Dec 10, 2006

A Skeptic, A helpless and Newton’s laws of motion

Today while I was coming back from BUET by bus, a boy got into the bus from science library. By his outfit he looked poor. So when the bus started running again, the boy stood in the aisle of the bus and start addressing towards the passengers. This is quite regular if you are a regular bus goer. Most of them asked for money stating that they themselves or their father/mother/brother/sister are sick. But I ignored them almost all the time unless the help seeker is very old. But today’s story was different from all others.

The boy told us that he is a student of class 9 studying science and his sister is in class 7. His mother is a garment’s worker. He needs money as he can’t fill their exam fees for their upcoming final exam. So I called the boy. He came towards me and we had the following conversations :

Me: Which class are you in?

He: Class 9 sir. I am going to be in class 10 next year if you kindly help me.

Me: You are studying science?

He: Yes sir.

Me: Can you tell me Newton's laws of motion?

He: Yes sir. Which one do you want to hear?

I was impressed with his confidence but still not very sure about his story so I asked again.
Me: How many laws are there?

Without a hesitation he answered,
He: 3 sir.
Me: Tell me one.

He: Which one sir?
Me: The one you like most.

He: Okay sir. First law : Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. (In his language : bol na dile prottek gotimoy bostu gotimoy thakbe ar sthir bostu sthir thakbe)

I was so impressed! Also at the same time I was happy that this boy proved me wrong. So I helped him with whatever I had in my wallet. He thanked me and got down from the bus. But after he left I was feeling sad for him. The way I helped him, wasn't a permanent solution. May be next year he'll be seen again begging for money to fill his exam fees. I am so stupid! I should write his name and contact address and could easily arrange something to secure his further educational needs.

I am sorry little boy, please forgive me.

Where were I? : Now let's come to another important topic, where were I and why there wasn't any update in my blog lately. The reason behind these is I was extremely busy with a proffessional project. In addition to that there were first one of my aunti's wedding, then our departmental picnic and now I am heavily involved with the preperation of CSE festival or CSE day whatever you may say. More over class has started. So the result, my virtual life almost became obsolete. But I'll still try to be more regular. Keep visiting..

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Nov 15, 2006

Reply from Dr. Mahbub Majumdar

I've already posted about a letter about Dr. Mahbub Majumdar a few days ago. And many of us were frustated and enraged about the content of the letter. Almost all the bangladesh related groups and newsletters were flooded debating about the topic of the letter. So it came to the attention of Dr. Mahbub Majumdar himself. Here is the reply I received from him about the matter :

Dear Friends,

I was very surprised and deeply embarrassed to find that a partial transcription of a confidential University of Dhaka job interview of mine was published on the internet.

While there are some elements of truth in the emailed story, there are also some egregious inaccuracies. For example, Professor Aminur Rashid, Chairman of the Physics Department supported me at every step and was extremely kind to me.

I ask those of you are outraged by this event to channel your frustration in a productive manner. If Bangladesh is to survive as a nation, then it requires those of you who have gone abroad and become experts in various fields to at some point return to Bangladesh to do whatever you can with regard to teaching, research, business etc.
You may sometimes face humiliating rejection like me, but there are enough good people in this country who will appreciate you, support you and try to help turn your dreams into reality.

For instance, we hope to soon establish an independent Mathematical Sciences Institute which will cater to the very brightest students and researchers in Bangladesh. This is my dream. Many have offered their help, and I hope all of you will also be my partners to make this a reality.

Best wishes,

Mahbub Majumdar
National Coach of the Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad Team

I wish everyone of us would be so dedicated and patriotic. I wish him every success in his life.

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Nov 12, 2006

The zoo

After BUET was given sine die last june, we planned a 3 day dhaka tour for the vacation. The basic plan was to visit memorable places and monuments of dhaka. Day 1 consisted of visiting architecturial monuments of old dhaka like Ahsan monjil, Lalbagher kella, Choto katra , Boro katra. But I missed the first day of our tour as I went to jessore. Day 2 was for Dhaka zoo and botanical garden. So after this eid we thought lets visit these two. We weren't too optimistic about dhaka zoo mainly because we heard and read numerous stories of corruption of zoo officials in newspapers. But in reality we were quite pleased with the zoo environment. It was comperatively clean and some of the animals were really lively. Perhaps it was due to Eid. Or we became too pessimist before visiting the zoo.

Without further ado I present you a few pictures of that day I took...

Chitrol horin, DeersThese deers (Chitrol horin) were curious at us.

Royal Bengal TigerWe visited him just after his lunch , when he went out for a walk.

White PeacockThis white peacock was very beautiful.

I forgot his name. can any one help?

PeacockWe tried to scare the peacock so that we could see it's tail (the beautiful plumage). But it didn't give a shit :(

Maya horin , deerThe maya horin was very friendly

Sambar horin, deerThe sambar was taking a rest..

Macaw , kakatuaKakatua (Macaw?)

PythonThis python had just had it's lunch.. Look at it's mid section..

PelicansThese pelicans were too far away for my point and shoot camera. I was missing an SLR :( . You'll have to look at the higher resolution image to see the pelicans. Click the image to see them.

Now as you've completed reading it, it's no harm to check this one now from mezba bhai.

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Nov 1, 2006

A painful funny story

I received this mail today. I don't know whether it's authenticate or not, but if it's true then it's a very sad incident. I am sharing the mail with you just as I received it but without giving the details of the sender :

Hi everyone,

I heard something today that I can't avoid sharing with all the people I know. The subject of the story is a senior friend of mine: Dr. Mahbub Majumdar. Mahbub bhai did his undergrad from MIT (electrical eng), an MSc from Stanford (civil eng) and PhD from Cambridge (theoretical physics, string-cosmology) . After PhD he had many offers but chose to do a post-doctoral fellowship at Imperial College (London) since he wanted to stay in England (by the way, in England, imperial college is the best place after Cambridge and Cambridge has a rule of not taking their own student as post-doc). I met Mahbub bhai and I can simply say that I never met anybody in my life so modest, honest and compassionate as Mahbub bhai. Just to give an example, Mahbub bhai received US$ 1000 per year forbooks as a part of his presidential scholarship. He used to spend this money buying books for Dhaka university library.

During his post doctoral years Mahbub bhai made frequent visits to Bangladesh and worked as a coach for the Bangladesh math Olympiad team. Only those who are involved with the hectic field of high energy physics knows what sacrifice this means.

Anyway, to our great surprise, Mahbub bhai (who was born and brought up in USA and can't even speak bangla very fluently) decided to join the Dhaka University Physics department as a faculty and failed to get any position. Today I heard what happened during the interview.

The "interview" was taken by Yusuf Haider, Badrul Alam and Aminur Rashid (I decided not to use any Sir after their name and comment on their character). During the interview they first raised question about Mahbub bhai's certificate from Stanford. The certificate showed the name of the university as Leland Stanford Junior University. The interviewers suspected that this is not the Stanford university
they heard of. At some point somebody suggested that they can look it up in the internet (you can do that too and make sure to take a look at seal of the university).

