Jan 29, 2006


Skirt-chasing playboy Daniel Anceneaux spent weeks talking with a sensual woman on the Internet before arranging a romantic rendezvous at a remote beach -- and discovering that his on-line sweetie of six months was his own mother!

"I walked out on that dark beach thinking I was going to hook up with the girl of my dreams," the rattled bachelor later admitted. "And there she was, wearing white shorts and a pink tank top, just like she'd said she would.

"But when I got close, she turned around -- and we both got the shock of our lives. I mean, I didn't know what to say. All I could think was, 'Oh my God! it's Mama!' "

But the worst was yet to come. Just as the mortified mother and son realized the error of their ways, a patrolman passed by and cited them for visiting a restricted beach after dark.

"Danny and I were so flustered, we blurted out the whole story to the cop," recalled matronly mom Nicole, 52. "The policeman wrote a report, a local TV station got hold of it -- and the next thing we knew, our picture and our story was all over the 6 o'clock news. "People started pointing and laughing at us on the street -- and they haven't stopped laughing since."

The girl-crazy X-ray technician said he began flirting with normally straitlaced Nicole -- who lives six miles away in a Marseilles suburb -- while scouring the Internet for young ladies to put a little pizzazz in his life.

"Mom called herself Sweet Juliette and I called myself The Prince of Pleasure, and unfortunately, neither one of us had any idea who the other was," said flabbergasted Daniel.

"The conversations even got a little racy a couple of times.

"But I really started to fall for her, because there seemed to be a sensitive side that you don't see in many girls.

"She sent me poems she had written and told me about her dreams and desires, and it was really very romantic.

"The truth is, I got to see a side of my mom I'd never seen before. I'm grateful for that."

When starry-eyed Daniel asked Sweet Juliette to send him a picture, Nicole e-mailed him a photo of a curvy, half-clad cutie she'd scanned from a men's magazine.

"The girl in the picture was so beautiful, I begged Juliette to meet me on the beach -- and Mom said yes," he recalled. "Mom says she was falling for me, too, and she just wanted to meet me, even though she knew I'd be disappointed when I saw her.

"As for me, I figured I was going to find the girl of my dreams.

"I guess that's about as wrong as I've ever been."

Daniel admits he and his mother could do little but stammer and stutter around each other for days after their cyberspace exploits came to light. And his father Paul -- Nicole's husband of 27 years -- wasn't too happy when the story hit the news and his beer-drinking buddies made him the butt of their jokes.

"Dad was ticked for a while and he forbid Mom to talk to anybody on the Internet ever again," said embarrassed Daniel.


Update: I am sorry that it's just another hoax. Thanks to Ragib bhai for pointing this out.

Jan 27, 2006


Photo from postsecret.

I was just browsing and this picture caught my eye. Perhaps i found myself within it.

Good news for msn space users..

Congratulation MSN space users. This evening marks the launch of MSN Spaces 10.5, the first major Spaces upgrade since its original launch in December of 2004. Let's see what's new:

Picture description and comments: Have a picture that has a great story around it? Now you can add a description to your photos. Your viewers can now add comment to photos as well as blogs. So make sure to go to someone’s photo album and leave a comment on your favorite photo as well. They’ve also gotten rid of that pesky storage limit. You can now upload up to 500 PHOTOS A MONTH!

Live Contacts: A great way to make sure your family, friends, and business colleagues always have your current contact information. With active contacts, you chose what information you wish to share and who to share it with.

Spaces Search: Find Spaces based on keywords and interests

Create your own advertising: As mentioned earlier, Spaces 10.5 will allow you to place ads, powered by Kanoodle, on your Space to make money.But only to users from US, UK, Canada, Germany, France or Japan. Amazon integration is also tied in with your Book Lists. With Amazon.com if you sign up for an associates ID, whenever anyone buys a book from Amazon.com by linking through from your space, you get a portion of that.

