Jan 24, 2006

Confusion about Abdur Rahman's arrest

From sunday it's been really a mistery whether indian pollice has arrested abdur rahman or not. Some sources said earlier that the pollice announced that the arrested person is JMB's head shayekh abdur rahman. But now news report says that the person arrested was too young (23 years old) to be abdur rahman. The arrested suspect initially gave his name as Shayek Abdur Rahman which was very confusing. I think the person himself is a JMB person who wants to cover up for abdur rahman, could be obaydur rahman who's very close person to abdur rahman and behind the bomb blast in chittagong. But what's the true fact is still unknown.

Bangladeshi government is trying to confirm the arrest of Shaikh abdur rahman. Foreign Minister M Morshed Khan while talking to reporters on Tuesday at his office said, "I had already contacted our mission in Kolkata for an official confirmation."

Morshed Khan said Bangladesh will take up the matter of Rahman with India immediately after the confirmation from Bangladeshi mission in India.

Dhaka will request New Delhi for extradition of Rahman as there is no extradition agreement between the two neighbors, Khan said. "Everything is possible bilaterally." He said he was optimistic New Delhi will return Afghan war veteran Abdur Rahman to Bangladesh.


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  2. hello Mr. Salam Dhaka... apnar dekhi lojja shorom jamaatider thekeo kom! mashallah! amar shudhu ektai request: before having a jamaat free zone, can we please have a idiot free zone here?

  3. Did you read the reuters news that the arrested person was indeed Abdur Rehman? You can visit Rezwanul's blog and see ...

  4. Yeap diganta i read them and Rezwan bhai has updated his blog. Besides i've linked my sources.
    Thank you