Then they asked him to write down the Maxwell's equations. Mahbub bhai wrote it down with exterior derivatives in one line (most useful and elegant form for theoretical physicists). The interviewers did not understand what he wrote and asked him to write it again. Mahbub bhai now wrote it with tensor notation. The interviewers again found it incomprehensible and asked for it again. At some point Mahbub bhai wrote all four Maxwell equations in a form understandable for first year physics students and everybody was happy.

Then the interviewers expressed their concern whether Mahbub bhai will be able to take care of first-second year labs since he does not have "relevant" experience. At some point, they asked him whether he read the advertisement properly and pointed out that they require the candidate to have a BSc in physics whereas Mahbub bhai has a bachelor in electrical engineering. Therefore, the interviewers decided that Mahbub bhai is not qualified to become a faculty of DU physics.

A senior friend of mine (who told me the story) commented: "I am happy that Mahbub did not get the job. It is good for his career. But I am sad for Bangladesh. "

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Oct 31, 2006


Yesterday when my cousin Sakib knocked me over MSN and sent me a track, I first came to know about 'Enlightment' . Sakib and two of his friends practices music at home and call themselves together as 'Enlightenment' . Well I was surprised to see the similiarity with ' Ondhokar Theke Alor Pothe ' i.e. this blog title, perhaps it's in our gene.

So here's the track Fall in love by enlightment. Sakib downloaded the music from internet and records the song over it in his house i.e. the floor below ours. So he would like to hear your feedbacks about the song. I hope you'll like it. So download the song and post your feedback here after listening to it.

On a completely different topic, Sheikh hasina has shown maturity (certainly enlightened) by giving the president a few days time to prove his neutrality. I thank her for that. But if she had shown the same thing for k. m. hasan then a few lives (at least 20) would be still breathing. Perhaps this political unrest of bangladesh compelled this cockroach (picture below) to commit suicide in my hot bathing water...

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Oct 28, 2006


I don't know if everyone's aware of what's happening currently in dhaka. Well in a word the situations is TENSED. According to awami league they are fighting for people's demand and rights, according to BNP they are protecting people's constituional rights and guess who's suffering? Yeap the same people. And who's to blame? Ofcourse these two arrogant ladies.

Everyone's afraid and staying at home. Well not me. I had to went out for a couple of occassion. And believe me I've never seen dhaka this way. I've seen dhaka in awami league's oborodh times in 95-96. I've seen dhaka in numerous hortals, but never the streets were so empty. My father who's posted at jessore must need to leave dhaka today, so I've to go out again to take him to the airport the only way to get in to or out from dhaka. I don't know what's coming.

Both parties have taken K M hasan issue as their ego. So there's no looking back now. The country has devided into awami league and bnp and fighting everywhere. Even they've ransacked BSMRMC (former PG hospital) at shahbagh. For a country like us this type of things is really very unfortunate. Why don't they understand? Because everyone wants the power. They are just fighting so that they could gain power for the next five years and do whatever they want like they did during their regime.

Now I think common people like me are ready to embrace marshall law. Although there's rumour that K M hasan refused to become the chief. I hope it's true. The only seemingly solution. President Iaz uddin has called Jalil and manna bhuyan to his office at bongobhobon. Let's see what's happening next...

And pray for me 'cause I'm now going to the airport :)

Good luck to myself.....

Update :
It took only 27minutes exactly for me to go to airport and returned back home at mohammudpur. For the first time in my life I'vent seen any bus on the street. Only a few cars, ambulances, CNG autorickshaws were there. And rickshaws outnumberred all others.

Update 2:There's been a problem with blogger which prevented me from posting. :( I hope the issues fixed now.
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Oct 23, 2006

The mysterious phone call

Phone ringing Yesterday night my internet connection was causing problems, so I was watching desperate housewives' 2nd season (thanks to Sheetal). Suddenly the phone rang. It was around 3am . So I was startled to hear the phone ringing. Anyway I picked up the phone. It was a girl. Lets call her X. And the conversation begun...

Me: Hello Assalamu alaikum
X: Walaikum assalam

Me: Whom do you want?
X: You ofcourse.

Me: Who's this?
X: Guess?

Me: umm (thinking) T? [Sidenote: T was one of my students. I taught her for one and a half years, but when I suspected that she might have a feeling for me, I quitted. It was about 3 years ago. And I'm pretty much sure about this caller that it was T]
X: Who's T?

Me: Don't play games with me.
X: I am not kidding, so T's your girlfriend right?

Me:haha So who are you?
X: I am M. But why T's name came into your mind, were you thinking of her?

Me: I don't know any M
X: I am your friend, we met at BUET.

Me: If you are my friend then why are you calling me by 'apni'?
X: Ok I'll tell you who I am , if you admit that you love T.

Me: Listen if you can't convince me about who you are, i'm going to hang up.
X: If you hang up, then I'll call again.

Me: You can call as many times as you wish, but I won't talk.
X: Please just say that you love T. I won't tell anyone.

Me: I don't love T. Okay sorry I'm going to hang up now.
X: Please don't.

Me: Then tell me who you are.
X: I am M.

Me: Okay good night. (click : I hung up...)

Man I miss caller id :(

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Oct 20, 2006

Back after the break with some music

I am back. Finally my exams were finished on 15th october. But after the exam when I am supposed to be free I got busier. Infact while exams I can spend more time infront of the computer. Because the only job to do during that time was to study. And as I hated to study, I always sneaked for a chance to sit infront of the computer. But when the exams ends, loads of work needed to be accomplished. So I hardly stayed at home, other than I was asleep. As a result no update. Besides when there's a break in posting, it took some time to restart again, build the lost tempo. But I have so many ideas to implement in the next few days. I decided I would start a regular post 'Seen through the lense' (Inspired by someone's flickr id : I see through lense) highlighting images from bangladsh. I already had loads of such pictures just waiting to show you people.

Now lets come to the point. How was the exam. All I can say is it was satisfactory. But the level of satisfaction varies person to person. From my point of view, I am happy because I knew about my preperations. My luck which always helped me to achieve the most with the least preperation left me after I get myself admitted in BUET. This term's exam was no exception. But better not to blame the luck because i know there are ways to beat the luck.

In case if you are wondering about the title which indicates some musical flavor let's not get too impatient. I've something more to say. I started a post on 28th september about 27th september on which day 3 of my favorites were born, but couldn't finish the post yet. I hope to finish it soon and publish. In the meantime Dr. Yunus got Nobel and I was so thrilled with it, I don't know whether I would be happier if I myself would achieve something this great. I was so happy. When I saw him talking about this, when I saw reporters asking him about it, when I read news clips, articles, blogs about it I got goosebumps, tears almost came. I was so excited! Although some people still had enough time to point me the fact that according to them Grameen banks is not helping the poor. My answers were 'I don't care'. I simply don't if you speak against it then do something good, bring a nobel and then talk. If you can't be happy with his winning nobel then just f*** (the four letter word) off.

