Feb 27, 2006

Holud Himu Kalo RAB

Humayun Ahmed's new novel ' Holud himu kalo RAB ' has created quite a controversy between critics and people, as he wrote about RAB (rapid action batellion) and cticised their killing by crossfire quite openly. Their's a rumour that this book could be banned. And as you know it's now selling like a hotcake. Yesterday I went to nilkhet and saw a copy and when I asked the price the salesman told me it's gonna cost 120Tk (actual price 75-80Taka) as the book's not available now.

But you don't need to worry about it. Because bangladeshi blogger raquib rony has posted links of the audio clips of the book which is probably by Joyonto chottyopaddhoy. So all you need is just to download them and listen.

Download them from here. Have fun.

By the way talking about himu, I forgot to tell you that you can help another Himu aka Mahbub Al Azad by providing your experiences about power failure for his research purpose. Click here to know more.

Feb 25, 2006

Learn spelling, google.

I was creating an entry yesterday on a group blog. So I need to go through a series of formalities before posting. One of these was spell checking where I found something very interesting. As you all know that blogspot or blogger.com is owned by Google. But the funny thing is the spell checker here don't have the words 'blog' , 'google' in it's database yet. And as a result of this it identifies these as spelling mistakes. It even identifies 'blogger' as misspelled. So i checked in Dictionary.com and find these words are there too. You can check these words i.e. google , blog , blogger by clicking on them. I am attaching the images below so that you can have a look at them..

(click the images for bigger and better view.)

Feb 24, 2006

Bird Flu

Bird flu has become a very dangerous threat among countries. Already two persons are found in India with the avian flu virus. In Egypt the Cairo zoo has been closed to prevent spreading of the flu. In India people already stopped taking chicken. As a result the firm owners fell into grave danger. I read in newspapers that in west Bengal chicken is sold 20 taka per kg. For Bangladesh I think we should be very cautious because it hasn't yet entered in our country.

Poultry business has been a big part of our youth development program. So we cannot let this virus spread in our country. If proper security measures are taken I think we should be able to stop this. Here is an interesting site with lots of information about bird flu. Check this out. Also I am attaching two funny cartoons about bird flu. Hope you'll like it. ..

Point to be noted, the terrorist has beard
Before vs After

Feb 23, 2006

Google Page Creator

Google has launched a new service called google page creator which enables it's users to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes and ofcourse for free. After MSN space and Yahoo 360 google joined the fight with google pages. I'vent experienced it yet. Because it's in Beta now and has limited users. Someone having a Gmail account can use this service. It's features are :

* No technical knowledge required. Because it uses WYSIWYG technology,

* What you see is what you'll get. Edit your pages right in your browser, seeing exactly how your finished product will look every step along the way.

* You don't need to worry about hosting. Because pages will live on their own site at http://yourgmailusername.googlepages.com

Click here to know more about Google page creator.

Click here to use google page creator.

And here are some screen shots.

All thanks should go to Atunu who at first let me know about this over mail.

Feb 22, 2006

That completes the Asia count

Finally the tigers hunted down the lankans. Well the match has just finished and I am excited like hell, goosebumps all over my body and shaky hands that are typing and also watching the celebration of the tigers. Well that completes Bangladesh's winning over all asian countries that plays cricket. It also increases our world champion hunting tally. Now among the world champs only west Indies are left to be beaten (we've almost got them in our only west Indies tour if you can recall, but Bradshaw spoiled that moment and saved his country.)

You've all known about the famous victories over Pakistan and India and now today it's the lankans. But this win has some similarities with the most famous win against Australia last year. I figured that in both the cases,

a) Bangladesh bowled first.

b) Ashraful and Habibul made a crucial partnership and was cruising smoothly along the winning coast but both threw out their wickets which made the game 50-50 for both the team.

c) Aftab ahmed was at the crease when the winning run was taken. And also both match had the luck to see a glorious I repeat GLORIOUS six by him.

d) No one could ever imagine that Bangladesh could win. Firstly it was Australia, the champions and the bearer of "Professionalism" in cricket. And secondly it's shrilling who thrashed (literally) Bangladesh in almost all the matches they've played against us. (Can you believe that the best result was losing by 5 wickets??)

e) Atahar Ali khan, 'The voice of Bangladesh' was on the commentary box on both the cases.

f) If only Alok wouldn't get himself out then I can add that in both cases we won by 5 wickets.

g) The superstitious me also didn't change his seat until Bangladesh secured victory as he watched Bangladesh playing well.

