Nabila and Alim for the Tee-shirt design, Shishir, Ashish, Jishan , Shahan and me for organizing, Atif, Sheetal, Nadia, Khaled and finally me for pictures and all who perticipated because without them the program wouldn't be possible.

I am attaching few pictures of that day. Have fun...

Update : June 2: After posting I rememberred that It was the 150th post, so congrats to myself :D. I've attached few more pictures and some more pictures will be found at Khaled's