If you are a keen follower of bangladeshi blogs or the daily star, you might've already heard about Madhobi. The poor unfortunate girl was thrown away by the ruthless housewives who she served along with her sister. Her sister died immediately while she survived being crippled. Drishtipat was trying to help madhabi so that she could get justice along with I myself. But I completely failed. The only way I could help them was by contacting a legal organization to take care of madhobi, which I did but somehow I don't know whose fault it was mine, BNWLA or the scared little one's ill fate they faield. An update can be found here. If you think you can help in this situation please speak up. I myself feeling so helpless right now. But I know I don't have the stands to talk about it anymore, because I couldn't do anything that can help.

On the day when Dr. Yunus won the prize it was also a happy occassion for Bangladesh as Bangladesh cricket team beat Zimabwe by quite a big margin. I know it's not a big news now as everyone expected them to do so, because clearly it's not the best zimbabwe team. But in reply to the heavy bashing of critics after the west indies game I'd like to point to the fact that after every team has played at least one match in the tournament Bangladesh cricket team still holds the second highest team total of the tournament. Also the best individual score is by a Bangladeshi, shahrear Nafees's unbeaten 125. That was a great day for us.

Now as I'm approaching the end it's time for music. Habib wahid has become and euphoria in Bangladeshi music industries lately. After two years he released his album ' Shono ' which instantly became a HIT. I found the songs of the album via mail. So I would like to share them with you people. By the way don't forget to buy the CD because it's worth it. The songs are :

Shopner Cheo Modhur
Mon Muniya
Elomelo Mon
Calender Er Pata
Poran Pakhi
Ae Shomoy
Ekhoni Nambe Brishti

In order to download the songs of Habib's ' Shono ' click here or here or here.

Another bangla band Yaatri has gained huge popularity after their songs Ekta gopon kotha and Nupur. Now they too released their own album ' Daak ' with 10 wonderful tracks. I hope this awesome album will also be fitted into your Eid shopping cart. The songs are :

Ei ki beshi na?
Amra shopne bachi
Bhalobasha Shunechi Ja
Ektu Pore
Ke Dake
Miththey prem
Ojana Mone
Pari Na

Click here to download songs of yaatri's new album Daak . And once again don't forget to buy both the CDs. Seems like this Eid is going to be a very good one for the music lovers..


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Oct 13, 2006

Congratulation Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Congratulation Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus for being the first ever bangladeshi to become a nobel prize winner. He along with his organization grameen bank wins Nobel peace prize 2006 for their efforts to create economic and social development from below.

Hats off to him. He made us proud.

Here's the official link.

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Sep 29, 2006

Zafa apuke khola chithi

While replying a comment from Zafa apu , I found that my reply became quite big. So I decided to post it as a post (Faakibaji ar ki). It's in Bangla.

Apu wrote,

Tomar rajje ato bissringkhola kano? Tomar shena bahini-r to najehaal obostha!

Tomar paike, borkondaj - era ki korchhe?
Tomar kotal putre-ra to porikkha niye basto chhilo bujhlam - baakira ki ghaash katchhe? Rajje to bikkhob legeyi ache. Projara khepe uthechhe...

Oder dosh ki bolo – tomar rajje to amaboshsha legechhe - shun-shaan ondhokar. Tomar na oder ke alor pothe anar kotha?

Edike rajjer dokkhine bandh aar slice gate'er thalaye manush 'amphibian' hoye jachchhe.

My reply,
Zafa apu,

Rajjer bissringkhola dekhe ami o mormahoto. Shey (biddyut) jodi nai thake tahole ar shena bahini ki korbe bolun? Age to utpadon tarpor na bitoron.

Pike borkondaj kotal putro montriputro jaar kothai bolun na keno ebepare apatoto mone hoyna karo kichu korar ache! Ashole paa(n)ch bochor age jokhon batasha begum eshe jonogoner sheba korte chailo, tokhon bokbokani begum er ottyachartishto amra takei shei dayittyo diyechilam. Kintu ke janto batasha kumar je batash bhobon baniye batasha kheye nitir tamsha korte korte deshke tomoshay dheke dibe!

Ar projader dosh diyen na. Amabosshya ele tao to er por purnima ashe. Tader to shey ashao nei. Tader shojjer shima to ar oshime na. Tar upor super heroe 'spike boy' to achei. Looking for shotru korte korte kauke khuje na peye eder uporei pollice leliye diyeche!

Ei shun shaan ondhokar shotteo tao jader ke ondhokar theke alor pothe ana holo tader ke dekhun. Dibbi probashe jeye edik pane 'drishtipaat' korche ar desher ar amar mundupaat korche. Alor brain gulo ebhabe drain hoye jacche bolei to ondhokar er chain e pore thakchi amra.

Dokkhiner bashindader beparta apni hoyto bujte parenni. Global warming er fole shunechi je kichudin porei dokkhiner kichu jela bilin hoye jabe. Tai porikkha mulok bhabe ekhane sherokom ekta aboho toiri kore manushke amphibian life e obbhyosto kore tola hocche. Dekhen na pray 3 bochor hoye gelo. Tao dibbi beche ache. Ektu shomossha hocche hoyto. Kobor debar mati nei, Proshutir jonnyo shukno jomi nei. Kintu tate ki! karo ki ei niye bhrukkhep ache?

Eto kichur poreo asha kori apnara abar batasha begum ke vote diye joy jukto korben. Obosshyo taar dorkar hoyto hobena. Karon jotodin porjonto behayaziz achen totodin porjonto hoyto apnar vote dite center ei jawa lagbena. Oh ami to bhule gechilam, probashi kollyan montronaloy thakleo apnader to mone hoy votadhikari nai. Ki ar korben! Drishtipaat kore jaan.
Aar amra beche theke uporwalar existence proman kore jai. :)

***Uporer choritro gulo (Ami ar zafa apu chara) shompurnoi kalponic ebong amar mon gora (ghotona gulo noy). Karo shathe karo mil peye gele sheti utshahi pathoker bhrom matro***

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Sep 26, 2006

Dahik and Zehn

To capture Dahik and Zehn both in one frame is not an easy task. Because both of them moves a lot! Dahik is my cousin and Zehn is one of my cousin, Yafi's son. They do like each other a lot! Dahik will be 3 on this november and Zehn will be 2 on next january. When dahik was a little younger he used to be very afraid of zehn. Specially everytime when zehn started crying, dahik sought forge in his father's (my mama) lap. That was a very funny thing to watch. Although I can't stand any little baby crying infront of me :( Anyway in Abbu ammu's 25th marriage anniversery (that was 4th september) I had a chance to shoot them together. So did I. ...

Dahik and Zehn

In case if you are wondering Dahik's the one on the left.