P.S. : I started to write this blog just after Bangladesh won but my internet connection went out. After that when it came back my electricity went out. Next electricity came back but left the internet behind. And finally again electricity went out and now both are back. This hide and seek really tested my nerves..So I'll finish now with a few pictures and the scorecard which I got from Cricinfo.

You made us proud.
They made it possible.
The future stars will rise from us..

Now here's the scorecard of today's match,

ODI # 2336
Sri Lanka in Bangladesh, 2005-06, 2nd One-Day International
Bangladesh v Sri Lanka
Shaheed Chandu Stadium, Bogra
22 February 2006 (50-over match)

Result: Bangladesh won by 4 wickets
Series: 3-ODI series level 1-1

Toss: Bangladesh
Umpires: K Hariharan (Ind) and Mahbubur Rahman
TV Umpire: Nadir Shah
Match Referee: AG Hurst (Aus)
Man of the Match: Aftab Ahmed

Sri Lanka innings (49 overs maximum) R M B 4 6
J Mubarak c Khaled Mashud b Syed Rasel 2 14 13 0 0
ST Jayasuriya lbw b Mohammad Rafique 96 184 110 8 1
+KC Sangakkara c Khaled Mashud b Syed Rasel 23 78 54 1 0
*DPMD Jayawardene c Habibul Bashar b Mohammad Rafique 5 17 11 0 0
CK Kapugedera c Khaled Mashud b Alok Kapali 13 34 26 1 0
TM Dilshan c & b Alok Kapali 3 7 6 0 0
KHRK Fernando lbw b Aftab Ahmed 3 9 13 0 0
MF Maharoof c Habibul Bashar b Mashrafe Mortaza 21 42 26 0 1
CM Bandara run out (Syed Rasel) 18 29 22 2 0
CRD Fernando c Mohammad Ashraful b Nazmul Hossain 13 17 11 1 1
PDRL Perera not out 4 8 4 0 0
Extras (b 1, w 8, nb 2) 11
Total (all out, 49 overs) 212

FoW: 1-5 (Mubarak, 3.1 ov), 2-72 (Sangakkara, 19.4 ov),
3-87 (Jayawardene, 22.6 ov), 4-116 (Kapugedera, 30.6 ov),
5-122 (Dilshan, 32.4 ov), 6-132 (KHRK Fernando, 35.6 ov),
7-168 (Jayasuriya, 40.6 ov), 8-187 (Maharoof, 45.6 ov),
9-196 (Bandara, 47.2 ov), 10-212 (CRD Fernando, 48.6 ov).

Bowling O M R W
Mashrafe Mortaza 10 2 31 1 (2w)
Syed Rasel 10 2 28 2 (1nb, 1w)
Nazmul Hossain 7 0 59 1 (1nb, 2w)
Mohammad Rafique 10 0 40 2 (2w)
Alok Kapali 6 0 29 2
Aftab Ahmed 6 0 24 1 (1w)

Bangladesh innings (target: 213 runs from 49 overs) R M B 4 6
Javed Omar lbw b Bandara 40 104 66 8 0
Shahriar Nafees c Sangakkara b CRD Fernando 17 36 23 4 0
Rajin Saleh lbw b Maharoof 6 22 13 1 0
Mohammad Ashraful c Bandara b KHRK Fernando 51 109 71 4 0
*Habibul Bashar c Kapugedera b Jayasuriya 33 60 61 2 0
Aftab Ahmed not out 32 44 21 2 1
Alok Kapali c KHRK Fernando b CRD Fernando 18 34 23 2 0
+Khaled Mashud not out 2 6 11 0 0
Extras (lb 1, w 6, nb 7) 14
Total (6 wickets, 47 overs) 213

DNB: Mashrafe Mortaza, Mohammad Rafique, Syed Rasel.

FoW: 1-38 (Shahriar Nafees, 7.3 ov), 2-45 (Rajin Saleh, 11.3 ov),
3-91 (Javed Omar, 20.5 ov), 4-154 (Habibul Bashar, 37.5 ov),
5-155 (Mohammad Ashraful, 38.2 ov), 6-206 (Alok Kapali, 45.1 ov).

Bowling O M R W
Perera 7 1 30 0 (2w)
Maharoof 9 0 38 1 (1nb, 2w)
CRD Fernando 8 0 48 2 (6nb, 1w)
Bandara 8 0 42 1
Jayasuriya 9 0 36 1
KHRK Fernando 6 0 18 1

Sri Lanka full substitute: WU Tharanga (unused).

Bangladesh full substitute: Rajin Saleh
(Nazmul Hossain, Bangladesh innings, 7.3 ov).