Blogging becomes easier: You can now post entries from three different email addresses instead of just one. For those of you who like to keep your space clean, the space team have also included multiple check delete. No more going click, delete, click, delete, click, delete. Select all the ones you want to get rid of and click delete.EASY!

Xbox Integration: Spaces 10.5 allows you to add a Xbox Live GamerCard and Recently Played Games module to your space.

No more /members/: The days of typing that long url out are over. The new blog url's look like this: http://spaces.msn.com/rajputro. You can still use your old one and it will work, so no need to redo all of your links.

Expanded HTML Powertoy: People have been pleading for it, and it's finally here. The Spaces team has doubled the number of characters allowed in the HTML Powertoy.

These features are just the start. There are tons of new features, improvements, and bug fixes included in this release. Check out Mike Torres' blog and the official Spaces blog, The Space Craft for complete information on the release.

Opera launches Opera Mini

(Cross-posted in the 'CSE BUET blog')

Opera Releases 'Mini' Mobile Phone Browser, Opera Mini which supports virtually all Java-enabled cell phones and compresses Web pages by up to 80%, reformatting them for easy and fast browsing on mobile screens.

Opera said using the software will lead to significantly faster browsing and reduced phone bills for users who pay per kilobit of data traffic. Opera Mini's start page integrates a Google search box.

Opera will soon offer customized versions of Mini to mobile phone operators and handset manufacturers.

The browser is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish. More languages will be added in the coming months.


Jan 25, 2006


Rezwan bhai and Rifat have been trying to arrange the first ever blogger meet in Dhaka and doing the preliminary works since last November. The date is finalized, i.e. 4th of February Saturday. The main idea is to get to know each other well and discuss about blogs and blogging.

Any active Bangladeshi blogger can participate and non bloggers are not encouraged to join. The venue will be a restaurant in Banani, which will be informed via mail before the meet. The tentative timing will be 5PM-7PM evening.

There is no fixed agenda, but strictly no political rhetoric will be allowed. Techie bloggers can enlighten us with the new developments in internet and blogging. Others can share their personal experiences in blogging etc.

Please contact Rezwan bhai for additional infos. You can also contact me in that case i'll pass that information to him. Looking forward to see you there.

Jan 24, 2006

Confusion about Abdur Rahman's arrest

From sunday it's been really a mistery whether indian pollice has arrested abdur rahman or not. Some sources said earlier that the pollice announced that the arrested person is JMB's head shayekh abdur rahman. But now news report says that the person arrested was too young (23 years old) to be abdur rahman. The arrested suspect initially gave his name as Shayek Abdur Rahman which was very confusing. I think the person himself is a JMB person who wants to cover up for abdur rahman, could be obaydur rahman who's very close person to abdur rahman and behind the bomb blast in chittagong. But what's the true fact is still unknown.

Bangladeshi government is trying to confirm the arrest of Shaikh abdur rahman. Foreign Minister M Morshed Khan while talking to reporters on Tuesday at his office said, "I had already contacted our mission in Kolkata for an official confirmation."

Morshed Khan said Bangladesh will take up the matter of Rahman with India immediately after the confirmation from Bangladeshi mission in India.

Dhaka will request New Delhi for extradition of Rahman as there is no extradition agreement between the two neighbors, Khan said. "Everything is possible bilaterally." He said he was optimistic New Delhi will return Afghan war veteran Abdur Rahman to Bangladesh.

A joyous moment!

While I was watching todays exciting match between south africa vs srilanka a very interesting momemnt caught my attention. South africa was almost out of the match before andrew hall's superb over in which he took two wickets to make it an anyone's game situation. Then chamind vaas came to bat and shawn pollok got the ball. On the last delivery of the over vaas tried to send the ball out of the field but got himself caught out. In addition to this vaas and set batsman dilshan crossed half pitch so which made the new batsman to face the ball on the next over. Pollock was very happy to have vaas's wicket. He was so overwhelmed in joy that he celebrated his joy with the umpire Alim daar khan from Pakistan by hugging him.

The hug...
Alim Daar didn't mind at all..