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Sep 23, 2006


I just got back home. After just another exam. You may ask where I were for the last couple of days weeks. Well you know the answer my internet connections was ripped off due to the storm. But I was checking mail via my mobile, although it was way too costly. Anyway I noticed there have been a debate going on about my HSC result's reaction post. I think I couldn't make
myself clear in the last one. So I'll write another one shortly replying all of your comments in that post.

The political field has become very HOT. Although the depression kept the environment quite cool, but still not enough to diminish the HEAT. Isn't it funny when the opposition claims 'we are trying to achieve people's demand' after havocing on the street, attacking running buses with stones, bricks and bamboos inside which were the so called 'people' on behalf of whom they are fighting! It's even funnier when the opposition tried to siege Prime minister's office and found that the prime minister, begum khaleda zia herself sieged the office by pollices. Then again yet another stupidest remark from the opposition leader sheikh hasina who always forgets the weight of her chair - " Come to Dhaka, with whatever you can in your hands, on the day the present government will step down " (What was she thinking ? 7th march,'71? May be!) Once I saw a poll going on about why people dislikes awami league. Believe it or not Sheikh hasina topped the list. (Guess where my vote went ;) ) And the BNP led qualition government has been showing again and again how shameless they can be. Behind all of them quitely laughing the dictector Ershad whose secret alliance with the governemt freed him from almost all the running corruption cases. Pollice forces find their own pleasure beating honest leaders like Asaduzzaman noor and Saber hossain chowdhury.

Here's another thing I observed..

1. Khaleda Zia went to Saudi Arab for her leg treatment.
2. Sheikh hasina went to USA for her ear treatment.
3. Manna Bhuyian went to singapore for engiogram.
4. Abdul Jalil went to singapore for heart treatment.
5. Saber hossain chowdhury went to bangkok to recover from the pollice beating.
6. President Iazuddin went to singapore after suffering from heart attack.

These people are/were placed in the highest positions of the government. Awami league served one term and BNP is going to finish it's second term. But they themselves don't have faith on the medical facility of the country. Reminds me of a joke :

"A person went to have lunch on a restaurent and find the food was not good at all. So he asked the waiter to call the manager. Then the waiter replied 'Sorry sir, manager went to lunch!'"

I'll finish now with two links. First, I never knew that "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo." is a grammatically valid sentence. It actually is and have used as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated constructs. Check this out here at wikipedia and the second link's also from wikipedia a collection of very funny mathematical jokes. Check them here. Have fun!

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Sep 12, 2006

The rhyme and the 200th

The 200th post

I wrote a rhyme today. It was sudden. Elita apu sent me a message @ orkut asking "what r u up to?", so when I replied, I replied with a rhyme.. Here's it for you

Have to study,
Need to study,
Must study,
'cause exams are nearer already.
But can't be steady!
And also I'm not ready
What to do, knows anybody?
Just Pray for me, buddy.

So you should understand why I wrote this. Because my exams are just knocking at the door. So update will be less frequent. But I will try my best to post. Well we got almost 3 months leave. But when it comes to preparing for the exam, I found that I lost the habit of studying. Anyway trying to rebuild it. As I am not doing good in BUET so expectations are not high. And you know as expectations are not so high, it would be easier to perform satisfactory result. So lets just pray for me and wish me luck.

200th post: Ok apparently it's my 200th post also. I don't want to make it a special one like the 50th post or the 100th post. Rather I'll just follow the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid ) principle. It's been a great fun for me to write and spend my free time here. Inshallah I'll continue to do so. Special thanks to everyone who read this blog regularly and inspired me posting valuable and thoughtful comments. These discussions in comments are very important for me to understand and to know the topic a little bit more and also sometimes helps me to learn new things. One more good news is I've been nominated for the Best Bangladeshi blog in Asia blog awards. Voting hasn't started yet. I'll tell you on due time to vote for me. So keep the fingers crossed till then.

It's been rainning heavily outside now. Wish I could go outside and bath in the rain. ----At this specific point, While I was composing this post at 3.16 AM on an early september 11 morning, I got disconnected. Later I came to know that all the hubs in my network are burnt due to thunderstorm. So was out of internet for the last two days. I didn't expect that it will take only two days to change them and put the network back online. In the end, I am happy that they did it quickly. That's why I couldn't finish my 200th post that night. So I am finishing it now with the picture, 'After the rain' , which I snapped at dawn after it had been rainning whole night...

Hope you'll be with me and with this blog just like you had been.

Special thanks to : Anika, Atunu, Audity, Badhon,,, Bfob, Chayan, Diner, Dipu, Esha, Eshon, Hasin bhai, Himu bhai, Jyotirmoy, Kafi, Khaled, Koutuk, Llanin, Mezba bhai, Mehrin, Moon, Munaz bhai, Nowal, Rabab, Ragib bhai, Raquib bhai, Rezwan Bhai, Rikhi, Rubel bhai, Russel bhai, Shakia, Shantonu, Shaon, Sheetal, Shushmita, Tareq, Tasneem bhai, Tumpa, Upal, Zabir and Zafa bhai for their comments and inspirations from time to time.

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Sep 8, 2006

Hsc Result and some other facts...

Yesterday I was watching the news and the happy faces of students as well, with victory signs showing, happily posing infront of camera. Some were crying in joy. I liked to watch them. I always do. These people are the future of our country. The frustration that our politian's provide us from time to time, these students have the power to change them.

This year's result was better than all the previous ones, a boost with 63.92 percent of the examinees passing. The percentage was 59.16 in 2005, 47.74 in 2004, 38.43 in 2003, 27.09 in 2002, 28.41 in 2001 ( my passing year ) and 37.05 in 2000. Last year too saw a leap in the pass rate as it shot up to 59.16 from 47.74 in 2004.

But watching the students leaping in joy, I was also feeling pitty for them. Because they don't know what's infront of them. They don't know that they have to fight really hard from now on to get themselves admitted into a reputated university. Not all of them have the money to get themselves admitted into private uniersities. This year almost 7000 students got GPA 5 from science. But not all of them will even get the chance to sit for the admission test in BUET. So what is the benefit of getting this GPA 5 which will not even give you the assurance to get the chance to fight for a seat in BUET admission test?

BUET has the capacity to take admission tests for 4500 students. That surely indicates that the rest 2500 will be deprived. That's why I don't like this result system at all. In our times it was more fun. It was more exciting. And more over it was more informative. There were a merit list of 20 students. Every body was wondering who will be the first . There were speculations, rumors and so on. These students felt so special! Besides if someone weren't in the merit list then he got his marks. Total marks and also the marks of individual subjects. Then the admission process were easier. You can sort the students according to their marks. But now you can't. Because there's no such thing like marks. All you have is grade. If you get 100 in maths you'll recieve the same as someone who gets 80. How rediculous!!!

Now lets see what would happen if my results were published in this result system. My handwriting is just too bad. And that's why I couldn't score marks in subjects where literature ruled. But I had the oppurtunity to fill that gap by making higher score in Maths, Physics and subjects like these. Both in ssc and HSC I didn't get letter in Bangla and English. So if my results were published in this system I wouldn't get the chance to sit for the BUET admission test. But I passed the admission test!

