Feb 4, 2006

Bangladeshi Blogger's meet

Today we, Bangladeshi bloggers spent a wonderful evening at Maqsood bhai’s house who co-hosted the meet with Rezwan bhai, Rifat and Subhan bhai who unfortunately missed to attend today.

The gathering started at 4.00 PM BST but due to classes I along with khaled was among the late arrivers. But thanks to atunu and his friend (sorry I forgot his name) and also Nazzina apu as they followed us. Anyway the location as guided by rezwan bhai was just too easy. So after we arrived there and guess what greeted by the great Mac bhai with “garam singaras”. But it seemed to me that we missed quite a bit of Adda. After that we started introducing ourselves. Starting from me each of us introduced ourselves. It seemed a bit funny but all of us have known each other for a long time just by their blogs and now we met them with flesh and bone. By the way I missed the pastry part. As it was Rezwan bhai’s birthday too so there were delicious pastrys also for us. So you can already understand how much you those who didn’t attend have missed! But I’ve to say that I’ve not finished yet. Because dinner was served with polau, chicken and delicious salad later.

Anyway I am not a very good descriptor and due to classes from 8 to 4.30 I am very tired too. I hope you’ll get some more interesting description by tomorrow. I’ll attach here some pics of us. I took those so you won’t find me here. Enjoy the pictures. By the all the picture descriptions are from left. And sorry to Atunu, his friend and Nazzina apu because I snapped before you came.

Khaled and Mac bhai
Mac bhai, Munshi bhai and Hasan
Hasan, Arild, Misho
The photographer, Journalist (I forgot their names too) and Rezwanul bhai

Yawar, Zico (sleeping???), Hasin bhai, Rifat

Update: You can also check rezwan bhai's post, wamy bhai's post and hasin bhai's pics.