Funny isn't it?

Jan 22, 2006

The 100th Post

Well, It's time for the 100th post. While writing the 50th post I was quite astonished with myself that Ie reached that landmark. But now while celebrating my 100th post, it doesn't surprise me. Because after the 50th post it was just a matter of time. And I've done it, alhamdulillah.

Let's start with some comparison between the 50th post and the 100th one...

It took 1 year and 135 days to compose my first 50 posts and amazingly the next 50 took only 83 days.

While the first 50 posts saw 2435 page loads the total page views now is 7721. So the total page views has increased by 117%. Thanks to the visitors.

Here are some facts about my blog...

On 8th November,2005 I started another regular post under the heading ‘My Playlist’ which is about the songs I'm currently listening and sharing the mp3s and their lyrics.

On November 11, 2005 I snapped some pictures of dhaka on the eve of SAARC summit which was a huge hit and were listed in Rezwanul Bhai's Blog, Global voice and another subcontinent.

On November 24, 2005 I posted my first blogger hack .

On January 08, 2006 I posted my first travelog narrating my mymensingh trip.

You can also find some more facts here

Now I'll pick some of my favourite posts while you can enjoy the 100th post celebration cake..
So I'll finish here with some of my favourite posts after the 50th post :

1. 5 in 1

2. My Birthday celebration .

3. 2005 review.

4. The close up 1 series i.e. : I , II , III

5. Dhaka pictures on SAARC.

You can also find some of my other favourites here

Jan 19, 2006

The million-dollar student

(Cross-posted in the 'CSE BUET blog')

Alex Tew, business management student in Nottingham University launched milliondollarhomepage.com which has made him more than one million dollars in four months.

So what's his secret? It was selling pixels, the dots which make up a computer screen, as advertising space, costing a dollar per dot. The minimum purchase was $100 for a 10x10 pixel square to hold the buyer's logo or design. Clicking on that space takes readers to the buyer's website.

With $999,000 banked so far, Alex recalls his thought process at the time. He says: "I wrote the title to spark the creativity and then wrote down the attributes the idea needed. It had to be simple to set up and understand.

Read the full story here.

Jan 18, 2006

5 in 1

How many times have you seen five generations in a single frame? I guess not many. But fortunately I have an experience to be a part of this five generation representing the fifth. Although this picture was snapped when I was very young but all the members of the photo you are seeing has actually lived till I was 15. Amazing huh? Ok here's the picture for you.

Ok now let me describe. The little one on the lap is me.The one standing on the right most side is my mother. She is the only one in colourful saree. Standing on the left most side is her mom i.e. my grandmom. On her (grandma's) right is her mother on whose lap i was sitting that is my great grand mother. And the one on her (great grand mom's ) right is her mother in law that is my great great grandmother.
Cool eh?

Jan 15, 2006

No more free!!

End of days for djuice, aktel joy and citicell's alap super users. Because BTRC (Bangladesh telephone regulatory commission) doesn't want to see your happy faces. It's actually stopping the free calls that made available by the above packages by their respective operators. The BTRC on January 10 in a letter asked all the five operators to discontinue free-call facilities as the regulator had received numerous complaints from guardians and others that the facilities were causing moral degradation and change in lifestyle among young people. According to report of intelligence agencies, a section of young people, taking advantage of this free-call service, indulge in different anti-social activities, the telecoms regulator in the letter said, urging the operators concerned to stop the service immediately.

Ok now here's the problem. The guardians can't control their children so they complained BTRC so they could force mobile operators to stop the free calls. I have a few suggestions for this "concerned" guardians. So that their children couldn't be spoiled. Here are those :

1. Don't let your child go to school. Because there s/he will mix with children of different mentalities and could easily be spoiled.

2. No tv ofcourse. Complain to Cultural ministry to stop all the tv channels because all the dramma serials are literrally influencing them to have a bit romance in life.Oops I forgot about daily soaps that you guardians enjoy. Sorry tv channels can't be banned then.