In SSC my result was very good. I scored 100 in mathematics, I placed 19th from Dhaka board. (I don't want to brag, but these are the facts!). But if my results were published in GPA system then my 100 in maths wouldn't get any value. And my result would be moderate, although gpa 5 but with the help of 4th subjects. You should understand by now why I don't like this result system.

I am going to finish with another thing that made me upset. Yesterday while I was reading zafa bhai's post in Drishtipat about Fobana (Federation of Bangladesh Association of North America) 2006 festival, I found that as usual there were two groups among Bangladeshis. Isn't this just horrible! This things make us a laugh stock infront of others. We can't stay united. And this division is not only there. We are devided in every where. Among university teachers, there are grouping, even among justices!! How could you recieve justice from a judge who's biased! Sadly we have no unity among ourselves. And if we can't get ourselves united , we can't prosper. I'm finishing with a joke I heard, which relates this thing..

" A saint died so he was taken in heaven. Then god told him that he was so good in life that he can have a wish which will be granted. Then the saint told that he wanted to see the hell. So be it. So the god sent an angel to accompany the saint to tour the hell. The saint then found that in hell there were seperate rooms for persons of seperate countries. The rooms were sealed from outside so that they can't escape, and inside those houses they were punished for their sins. But soon the saint saw that one house don't have any roof, although it's sealed from the outside. Surprised, the saint asked the accompanying angel that why it is so. The angel explained, that this house is for bangladehis. So when a bangladeshi tried to escape climbing upwards from the roof, the rest of the bangladeshis pulled him down. So they don't require a roof for protection."

Indeed we are dragging ourselves down.
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Sep 6, 2006

What's around : September 06 , 2006

Eye tha sees the worldNow if you're reading this for the first time, it's my regular post What's around in which I try to share different links with you that seemed interesting to me. So check them out..

Here is a great list that puts together some of the most useful and most popular Wordpress plugins, if you don’t yet have wordpress, or don’t know what it is head over to, its a blogging software, which is quite popular. Enjoy the list.

Shahriar Nafees, the Bangladesh opening batsman, has been nominated for the ICC's Emerging-Player-of-the-Year award to be announced on October 23 in Mumbai. Last year Aftab ahmed was also nominated for the same award. The winner will be decided by voting by a 56-member ICC academy comprising the 10 Test captains, 18 members of the umpires and match referees panel and 28 legends of the game and members of the media.

Cerehinese papercutting is a unique artform, since paper was invented in China and has existed there for thousands of years. Common designs are animals, flowers and figures cut with scissors or a knife, mainly made to decorate. Here are some of paper cutting artworks. Don't miss them.

Iere've been using AVG antivirus as my antivirus for long time. The reason behind was it was free and it didn't use much resources like norton antivirus or macafee. I hated the last two because of their crappy speed and huge requirement of resources. I was happy with AVG and I was never infected during my use of this antivirus ( Thanks to my careful use also.). But here's a list of comperative performances of different antiviruses after being tested against 147,000+ virus tests. It looked like AVG wasn't the best but it's not so bad either. Check it out.

Terehere have been controversies about the presence of pesticides in soft drinks after a state of india has banned soft drinks in that province. Now the test results are out. And it seemed that Pepsi has pesticides almost three times the permissible limit. What was claimed by the New Delhi-based non-governmental organisation Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has now been supported by the National Test House (NTH), a central government laboratory. The test report also revealed that pesticide content in Coca Cola samples were within the permissible limit. I always preferred coke over pepsi but I liked seven up although it's from the pepsi factory. I wonder what's the scenario in our country where there's nothing about quality control!! But I also think that the presence of pesticides are related with the water used with these soft drinks. In that case coke might find itself just lucky!

"Merey cell phone was stolen last Friday. I had it disconnected and arranged to get a replacement. It had been set up with the excellent service from ShoZu to automatically upload all pictures taken with the phone to Flickr. So today, completely surprisingly, I find pictures on my Flickr account of the family of the person who took the phone. I'm not sure they knew what was happening"--Don't worry, my cell phone is alright. But isn't this story cool? Check out this unbeilable story here.

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Sep 1, 2006

Benefits of load shedding

I've been trying for the last two days to write this post. Not that I haven't had time. I tried. But he who's the subject of this post always interrupted. There's a saying that great people don't want publicity. They just stay behind the curtain and enrich mankind. Like the electric supply of bangladesh. Whenever I tried to write, bang there's a black out. I wonder how it knew! But hey technology has been doing wonders right? Anyway it's all started when I read Atunu's The midsummer night mis-dreams. He was digusted after experiencing a 5 hour long loadshedding. And after reading I started to write this post and the electricity went out! What an irony! But still I was thinking how lucky I am! I am living in a part of city which can't be called POSH but still we had only 2 hours of load shedding every day. (If you are living abroad or in a place where there's no such thing like black outs and shivering in horror reading about load sheddings let me tell you that we are so used to with this thing that we accepted it happily when electricity went out for an hour or two)

Anyway my point wasn't bragging about the fact that we had "only" two hours of load shedding every day. I actually wanted to point out the benefits associated with load shedding. You know there's always some silver lining behind the dark clouds. And there's always some super optimistic persons like me who'll come forward to point out those silver linings. Allow me to start :

1. When it's load shedding your electric meter stopped running for that time being. That obviously save you some bucks. We used to have 2 hours load shedding at night and one hour load shedding during the day. But the scenario is not so good everywhere. Like Atunu experienced a 5 hour long one. So on an average let's think that you have a 4 hour load shedding everyday. That means 4*100% / 24 = 16.67%. So you ended up a decent 16.67% savings over your electricity bill at the end of the month. Now since government is a total failure controlling the market price of necessary day to day products, this 16.67% savings would definitely help you a bit.

2. Load shedding mostly occurs during night. So When at night load shedding occurs everywhere went dark. It's obviously a blessings for the mischiefs. The longer time they get the more they can earn. And it'll definitely help to grow our GDP. Besides when the entire locality is covered under darkness, the clear sky with lots of shinning stars remains, as the most beautiful thing to watch. Where else could you get this oppurtunity?

3. When it's load shedding in you area, the power is used to enlight some other part of the city. And this great deed will definitely help you after death (Only if you believe in after life.)

4. As the load shedding continues to grow I came to know from newspapers that some people are offering generator connections. That is you can take connections to fans or lights from a generator monthly giving away some fees. This business will definitely decreases unemployment problem. And as employment rates increases it will help to eliminate the frustation of youths who were now engaged in druggs or hijacking or fundamentalism.

5. Last but not the least, I don't know whether this applies to all of you. But it surely applies for me. I am a type of person who can't sit idly doing nothing. So when during loadshedding I've nothing to do guess what I do? I start studying. :D

So don't blame anyone for load shedding anymore..

