Mar 23, 2006

Bangladeshi men too sexy!

Now as I've been wandering along blogosphere I found that three bloggers Rashedin, Shakia and Tareq blogged about the same story, which states that malaysian girls can't resist themselves from being attracted to a Bangladeshi guy who according to them is too sexy. Actually Tareq and Rashedin both were surprised but Shakia who is the only female here, questioned about it. But I am not going to talk about this because the above three already did. But what I am going to do is just to share with you a true story which involves a malaysian family and a bangladeshi family.

Now it's all started in the late '70s when my mother got herself admitted into Rajshahi university. Well a few of her friends also got themselves admitted there. This story is actually about one of those friends, who's name I am not going to tell so let's think of her as "A". Now what happened next was that "A" fell in love with a guy who is a Malaysian and was studying MBBS in Rajshahi Medical college. (Attention girls!! Apparently it seemed that not only girls, Malaysian boys were also attracted to bangladeshi girls). Anyway let's call this malaysian guy "X" (It's not that I wanted to keep his name a secret too but actually I don't know his name.)

So now Mr. X and Miss A wanted to get married. But Miss A's family couldn't accept that their daughter would marry a foreigner, about who they don't know really at all. But the love between X and A was too hard to resist. So Miss A's family decided that Miss A's brother whom we'll call "B" would go with A and X in malaysia. Now can you guess what happened next? Mr. B went to malaysia with his sister A and her husband X and with his irresitble "Bangladeshi" charm he made Mr. X's sister who we'll call "Y" fell in love with him and they married. (Hmm the bangladeshi charm never failed!!!!)

And if you're amazed now after reading this story, I should tell you that I am not finished yet. Yes Mr. X had another brother "Z" who came with his sister Y and her husband B in bangladesh and guess who he found? Bingo!!! welcome Miss "C", the youngest of A and B. And they fell in love too and married to each other.

In short A,B,C are from a Bangladeshi family and X,Y,Z are from a Malaysian one. And each one has a one to one marriage relationship with one from the other. :D

Looks like cupid got himself busy to make "Banglasian" couples.

---Amar golpoti furalo note gachti muralo---


  1. I shouldn't luagh, as it is a real life incident, but it sounds so funny. Specially the way you put it. Took me back to the school bench, solving equations!!

  2. Oh I'll mail you the song tomorrow as I don't have it at the moment.

  3. aro golpo chai :(:( ato taratari gach murale cholbe na

  4. Thanks Shakia.

    AuditY aro koto note gaach ache :P

  5. :|:|... taile cholen note gach murano contest shuru kori :P

  6. amar question holo:

    A -> X = ?
    B -> Y = ?
    C -> Z = ?

    what could be the end of the "Golpo" ?



    "BANGLADESH IS A COUNTRY WHERE ALL PEOPLE (either man or woman ) ARE SEXY ???"

  7. hahahahahah... shafi cool story indeed. but while reading this i got the feelings that in the exam hall of IBA admission test and its the analytical ability part. :P u made it good enough to be in the admission test....

  8. COOL post... I also heard about this bangladeshi lads in malaysia .. :).. I think as malaysia has girls ratio higher comperatively sooooo.... :P

  9. Discreate story...I guess this is a good lesson for Bangladeshi boys...who ever wants to start something, VNSC er shamne dariye na theke shoja Malaysia chole jak...all the best :P

  10. Dipu,
    The end could be like this : all bangladeshi people are sexy according to the malaysians and vice versa :P

    Thanks Tareq but I still don't have any experience of analytical tests :P

  11. Samara,
    Kaar theka porse VNSC er shamne daray thakar?:P

    Ar jara daray tader to mone hoy malaysia jabar paisha hobena :P

  12. BRAVO shafi bhaia! VNSC er ishtudent er khipto kora chatti khani kotha na ;)

  13. Hello Rajputro! I'm Oliver from Belgium! Nice blog! Nice music! Come and see my blog! Thanks

  14. Lol Rajputro Vaiya Dhaka shohorer shob chele life-e akbar holeo VNSC-er shamne giye daray thakse(jodi tankifying na-o kore thake)...common amra ae jinish dekhe dekhe boro hoisi...akhon to admit korben-e na :(

  15. baah..amar choto bon ke ante jawatao dosh? :O

  16. see i was right...keno gechen sheta kotha na..u have been there...

    I WON :P

  17. Odbhut Meye,
    Ami dhaka shohorer emon chele chini je jiboneo VNSC er shamne darayni..

    Ar VNSC = Viquarunnesa School and College? Jodi tai hoy tahole ami nijeo daraini..

    Amar bon porto dhanmondi branch e jeta shudhui school..
    Kajei ami VNS er shamne dariyechi VNSC er shamne na.

  18. Hello Everybody,

    Well, I was in Viqarunnisa School and College too but I really Disagree guys stand up infront of our school and college...Its simply a bad rumour about our loving School and as A Viqqi we shouldn't speak like that...