3. Don't let him go to the mosque to call his prayer. My god if the imam's brain washed or JMB brain washers could easily turn him into a suicide bomber!

4. No internet obviously. What on the earth could provide such easy access to all banned things other than the information gateway? Ask BTRC again. Stop internet and ban ISPs you fool!

5. Sorry I am currently out of stock. Because I'm very sleepy. But I am hopeful that you'll come up with something sooner or later. So keep thinking.. (Like BNP government didn't let the country to connect with the Information Super High way in 1992 because of the fear that important documents could easily be trafficed through it! And later in this term i.e. 2001-2006 they've definitely designed some ultra secure algorithms to protect those "important" documents and hence decided to connect the country with the submarine cable for an extra cost of some 41 crores $, {sorry that I don't know the exact amount!} and showing off everywhere about it.)


Jan 13, 2006

Eid Mubarak..

Hello everyone. Sorry that I couldn't update my blog for the last couple of days because my broadband connection was out of order. And as it was the EID day there's none on the ISP end to provide customer care. The problem was that the cable that came to my local server was stolen. Really this has been a great problem in Dhaka now a days. As a result of these sufferrings on the user end. But that's a different topic. Lets start with my EID celebration. Like every year me with my cousins, mama (uncle) and my father went to buy our cows in Gabtoli haat. This year Turyo, cousin of my mom and also a great friend of mine accompanies us. We baught 3 cows one for us, one for my uncle and another one's for my cousin's family. After that it's me and my cousin kaif's responsibility to escort the cows and bring them to our house after walking about 5-6 killometres. On the way back home, our cow almost escaped but I kept the string tied to it tight in my hand and won't let it go. After this incident I realized how strong I am! hahaha.. Any way the next day was Eid and as usual I spent it with my family. Amma cooked delicious foods and we all enjoyed them. Oh one funny incident occured when My Khalu who just came back from indonesia gave me a note of 100,000 as salami. I was speechless at first after seeing the amount. But it's quite normal because it's equivalent to 10$ hahaha. The day after eid was also cool. My friends enamul, shahan, saad and abir visited my house and we all watched the movie No entry together. That was fun. Any way i am not actually in the mood of writing now because I am watching the movie based on the story nondito noroke by humayun ahmed , one of my favourite books of all time. So Eid Mubarak every one once again. Enjoy your Eid. I have attached some pictures taken on the Eid day. Hope you'll love them..(***Update : I removed the slaughtering pictures from this post.***)

The biggest salami

Jan 9, 2006

On the eve of Eid Ul Azha..

Like every year's Eid ul Azha we went to survey the market before going to buy the animal to sacrifice on the Eid. Tonight we went out for that pupose. But this year I was amazed to see so many cows, bulls and goats. They've just overflowed the haats because all of them are full and now the 'bepari's are moving with their animals along the residential areas or tied them to road corners in search for customers. I've never seen such a huge amount of animals brought in to dhaka for sale.This year I thought there should be a crisis before EID because if you're living in Bangladesh then you must've known that heavy fog has covered the country so travelling at night has become quite impossible by ferries and boats. As a result a huge traffic has been trapped at Aricha ghat most of them are returning their homes to celebrate EID with their loved ones. Which also stopped the flow of animals coming to Dhaka. But still there are so many animals everywhere around dhaka!!

Well as I drove along the city I noticed large crowds here and there. I divided them into two catagories. One is obviously the floating haat and interested customers. And the other is the mass of people who will return home to celebrate EID. I felt sorry for the people who was waiting in front of the bus counters in this very cold weather with an anxious look in their faces. Because it's still uncertain wether they can return back to home on time.

Now finally I urge you to help the poor living around you if it's possible for you. Because look at this wether. We living in our houses can bear this with our heavy clothings and everything(like i am wearing a full sleeve sweater and a jacket and also have blanket all over my body) but think of them who living in a slum, in a hut with nothing to protect them from this cold breeze! Please help them. You don't need to think of the entire bangladeshi people all of who are suffering from this weather just help the ones who live around you or work around you and eligible to get the help. At least you can help one people. If we all in this way help someone , inshallah this collective effort will not go in vain. Now I'll finish with a picture of a cow which has a price tag of 50000 and still waiting to be sold. Have a nice Eid.