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Aug 31, 2006

Happy BlogDay 2006

Today is Blog Day. It was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. Every blogger celebrating this day posts a recommendation of 5 blogs. In this way all blog web surfers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new previously unknown blogs.

Now you may wonder why 31st of August is announced as blog day. Let's see,

31/08 = 3 1 o 8 = Blog

I first came to know about this day from Mezba bhai. So it's time to introduce five blogs that I follow frequently and all of them cheers me up..

Funz N Jokes: Munaz Bhai started this blog long ago. He shares funny pictures and jokes in this blogs most of which are hillarious.

Fun And Jokes with Morals.. : This blog is pretty new. Started from mid august this blog posts collected funny jokes with a moral based on that joke. The morals are funnier most of the times. You'll surely have fun reading it. But beware some jokes might be rated as adult.

বড়মণিদের কৌতুক: This blog is also a new one, newer than the previous one, run by Swadheen Mitra, author of the book বড়মণিদের কৌতুক . This blog is in Bangla and posts are created using unicode. Swadheen Mitra promised to post one or two bangla jokes every day. And according to him those jokes are really really dirty. So he set an age restriction of people over the age of 16. So if you've crossed you sweet 16 barrier you are authorized to view them.

Welcome to the World of Fakts : This one's another funny one by Swadheen Mitra. This blog is bilingual, German and English. Some of these facts are really very funny.

Joke of the day: Finally joke of the day from Everyday a new funny joke from askmen..

Have fun reading those. But be aware as some contents might offend you. And don't blame me 'cause I told you already about it.

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Aug 29, 2006

Back to dhaka

I am back, back to dhaka after a trip of 8 days. This tour was lots of fun. I travelled a lot, almost everyday. I went to jessore where abbu's now posted, but also visited jhinaidoho, magura, kushtia , meherpur and rajshahi. Rajshahi is my nanabari. So it was preplannaed that my mama, khala and ammus mama and khala will go to rajshahi from dhaka on friday , 25th august. And I with my father will join them from jessore on that day. Later we all will return to jessore together after visiting our relatives living in rajshahi and also the graves of elders who passed away and sleeping there peacefully. That was the basic plan. But thanks to khaleda zia and the age old custom of bangladeshi politics. Since it's the end of their ruling term it's the time for inauguration of unfinished or half finished structures for taking credit. Also it's the time for lying foundation stones for upcoming projects. For these reasons prime minister begum khaleda zia is now visiting all over the country and marking her names over the stones.

Now what related khaleda zia's tour with my travelling? The answer is that khaleda zia was scheduled to visit kushtia on 28th of august and jhinaidoho on 6th september. Both of these districts are under abba's juridiction and she was supposed to inaugurate 3 of his projects and would place foundation stone for 2 of his projects. That's why he had to tour these districts to make sure that everything is according to the respective project plan. So I accompanied him in those tours and while he was doing office works I wanderred around the country side. I'll write details about my trip later. I also had to write about my last jessore trip which I took at the end of may and about my lawachora trip at the beginning of may. How lazy I become!!

So I came back to dhaka at night on sunday, 27th august. But when we came back to dhaka we came to know that ammu's khala who met us at rajshahi then came with us to jessore and later returned with me to dhaka, her house has been robbed while we were travelling. But the silver lining behind the dark cloud is that since she had moved her ornaments and some other precious belongings to a realtive's house prior to leaving for rajshahi, so the bandits couldn't take them. They ransacked the house in search for those which results the following pictures...

Anyway over all the tour was great. And we had loads of fun. I'll write in details later. Before leaving I'll share a few links.

First, Click here to see top 10 most beautiful cellphones and then read here an amazing true story of ATM mistake which led to 700,000,000$ credited to an account.


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Aug 18, 2006

Leaving for jessore again...

I'm leaving for jessore again. Last time when I visited jessore on june 4th I visited khulna, jhinaidoho. But I didn't write any descriptions of my tour. I hope to write this one's and that one's together when I'll be back. I've a plan to visit kushtia, Rajshahi and also Bogra (only this one's for the first time). But I don't know whether it will be possible to visit all of them.
After my last visit I knew that there's edge facility available in Jessore so I'll be in touch through my Gmail.

Another thing is that I started jogging again. I used to do it with my father and uncle when I was a kid. But after school became busier day by day, I gave up. Now from last week I started it again because of the tummy that's getting bigger day by day. I have always been in the buliker side. And I hated that very much. And that's why I started jogging. I am almost 13kg overweight than the normal weight of an average person of my height. Which on the long run will increase the risk of heart attack and other coronnary diseases. And yeah reading horrific stories about heart attacks and seeing some of the victims, Shafi became health conscious. So I changed my routine, wake up around 5 am every morning and start to jog at 5.30 am. I walk for about 6-7 killometres. I tried to run first but running about half a killometre makes my breaths lost. And there's a rule of walking/jogging/running. It says "Run at a pace at which you can still hold a conversation." And so I obey the rules. I walk.

Apparently it's all the same. If the distance is same, then you'll burn the same amount of calories whether you run/walk/jog. But it will take definitely more time if you walk rather than run. That's why running is benefitial. And also it prolongs the breathing capacity and improves stamina. I wish someday I can run for an hour! I'll try to do it step by step.

Before starting to walk, I didn't have any idea how much health conscious people have become. I went to walk at chondrima uddyan where almost 1-2 thousands people walks jogs or do free hand excersizes. I saw a man who was like 4 times of me (of course by width not height :P) . He is so fat, that he can't sit properly! I liked it when I saw him trying to lose his weight. And no one's paying attention to how others are doing it, as long as they're working out then it's fine.

There's also an association of people called 'Probhate Chondrima.' They formed lines and do free hand excersizes following an instructor. Oneday I was late to go there and saw thay they've finished their excersize and was singing a song together. Isn't it nice? It's also a great way of socializing. I don't wanna join the group. I am happy with my walking but it'd be great to have one of such 'probhate chondrima' captioned T-shirt.

Anyway I have a bad news. As I've been preparing to leave, I found out that my canon powershot a 75 is malfunctioning. After searching i found out that it's due to one of canon's manufacturing fault. They've issued a statement saying that it'll be fixed free of cost. So lets see if it can be fixed. Atunu had experienced such thing already. So I saught his help. Wish me luck...

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Aug 17, 2006

Shamsur rahman has passed away

The great poet Shamsur rahman has passed away today at 6.25pm(Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun). Dr. Iqbal, who was his physician for the last couple of weeks, announced this news at 7.00pm. According to the doctor the poet's blood pressure started falling from 3.00pm in the evening which ultimately was the reason for his death. He has been under life support machine for
the last couple of days.

Earlier his heart was having trouble functioning and other vital organs of his body like kidney, lever too were not working as well as they should. He had high blood sugar. He was admitted to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital (BSMMUH). His blood pressure was constantly fluctuating and the level of oxygen fell alarmingly. Prime minister begum khaleda zia promised to give necessary supports for his treatment. But while poet's family wanted to take him abroad for better treatment the doctor's panel insisted to keep him here. But I think his condition was not well enough to fly him away. But his family wanted to take the risk. The poet wished to have his grave beside his grandmother's. So he'll be buried there.