Live Scorecards from Cricinfo - www.cricinfo.com

Feb 21, 2006

The Animal Planet

We have a little animal planet of our own in our living room. Well I can rather call it a stable. It started when Amma saw a really decorative elephant in one of abba's friend's house. She really fell for it and had developed a keen desire to have a piece like it.

After enquiring about it we came to know that it's available in Mongla, Khulna. Abba was posted to Norail at that time. So it was quite easy for him to go to khulna that time as his superiors had offices there. But when he brought an elephant for her from there, she wasn't too happy with it. So we had to expand our search for that typical elephant.

But any how the news of our quest for elephants leaked out and all of a sudden all our relatives started sending us decorative animals as gifts on occasions like birthdays or marriage anniversary of abba and amma. At the same time we also continue buying them. As a result of it we had quite a big collection of them. Enjoy the pictures of them as I attached them below. The clock aka owl was the latest addition to the family and amma bought it last year. Aren't they beautiful?
(Click on the pictures to have a bigger and obviously better view)

The green one is the special one, from Mongla.

Feb 19, 2006

Living in a jungle!

Today while we groupmates were implementing our 4-bit ALU design and talking about almost everything on the earth suddenly the topic of Dr. Taher's murder popped out. One of our friend and groupmate who's father, mother and also elder sister is a teacher at Rajshahi university (he's going to be a teacher also but of BUET) was suddenly asked whether he knew Dr. Taher who was brutally murdered by his colleague and also a former student. My friend became pale and his reactions told us that he did. But we didnt talk more about that issue because we knew that there's nothing going to happen to the killer.

It's bangladesh and people who's screaming now will eventually forget it because something more shocking or brutal would arise and we all will start jumping on that new thing and surely forget after some days either. We are getting used to of these. Like just after I've got admitted in BUET, a student , Sony got killed by gunshots. We protested, we screamed, we made processions. But what happened? Some of us got beaten by the pollice, a few of us got arrested and some got the 'show cause' notice from the authority. And then we forgot. The pollice forgot(Because the killer is blessed by the ruling party). And everyone just forgot.

It was the students who asked that the only resident hall for female students which has no name and mentioned as "Chatri hall" could be named after "Sabekunnahar sony" so that she'll be remembered. But it didn't happen as well. So I can easily predict about Dr. taher's case. We'll forget about him after a month or two. And after exactly one year of his death some newspapers would bring his story on the last page - "Dr. Taher's murder, still unpunished..." and that's how it's going....

Related links:

1.Reactions from the neighbourhood : part 1, part 2.

2.Rezwan bhai's reactions.

3. BBC and The Daily star's reports.

Feb 14, 2006

Ultra-low cost mobile phones a hit

Sales of a pair of ultra-low cost mobile phones aimed at poor nations have exceeded expectations since their launch at the beginning of the year, prompting the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Association (GSMA) to extend the program that led to their creation.

Mobile phone operators in emerging market nations such as Bangladesh, China, India and Russia have already bought or ordered more than 12 million mobile phones under the Emerging Market Handset program, the GSMA said in a statement Monday.

The handsets are aimed at the roughly 1 billion people in developing countries around the world who lack the money to purchase conventional mobile phones. GSMA launched the Emerging Market Handset program to entice companies to create a sub-$30 handset, despite the low margins they would likely gain from sales. As part of the competition, a group of 10 operators in developing countries had agreed to buy 6 million of the winning mobile phone model.

Motorola won the competition with two handsets, the C113 and C113a, which went on sale at the beginning of this year.

C113 and C113a

"This program is a great success. Together with the GSMA and our mobile operator partners, we are enabling over 31,000 new consumers to experience mobile connectivity every single day,” said Ron Garriques, president of Motorola (Profile, Products, Articles) Mobile Devices, in a statement.

Strong demand for the handsets prompted the GSMA to extend its endorsement of Motorola as the Emerging Market handset vendor for an additional six months, representing the entire second half of this year.

The GSMA has also established a program to share access to mobile phones for the many people who can't afford even an ultra-low cost one such as the Motorola designs. The GSMA's Development Fund is aimed at projects increase the use of shared access handsets in the developing world.

For example, the South African company Sharedphone uses the ultra-low cost Motorola handsets as a mobile payphone to offer people a chance to make a call or send a text message, GSMA said.

Motorola and the mobile phone operators participating in the program are contributing $0.50 to the Development Fund for every handset sold under the Emerging Market Handset program. The GSMA's goal is to give 80 percent of the world's population access to mobile communications by 2010 even if they don't all own a handset, the association said.