Jan 8, 2006

My trip to mymensingh..

I've spent a whole day in gafargaon, Mymensingh on the 30th december , 2005. It was a nice trip. My great grandfather i.e. father of my grandmother got more than 200 bighas of lands by exchanging his properties in India while partitioning. It was huge, like a kingdom to me who grew up in Dhaka. We started for Mymensingh at 8 am in the morning.

The journey was cool, as usual I enjoyed although I was not driving and that brought me to snap a very unusual scene. I mean how often do you see tanks and cars on the same road? Thanks to the army men who were returning from their winter trainning session.

Soon we entered into the village road which is not ofcourse smooth but as it's winter the road was quite ok without any mud. But suddenly I saw a brick field poluting as usual the enviroment. Everything around was so nice and the brick field was so unusual to see inside the village.After enquiring about it I came to know that it is owned by the rowna union parishad chairman. Well then we reached our destination the village rowna, under rowna union , gafargaon thana , mymensingh.

Now let me write something about our destination. As I've already mentioned that it's my great grandfather's property, we went to visit one of his son's agriculture project. My grandmother along all her sisters were deprieved of the property because their father won't believe about women's right or something like that. Even he was an educated man, a lawyer, he didn't send any of her daughter's to schools because of porda in Islam. But that didn't hamper my grandmother's keen willingness of learning who learned to read and write from her cousins by staying in the house and asking them again and again to teacher her something everytime she met them. Now she's a writer of 9 published books. But that's a different story. I'll write about my grandma later.

As we've reached we are greeted by the local people who were very friendly.At the yard there were three huge hay stocks , I who is 6feet 2.5 inches tall and a bit bulky also looked so small beside it! .

So if wanna be slim (the ultimate goal is to look slim right?) then dont go to the slimming points stand by these giants :P .
We i.e. me and my father then went to see their properties after having tea and some refreshments. I was looking for Khejurer Rosh (persimmon juice?) but unfortunately it was too late to have that drink. The properties were as u know 200 bighas, vast. The biggest pond was of 16 bighas and it's huge. It shouldn't be called a pond it's a dighi (sorry I don't know it's english but it's a pond which is huge, if you don't know bengali) . My grandma's brother who was statying there asked one of his man to catch fish as mehmans (guests) have arrived from city. The men were quite enthuasiastic but unfortunately the main net , according to them 'ghera jaal' was sent to get repaired. So they had to catch fish with hand net , according to them 'chora jaal '. Before starting they told me that fishing with such type of net doesn't have a good success rate. Because as the net is thrown fish could easily flew beneath it.

But as you know every selfless good deed always has good rewards. Fishing was initiated because of me who don't eat fish, so I can consider it as a selfless good work and guess what! Two big fishes were caught by the hand net one of which later used for my father and grandfather's tasting pleasure.

Soon it's Jumma time and we went for Jummah prayer. So I didn't take my camera with me and I regretted for that. On the way I saw a very beautiful and colourful kingfisher , which I missed to snap. Next after praying when we returned to home it's lunch time. And when I say lunch time , it's lunch time for everyone.

Finally it's time to return home. The experiences I had spending my day there was quite amazing. The time had literally stopped there and the environment was superb. While returning home I drove all the way so no chance for me to notice anything interesting on the road. I'll complete now with a few more pics of the site. Enjoy... You can check all my photos ofcourse here.

Jan 7, 2006

What's around : January 07 , 2006

SalamDhaka questions about the net worth of Tareq Zia.

Niraj narrates the story of Chittagong port naming it a den of theieves.

Peace corp volunteer Joe Coyle's experience about Bangladesh's arrange marriage culture.

"Did the CIA give the Iranians blueprints to build a bomb?" , a wonderful read.

