Jan 4, 2006

More songs from close up 1 to download

It's been quite long 3/4 days since I posted last. It's all because I'm too busy spending my long awaited vacation. But I was quite surprised to see lots of people visiting my site which was cool. In fact I should thank nolok babu because from my referrer I came to know that lots of people came from google by using nolok babu as search string just to download the mp3s which I uploaded in my previous posts.

So here I am once again with some more mp3 songs from close up 1 so that you can download them which includes songs from nolok babu , beauty , razib and sonia . Have fun.

You can have some more mp3s here and also here. Below are some more mp3s for you to download :

Moushumi Kare Bhalobasho - Razib Download

Maago Vabna Keno - Nolok Download

Amar Mon Matano - Beauty Download

Bhalo Lagey Josna Raate - Beauty Download

Gram Post Office - Razib Download

Keno Ei Nishongota - NoLoK Download

Holudia Pakhi - Beauty Download

O Gaurial Bhai - Soniya Download

Thanks to Adnan.

1 comment :

  1. oh Rajputro, excellent. Thanks a lot, I got the Close-up song from here. Great thing u have done.

    Anyway if I get "Amar Gaye joto dukhkho soi.." sang by Nolok Babu, I will be so pleased with u.

    Thnx again.