I personally think that this is a huge achievement. Thus producing low cost mobile phone and connecting people with global communication can help them in many ways. I myself living in a country of third world , Bangladesh, have definitely experienced the advantage of expanding tele-concentration among peoples. Grameenphone's village phone program among rural women to change their fate has been a huge success(revenue growth of BDT 2,070 million at the end of 2003. 1$=70BDT ) . Again the use of these low cost motorola sets have helped banglalink, another gsm operator in Bangladesh, to become the fastest growing operator in the world. And all of these has become possible because of these cheap sets. I hope they'll become cheaper and thus the countrymen will benefit from being updated and communicated from the most distant places of the country.

Long time no see!

Well it's been long since I updated my blog last. But I was helpless. This term has been killing me. I mean this is only the third week but the pain feels like one of the last weeks. I had so many ideas to put on my blog but didn't have that much time to spend with those. Thanks to Bangladesh Awami league as they've imposed another unnecessary (to me it's the most necessary) hortal upon us and grant me a day's un-official leave.

By the way today I'm going to introduce you people with Zehn, who's the only son of my cousin Yafi. He's now 1 year and a month old and already became quite a character. He's a great fan of me and his another uncle Kafi. But whenever he sees kafi around, he literally forgets every other things or persons of the world. And it's the probably the toughest job to take him away from Kafi's lap. Well to admit the truth I tried. But the result? look into the image (thanks to my new sony ericsson k-700i phone).

Give me my chacchu back!!!!

Another interesting thing's when Zehn coddles. He makes kind of a tune then. Well if it's a song or not I'm not too sure. I am attaching it here. So it's your turn to decide..

Click to play or download the file and then listen. (alternative download.)

Now the things that kept me busy for the last few days are :

a) 3 quizes i.e. Interfacing, Digital System Design and Software analysis , design and development.
b) Requirement analysis in PDB.
c) a presentation on software design project's requirement analysis.
d) ALU design.
e) a viva on the design of the ALU design.
f) Thesis topic, Vertex mapping algorithm study.
g) Celebrating Imran bhai's wedding ceremony.
h) Hell!! do you want more???

Now it's time for a few links for your pleasure. Enjoy them..

i) Imran bhai's wedding pictures.
ii) My poem republished in my bangla blog.
iii)A worried neighbourhood.
iv)Mukhfor's poem (in Bangla).

Feb 9, 2006

Young tigers continue hunting...

For the first time bangladesh u-19 team has reached quarter final of the u-19 world cup cricket in Srilanka. But it didnt come to me as a surprise. From the very beginning of this tournament bangladesh has been labeled as a favourite. And so far they have produced similar displays in their performance. You'll be amazed to know that they have lost only 3 times in their last 19 matches. They've beaten England 5 times, Srilanka 2 times, defending champion Pakistan twice , Newzealand , Zimbabwe and South Africa in their last 16 matches. The rests among the last 16 wins are minows. Ofcourse all teams look like minows when tigers are in full form.

Bangladesh has always produced solid performance previously in other u-19 world cups. They've won plate championship once beating australia and west indies. But there were always complain about one or two player's age in the team (like al-shahriar rokon who had been playing in u-19 team for 4/5 years). But for the current team no one can raise a finger. Because to ensure the age limit Bangladesh Cricket Board has taken bone tests from Apollo hospital dhaka.

The team with the big grin.

Bangladesh and we bangladeshis have surely never seen so much consistency by any bangladeshi team ever before. So lets hope that the little tigers will continue their hunting habit and became the champion of the tournament and make us proud once again.

Feb 8, 2006

An interesting read

I just found this article by robert fisk, a reporter for The Independent and
author of Pity the Nation. It's about those dannish cartoons.

" In any event, it's not about whether the Prophet should be pictured. The Koran does not forbid images of the Prophet even though millions of Muslims do. The problem is that these cartoons portrayed Mohamed as a bin Laden-type image of violence. They portrayed Islam as a violent religion. It is not. Or do we want to make it so?"

I couldn't agree anymore. Islam has always been treated as a religion of terrorists. Whenever there's an attack or incident the finger always points towards it first. Why are we always concerned about who the terrorists are or what's their religion other than why they are terrorists! Because other than this realization it's never possible to evict terroirsm.

Any way I've gone far from the original topic. Read the Rober Fisk article here.

N.B. : This term has already started to exhaust me. It's taking all the time and already teasing my patience. That's why update of this blog becomes quite irregular. I wonder what would I do on the last few weeks? Perhaps standing on a traffic Island would be a better choice.