Wamy snapped this wonderful photo from Sherpur.

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Jan 6, 2006

SSS wins the Access to Learning Award-2005 of Gates Foundation

Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha, a Bangladesh organization, received the 2005 Access to Learning Award for its innovative use of boats to deliver education and technology to isolated communities in flood-prone regions.

Efforts to provide education to the vast majority of people living in rural areas have been stymied by a number of problems, especially poor communication and lack of access to information resources. Nowhere is the problem more acute than in the remote areas of northern Bangladesh. And the problem is exacerbated during the monsoon season—which lasts three to four months—when people remain virtually cut off because of flooded roads.

Since 2002 the plight of a large number of people in the Nandakuja-Atrai-Boral watershed area in north Bengal is being addressed thanks to an innovative boat-based library and education program launched by a local nongovernmental organization.

“If the students cannot come to the school because of poor communication then the school should come to them,” said Abul Hasanat Mohammed Rezwan, executive director of Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha, which received the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Access to Learning Award in 2005.

The program, which served about 86,500 families in 2004, covers a radius of 240 kilometers of rivers, streams, and wetlands in northern Bangladesh. The integrated program, which includes a boat library, boat school, and mobile Internet boat unit equipped with computers, mobile phones, multimedia projectors, books, and other information resources, has raised hopes in Singra and adjoining areas.

“Seeing a computer, let alone touching it, was beyond our wildest imagination,” said Abdul Azad, a farmer, flashing a big grin that exposed his betel-stained teeth. Sitting under a mango tree in Kalinagar, a village of 4,500 people, he described the boat program as a godsend because it provides access to agricultural information, including pest management and commodity prices.

Targeting isolated river basin farming communities, the program is using information technology to improve living conditions in this extremely poor country. Mobile Internet-Educational units and libraries placed on boats navigate the Bangladeshi river network delivering information and training to people who are forced to live on and cultivate flood-prone land. The computers with Internet are run by solar systems and fuel-efficient generators as the project area has no electricity. According to official statistics, less than 30 percent of the Bangladesh population has access to electricity.

The area is deeply conservative, which means that many parents are reluctant to send their daughters to schools far away from their homes. Through the boat program, girls now can attend school because their parents and guardians can still keep an eye on them.

Seventy percent of the users of the boat program are women. Since they account for half the population in Bangladesh, “there’s no way we can move forward without empowering our womenfolk,” said Rezwan.

On a recent hot, humid day in July, a group of women were attending classes, taking computer lessons, and learning about modern farming and fishing techniques that emphasizes shunning pesticides in order to protect the environment.

Nazma Begum, a mother of two, proudly describes how she has benefited from the program. “I’ve been able to double my yield of eggplants and leafy vegetables in my small backyard,” she exclaimed.

She and others have learned new techniques from Dr. Samajit Pal, an agricultural scientist, who works for the government and volunteers for Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha. Dr. Pal travels about 70 kilometers to the project site every other month. Increasingly, he now addresses many of the farmers’ problems through email, which he receives through the boat Internet unit.

Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha plans to use the Access to Learning Award funds to double the existing fleet of 12 boat libraries to address the rising demand in the project area and beyond. The emphasis will be on increasing the number of computers, ensuring a reliable power supply, and providing training for staff.

I hope they will continue enlightening rural bangladesh and help producing a literate and technologically developed population. Hats off to them.

Source. You can also see the slideshow here.

Sixth annual weblog awards

Nominations for The 2006 Bloggies have opened. Only weblogs that existed during a period of time in 2005 can be nominated in this award and talking about weblogs which is defined as a page with dated entries. From now until 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) on Tuesday, January 10, 2005, anyone can nominate their favorite weblogs.
On Friday, January 20, the finalists will be announced and voting will be open again to choose the winners.

Voting will close at 10:00 PM EST on Sunday, January 31. The winners will be posted sometime between Sunday, March 13 and Tuesday, March 15.