    Samara ::

    Never mind, But as students of VNSC we shouldn't tell this kind of stupid things in blogs....U know Shafi Bhaia's blog read worldwide and many people browse here....So before telling any info like this u should think a while...Please don't take it otherway...But its really false that guys stood up infront of our loving campus...I had been in VNSC from 1990~2002...and I was an active student too....Our administration is so strict about all this....and I never see any guy ever could dare to stand in our campus without any reason....Our Caretakers & Gatekeepers always aware about all this...And probably u might be not know but there's always few people who observe the school innnerly & outterly all the time so that none can do this kind of stupid acts... As I was House captain of VNSC I also often had this responsibility to query this things and inform authority....

    One thing I want to mention too....when classes end then Main gate open for 30 minutes or like that but Our gatekeepers always observe whether there's any unwanted person enter in our campus or not....and Shafi Bhaia right most of the guys went there are parents/relatives/grardgians...

    So please my request, its not pride that guys stood up infront of ur school please don't speak like this kind of stupid things in places like Shafi bhaia's blog...:)

    Sorry Samara I may speek a lot...but sweetie never mind...I really don't like this kind of rumour about my loving school & College...:)Hope u understand me and my views...:)

    take care...:)

    And Shafi Bhaia sorry for making my comment too big...takecare..BYE BYE..:)



  19. sikkhoniyo bisoy 1: pothik nobi thik e bole."dese valobasha nai"
    valobasa ase koi? malayasia te...

    sikkhoniyo bisoy 2: chena bamuner poite lage na..sei karone deser mansuh dese vat pae na.. pae koi? malayasia te..oikhaner lok to ar bamun chene na...

    sikkhoniyo bisoy 3: purush hase..nari hasae..purush kade..nari kadae...purush dariye thake vnsc er samne... vnsc nari dar koray rakhe tader vnsc er samne..

    cholo cholo sabai malayasia cholo...hahhahahaha

  20. ronju bhai,
    Prothom prem ta kintu deshei hoyeche..kajei pothik nobi thik bolenai.."deshei bhalobasha ache..tobe khuje nite hobe" :P

    Aar vnsc er shamne darano niye no comment :P (apnare abar ke daar koray rakhlo??? Odbhut meyeta apnar comment pore khushi hobe :P)

  21. ji na
    kono meyer akhno oto boro durvaggo hoe nai je amake dar korae rakbe...abar versity te ak meye darate bolsilo star kabab er samne..amar nijer jonno o note niye aschilo...amia aschilam 2 ghonta por..oi meye chole gesilo

  22. aha..bechari meyetake eto koshto dilen!!

  23. Fuck! I thought it's a bangladeshi sex story.

  24. Heh heh a good one. Life is full of suprises eh? I do like the way the story was told with the x y z's ..

  25. I've never met Bangladeshi women so can't tell anything against them. I know two or three guys form Bangladesh related to me by work. Well, they have something in thier eyes (a spark?) They also make a warm sensitive handshake %-) All these factors define them as flammable, if so they are dangerous. Everyone knows that dangerous things give a good doze of adrenaline to your blood making you excited.

    I think that is the catch.

  26. what a story!!!!!!!!!!ha..ha thanks vaiya..
    im kishor from bd...
    HSC student

  27. Thanks sonia.

    Hello kishore, thanks for visiting. Study hard. It's crunch time.

    Selena, thanks for visiting and sharing :)

  28. Strange story, I wish you could blog out something more interesting.

  29. Story r cheye amar kachhe VNC r kahini beshi moja lagse. :P VNC r maiya ra je ki mone kore nijeke..

  30. Eishob vhua golpo lekhar kono mane ase?amra jara Kualalumpor e asi tara jani original khabor.ekhanker tamil Indian ra bnagladeshider no 1 enemy.Ora conspiracy kore Ministry ke die oishob ojhuhate bangladeshi khedao andolon shuru korsilo.Bangladeshi ra Tamil der enemy coz oder half price a kaj kore Bangladeshira.Plz don't write something that is not real.Ami eikhane Govt univ e portesi 2.5 yrs almost.Amar experience+Boro bhaider experiance theke eituku bolte pari jay Malaysianra amader khuboy grhina kore coz amra gorib,amader govt Durnitybaj.Ekhane onek foreigner bie korse tader shonkha Bangladeshider theke onek Beshi koi tader kotha to bola hoina!!!!???bangladeshider chun theke pan khoshley Newspaper heading,Tv heading.We should think about it.Please don't confuse other people by giving such false information.By the way Malaysian girls are very Materialistic they only wanna know you have money or not other things are not Important.Thank you all

  31. Now one white girl can be added... *blush*

  32. I am a bangladeshi gay guy who after dating white men for ages now longs for a bangladeshi husband. I know Punjabi men are dashing but I will take a sweet bangladeshi man any day. I guess my fisrt love at school was a bangladesi guy and I still remember the deep passion I felt for him. IMHO bangali men have a sex appeal which they are not aware of. I guess thats why they are so sexy. Funny enough I dont feel the same deep attraction to other indian's as I do for a bangali men. Why is it so difficult to find a bangali gay guy?

  33. Bangladeshi men are sexy--no if, and or buts.

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