Apr 2, 2006

Rajputro: What's around : April 2 , 2006

Now if you're reading this for the first time, it's my regular post What's around in which I try to share different links with you that seemed interesting to me. So check them out..

Yesterday was april fool's day. As you all know about it that it's all about making fun of others. But from my childhood I was always forbed to celebrate this day by my parents and elders because according to them on this day chritians burnt muslims after sending them into a mosque and made fun of them as April fool while they were burnt to death. But "Once a thief, always a thief!" . Being one of the most notorious, I always wanted to do "something" on this special day. This year I announced class test to some of my classmates
from B section and they panicked and made my day. Now along with me every year different sites all over the net celebrates this day by making special "FAKE" announcements. (If I were home on that day I might do something :P) Now here's a list of sites that celebrated April fool's day 2006. So check them out.

Artcell's second album 'Aniket prantor' has been released at last. After lots of failures to keep deadline they finally made it. Now here are some songs from that album for you to download :



Dhusor shomoy

Pathor Bagan

Shohid shoroni

Chayar ninad

Ghune Khawa Rod



Oniket Prantor

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