Feb 5, 2006

MacGyver Returns

Who doesn't love Macgyver? Someone who has seen his adventure will surely remember him for long. Our favourite action hero once again escapes from thugs, burning buildings and other "seems to be impossible" facts with as usual everyday items found in pockets.
Watch his new adventure MacGyver Returns - A Narrow Escape

Feb 4, 2006

Bangladeshi Blogger's meet

Today we, Bangladeshi bloggers spent a wonderful evening at Maqsood bhai’s house who co-hosted the meet with Rezwan bhai, Rifat and Subhan bhai who unfortunately missed to attend today.

The gathering started at 4.00 PM BST but due to classes I along with khaled was among the late arrivers. But thanks to atunu and his friend (sorry I forgot his name) and also Nazzina apu as they followed us. Anyway the location as guided by rezwan bhai was just too easy. So after we arrived there and guess what greeted by the great Mac bhai with “garam singaras”. But it seemed to me that we missed quite a bit of Adda. After that we started introducing ourselves. Starting from me each of us introduced ourselves. It seemed a bit funny but all of us have known each other for a long time just by their blogs and now we met them with flesh and bone. By the way I missed the pastry part. As it was Rezwan bhai’s birthday too so there were delicious pastrys also for us. So you can already understand how much you those who didn’t attend have missed! But I’ve to say that I’ve not finished yet. Because dinner was served with polau, chicken and delicious salad later.

Anyway I am not a very good descriptor and due to classes from 8 to 4.30 I am very tired too. I hope you’ll get some more interesting description by tomorrow. I’ll attach here some pics of us. I took those so you won’t find me here. Enjoy the pictures. By the all the picture descriptions are from left. And sorry to Atunu, his friend and Nazzina apu because I snapped before you came.

Khaled and Mac bhai
Mac bhai, Munshi bhai and Hasan
Hasan, Arild, Misho
The photographer, Journalist (I forgot their names too) and Rezwanul bhai

Yawar, Zico (sleeping???), Hasin bhai, Rifat

Update: You can also check rezwan bhai's post, wamy bhai's post and hasin bhai's pics.

Feb 3, 2006

Windows Live Messenger 8.0

Windows Live Messenger 8.0 is the new version of MSN Messenger. The next version won't be titled 'MSN Messenger', but 'Windows Live Messenger'. The name has been changed because Microsoft is going to split MSN (Microsoft Network) into MSN and Windows Live. A new name doesn't mean that the program will be entirely different though. You'll see all the old features you know from MSN Messenger in Windows Live Messenger, and of course some new ones!

You can check the new features from shaon's blog.

But it's still a invite only service like google's Gmail. That means you need an invitation to use this live messenger. But you can have invite from Shaon. So far he's willing to offer 5 invites. Otherwise you can have invite from here or you can go here and sign up for windows live messenger beta. I'vent used it but anyone who's been using it can share your experience by commenting here. So that we can know about this new microsoft product.

Feb 2, 2006

আমার আকাশ

It was the evening of 4th january 2006. I exactly cant remember why but I went to veranda probably to attend someone who buzzed our calling bell. But then suddenly I noticed the sky. It was different. The sky was clear everywhere except a thin line of cloud. So I went to my rooftop with my camera and snapped the moment. Here it is for you.

I think some aeroplane just crossed the sky and created such effect.What do u think?

Feb 1, 2006

Yahoo honours the best of the web

Woodland Grange Primary School beat off stiff opposition from a Nasa site dedicated to the Mars Rover Mission to win in the educational category.

The pupils received the news that they had won at morning assembly.

They are no strangers to awards. The site has been recognised in the past for the depth of material and resources on the site as well as acting as a showcase for the school work of the children.

Winner of the Best Celebrity Website was a blog set up by Julian Segal, who agreed to meet 100 celebrities from a list of 500 drawn up by his friend as part of a bet.

So far he has met around 50 of the celebrities listed - including the BBC's former political editor Andrew Marr, Chris Martin, lead singer of the band ColdPlay and Sir Patrick Moore.

He has just two weeks to go to meet the rest or face a series of forfeits.

The winners are:

Best Community Website – Treasure My Text

Best Educational Website – Woodland Grange Primary School

Best Entertainment Website – Liveplasma

Best Innovative Website – Net Disaster

Best TV Website – Derren Brown

Best Travel Website – Transport for London

Best Weird and Wonderful Website – The Cloud Appreciation Society

Best Celebrity Website – Greeting the 500

An overall winner from the eight categories will be chosen on 2 February in the People's Choice Award. Those interested in voting can log on to Yahoo's Finds of the Year website to select their favourite out of the all the websites short listed.