He was born in Dhaka. Fourth of thirteen children, he studied at Pogos School from where he passed his matriculation in 1945.Later he took his I.A. From Dhaka College. Rahman started writing poetry after graduating from Dhaka College at the age of eighteen. Shamsur Rahman studied English literature at Dhaka University and received his B.A. in 1953.He also received his M.A. where he stood second in second division. He had a long career as a journalist and was the Editor of a national daily, Dainik Bangla and the weekly Bichitra.

I am finishing with one of my favorite poem by shamsur rahman, which is obviously shadhinota tumi.

Shadhinota tumi
Some parts of this post are from wikipedia and the poem is from nybangla

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Aug 16, 2006

What's around : August 16 , 2006

Eye tha sees the worldNow if you're reading this for the first time, it's my regular post What's around in which I try to share different links with you that seemed interesting to me. So check them out..

A man uses sword to fight off burglars. According to police, once the burglars were inside, they got into a fight with one of the residents who grabbed his roommates sword and started slashing the intruders. His feisty attack send the invaders running, but not before he wounded several. Shortly after Minneapolis police arrived, they were called by doctors at the hospital about the arrival of three people to the ER with severed fingers and lacerations. One had minor injuries and was treated and arrested. The other two were more seriously injured and were treated. They’ll be transported to the Hennepin County Jail when they are released by the hospital. Read the full story here.

Firefox cropcirclesT o celebrate 50 million downloads, of firefox the Oregon State Linux Users Group took back the sidewalk with an enormous painting on their campus quad. At 100 million, they took back the sky with a huge Firefox weather balloon. Now it's time to celebrate the 200 millionth download. So what could be done to beat the previous two?? Well, a 45,000+ square foot crop circle might do it. This past weekend, they descended on a field in beautiful Amity, Oregon for two days of plotting and stomping. By Sunday, over an acre of oats was emblazoned with the Firefox logo. To get the pictures, they pulled out the planes and the helicopters. Click here to see pictures of this massive event.

Ever wonder how your visitor's eye move over different sections of your webpage while visiting your webpage? Well a study has been made which observed 46 people for one hour as their eyes followed mock news websites and real multimedia content. During the study, researchers noticed a common pattern: The eyes most often fixated first in the upper left of the page, then hovered in that area before going left to right. Only after perusing the top portion of the page for some time did their eyes explore further down the page. The eye follows the page like this image below..

Eye movement on website
Of course, this pattern can vary. The image above is a simplistic representation of the most common eye-movement pattern researchers noticed across multiple homepage designs.. The graphic below shows the zones of importance they formulated from the Eyetrack data. While each site is different, you might look at your own website and see what content you have in which zones.

Priority of eye while looking into a website
Read details here.

English premier league is going to start from this saturday, 19th august. I'm a die hard arsenal supporter. But my team's condition doesn't look too good this year as crucial players are leaving the teams allured by richer clubs like real madrid or chelsea. Although the team is quite competitive now but the inclusion of a center back and a left winger will be necessary to fulfill it's potential. Anyway here is a quick start guide of all the premiership clubs that you might need to take a look before the tournmanent starts.

Finally, would you like to have window's vista's original cds for free? Well it looks like Microsoft is giving away free Vista Cd's if you can answer a small quiz. If you can answer all the questions of the quiz perfectly then you'll be redirected to a page where you'll have to provide your address and details. Click here to take the quiz. The free offer is from microsoft india. But a funny thing I noticed upon successfully completing the quiz when it give me this message : "Congratualtions! You have got all the questions right. To have your gift couriered, please click on the button below and provide your details.". He he looked like the coder of that page was in such great hurry that he made the typo 'Congratualtions' while trying to type 'Congratulations'. Anyway if you don't know the answers of the quiz then don't worry. Here they are :

3.November 2006

Have fun.

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Aug 14, 2006

Windows Live Writer and blogger beta

Microsoft launches a desktop blog editor Windows Live Writer (Still in beta though). The really interesting part is that, while geared for Windows Live Spaces users, Live Writer works with blog platforms like WordPress, Movable Type, LiveJournal and Blogger. Previously I tried performancing but didn't like it because they can't show blog preview. So always stuck with blogger's dashboard. But Windows Live Writer does it within a Microsoft Word-like environment.

Installation is pretty much easy. Just download the soft fromhere and install. You might need to install .NET framework if you don't have it yet. After installation give it your site URL and login info and it automagically does the rest. It downloads the site template and thus will be able to show how the post will look like in your blog.

Live Writer has the basic features you would expect of any blogging utility from WYSIWYG tools and spell check to the unique feature of inserting maps from Windows Live Local. It will automatically save drafts at your interval of choice, automatically check spelling before publishing and ping servers you tell it to when posts are published. There is one interesting section of the preferences pane though - plugins. Although the list is still empty but plugins means integration of user experience and customization from a huge array of users/programmers. Microsoft has released the API and an SDK for Windows Live Writer so you can expect to see some interesting plugins very soon. This plugins (extension in firefox) made firefox popular. It'll surely help WLW.

Now lets come to the best feature of windows live writer. It will provide bloggers with simple image editing and effects. When placing an image in a post you can easily do things like adding a drop shadow, adjusting brightness and contrast as well as sharpen, emboss and a few other image effects. It'll definitely be helpful for photoshop ignorants like me.

But there are some problems also. If you use the read more feature like I do, you can't see your total post preview in WLW instead you'll see upto the read more tag starts. Also I read that there's no way of stopping after you press the publish post button. But hopefully it's still in beta and they'll surely be updated time to time.

Now another interesting thing's that blogger also started to introduce a new beta blogger service. You can see it here. I always liked blogger because it gave me total freedom of messing up with the blogger template. Thus I can implement services that blogger failed to provide, in my own way. Like I did with the category feature or recent comments feature. Blogger beta will have these features built in, features like privacy, tags, drag and drop layout and easier inclusion of non-textual elements.

Blogger blogs can be public, private or read only by invitation. Posts can now be tagged. Drag and drop layout for both building your blog’s template and changing the position of elements will be possible. Perhaps the upgrade will also bring new stability to the service, as it goes down from time to time.

But what I've been thinking how the transformation will be made. From an existing blogger user to the new blogger platform. Let's see what they've in their mind. For some one like me with almost 200 posts the transformation is the biggest thing to worry. But let's hope for the best..


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Written based on personal experience and also with the help from this review and this review.

Aug 13, 2006

Implement category in blogger

As I've mentioned before about introducing category feature, now let me tell you how I did this. When I found BLOGGER doesn't provide categories (aka TAGS) for its posts, I searched for tips and tricks to see whether someone's doing it or not. Then I found this post which told me about using the tagging feature of the social bookmarking site and to make this process faster using the post template feature of blogger. Post templates help users save time by pre-formatting the post editor. Anyway just follow the following steps to implement a categorized blogger blog :

Step 1: Create an account with here to register for an account.