The Weblog Awards™ ceremony will be held at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival for the third time in Austin, Texas, USA on Monday, March 13. Webloggers including previous Bloggie™ winners and prize contributors will present certificates and prizes to those present.

Those who aren't attending may join the excitement on IRC, in #BlogIRC on irc.turlyming.com. Winners will be announced live and a play-by-play of the ceremony will be given.

After the ceremony, the results will be posted on this page.

So don't delay and click here to nominate your favourite blogger.

If you'd like to nominate me then fill 'Rajputro' under the Nominee field and fill 'http://www.rajputro.blogspot.com' under the URL field. Have fun.

Jan 5, 2006

Come Together to Save Life of a Talented Young Man

After returning,from Hong Kong completing coverage of WTO summit Parvez Chowdhury has been admitted at the National Heat Institute One of the valve of his heart is not functioning properly. Doctors have advised to send him to Bangkok for better treatment and even save his life.You can help him to save his life. Click here for details.

Jan 4, 2006

More songs from close up 1 to download

It's been quite long 3/4 days since I posted last. It's all because I'm too busy spending my long awaited vacation. But I was quite surprised to see lots of people visiting my site which was cool. In fact I should thank nolok babu because from my referrer I came to know that lots of people came from google by using nolok babu as search string just to download the mp3s which I uploaded in my previous posts.

So here I am once again with some more mp3 songs from close up 1 so that you can download them which includes songs from nolok babu , beauty , razib and sonia . Have fun.

You can have some more mp3s here and also here. Below are some more mp3s for you to download :

Moushumi Kare Bhalobasho - Razib Download

Maago Vabna Keno - Nolok Download

Amar Mon Matano - Beauty Download

Bhalo Lagey Josna Raate - Beauty Download

Gram Post Office - Razib Download

Keno Ei Nishongota - NoLoK Download

Holudia Pakhi - Beauty Download

O Gaurial Bhai - Soniya Download

Thanks to Adnan.

Jan 1, 2006

Happy New Year : 2006

Happy new year everyone. I've been very busy lately enjoying my vacations. That's why no update in my blog for the last two days. Sorry for that.
I went to visit one of my grandfather in Mymensingh on 30th december. It was a day long program. I snapped quite a few pictures and have lots of experiences to share with you. Hopefully I'll post them as soon as possible. On the new year's eve I spent the evening in Officer's club like I did every year for the last three years playing Housy. But this year's mission was quite unsuccessful as I couldn't win any penny! Even though that was fun. Let's look back the year that has just finished.

Last year's been quite significant for me because Bangladesh beat Australia in ODI and also won their first test and odi series at home. They make me proud.

Ofcourse last year was most significant because of my blog's reincarnation. After almost one year of registration I found fun in blogging from 22nd July, 05. So far there's been 6176 page views in only 6 months on an average of 1000 page views per month. Which is ofcourse very much encouraging for a young blogger like me. Let's look at a few remarkable posts of 2005 :

On July '05, Photo Blog Ontohin Poth got quite a few attraction.

On August '05, XMMS player installation tip helped quite a few people.

On September '05, My first poem has published. Also I've an english verse posted on the same month.

On October '05, I found about the peace corps volunteers working in Bangladesh. I celebrated my 50th post this month also. I started my first regular post What's around in this month. Besides Comments, Geoloc, Logon and Jail series got quite a few visitors.

On November '05 another regular post My playlist kicked off. My pictures of Dhaka on the eve of Saarc summit has been a huge hit which was listed in Rezwanul Bhai's Blog, Global voice and another subcontinent.

December '05 started with JMB blasting here and there all over Bangladesh. I was quite busy this month due to exams. But this months pick was close up1 which stars nolok babu . Nolok Babu became the first ever close up 1 by winning the heart of bangladeshis through his amazing voice. He was definitely the pick of 2005. But the disappointment was that my birthday didn't catch readers attention! And the year ends with the plea to bring Matiur back to his mother.

Finally once again Happy new year to everyone. May this year bring all the happiness that you won't even dreamt for.