Step 2: Log into your blogger account. From the dashboard click settings. Now click formatting.

Step 3: At the bottom of this page you'll find the form for post template. Copy the following code and paste that in that form.

Just change the user_name by your user name. My user name is Rajputro so I changed it to rajputro. Check the image :

Post template blogger

Step 4: Click save settings to save.

Step 5: Now let me explain a few things on that piece of code. The target="_blank" portion will be used so that whenever someone clicks on any tag, list of posts associated with that tag will appear on the new page. So that the visitor doesn't need to leave your page.
Secondly the rel="tag" will work for technorati. Whenever technorati scans your blog it will automatically identify these tags or categories as technorati tags. So you don't need to specify technorati tags exclusively.

Step 6: Now start creating a post. You'll see in the post editor that the preceeding code is already there. Now write your post on top of that code. Make sure that the code appeared at the bottom of the post. Now if you are complete with writing your post, think about the keywords that will be best suited for the post. Now change the tag1, tag2, tag3 , tag4 tags in the code by your related tags for the post. For example, for this post I think the best tags would be : blogger, categories, So I changed that code in the following way :

You might've noticed that I used only 3tags so I deleted the 4th line. If you need more tags just add one. You can add as many tags as you think will be necessary to describe your post.

Step 7: Now publish your post. Go to the posts page. Now bookmark the page into and in the tag field of put the tags (for this post blogger, categories, ) you used in your posts. Make sure that those tags are separated by spaces not commas. To post quickly into you use browser buttons. Firefox users see this page to post directly to Internet explorer users can take help from this page for the same purpose.

Step 8: Now you are almost done after posting the page into All you need to do is to show the category list into your sidebar. provides a feature called tagrolls that would provide in this purpose. Click here to configure your tagroll. Configure the colors and details (like cloud or list view, for example see this post) Now put the javascript code into your blogger sidebar.

Step 9: Now you are complete with the categorizing process. Have fun with your categorized blogger blog.

Update : The account you registerred must contain links from only your blog for which you're going to implement category. To share bookmarks you've to use another account.

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Aug 11, 2006

Introducing categories

You might've noticed the right sidebar categories already. It's the thing blogger has been missing. Categorizing posts will serve us in two ways,

Firstly, posts sharing a common attribute can be identified by clicking on the name of that attribute.

Secondly, the posts will automatically be tagged into technorati and So if anyone looking for that particular tag will find the post anyway.

There are two ways to view the categories.

In both the views (cloud view or list view) the font size indicates the frequency of the posts on that category. Larger font sizes indicate larger number of posts are associated with that category/tag. Here's the cloud view

And here's the list view

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Aug 8, 2006

The amazing race

Dhaka Traffic jamNo, I am not going to write about the TV program reality game show the amazing race where bunch of kids form a group and starts hunting treasures and hints as well to reach their destination. Rather I'm going to tell you about an amazing race that I participated today. The race wasn't at all even by it's terms. The two participants were me and my father. I had to cover around 20km distance on the other hand he has to travel around 300km distance. Don't get it?

Ok let me explain the scenario. My father, who's currently posted at jessore now was coming to dhaka by GMG airlines, and I was supposed to get him from the airport. But I had plans earlier. Our beloved Imran bhai and sonya apu is going to leave for Illinois, USA on the 10th of this month for their MS and PHD, so we (shafi, shahan, enamul and chayan) decided to give them a visit before their departure. Imran bhaia told us to come at 6.30pm at his place in shantinogor and we were on time. On the other hand Abba's flight from jessore was at 7.20pm. As I was the one to receive him from airport, I told abba to call me when he was going to on board the plane. And so he did just at 7.20pm. So I decided to take off and say good bye and good luck to imran bhaia and sonya apu and started for zia international airport at 7.25pm.

Now the race begun. Whose going to get their first? At 8.05pm I got a call from abba. I lost the race. I was still around 10 minutes away from the airport and he's already there. I got stuck in traffic in Mogbazar, Mohakhali and finally at kakoli which was responsible for my delay. Finally I reached their and we both came back home.

End of story!

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Aug 7, 2006

Desperate housewives

Desperate housewivesEverybody who knows me, knows it pretty well that I wake up very late when i've nothing to do early morning. But for the last two days I had to wake up early because on the first day I needed to go to BUET to see my thesis superviser and on the second I had to attend a meeting at around 11am. So I needed to sleep early as I've to wake up early to keep up the schedule. The first day to see my adviser went out pretty well. On my way back I met sheetal and she lent me 3 dvds. Two of those are two volumes of desperate housewives' first season. I've seen one or two episodes of it in star world while I was in jessore, and I didn't understand a single thing except the beautiful presence of Terry hatcher, who I fell in love with since the tv series superman has been televised in Dhaka.

Desperate housewivesAnyway so after I got those dvd that day, I needed to sleep early that night because I had a meeting the following day at around 11am at banani, so to be on time I needed to start at around 9.30 am and so I had to wake up at around 9 o'clock in the morning which is way too early for me. So I decided to go to sleep at 1.00 am at night. And then I thought lets watch one episode of desperate housewives and then I'll sleep. And guess what was the result? I slept at 6am in the morning. Fortunately I was able to wake up at 9 that morning and could catch up that schedule.

So, what's so special in desperate housewives? The thing that attracted me most was that the story, although based on western culture, it resembles so much with ours. The series began with Mary Alice Young leaving her perfect house in the loveliest of suburbs and ending it all by committing suicide. Now she takes us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbors, commenting as the soul from beyond the grave. This style itself is attractive. All the episodes starts with a brisk introduction about what's going to happen from mary alice after what happened on the previous ones.

Mary Alice's suicide leaves behind a mystery involving her husband Paul , her son Zach and a mysterious chest, which Paul digs out from underneath the family's pool. Ultimately, it is revealed to have contained the skeletal remains of a dead woman's body. The story unravels through Mary Alice's four friends and neighbours. Each has her own storyline that ties into the theme of being a desperate housewife: accident-prone single-mother Susan Mayer trying to find her love, is it the suspicious neighbour, them plumber mike or she's still in love with her ex husband karl; perfect housewife Bree Van De Kamp , mother of two problematic teenagers, struggles to save her marriage; Lynette Scavo tries to be super-mum to four children while longing to return to her life as a corporate executive where she was very successful but had to sacrifice her career to grow her children; and materialistic, adulterous ex-runway model Gabrielle who tries to keep her husband from finding out about her affair with a teenager, her gardener.

The amazing thing with this tv soap is that you can't put it into a single genre. The tone and style of the series combine elements of comedy, mystery, thriller, soap opera and drama. I'vent completed first season yet, but finished 12 volumes within 2 days. So it isn't a snap judgement. I've been a huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And I am already a 'desperate housewives' fan. You can watch it online here. Hope you'll like it.

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