Dec 23, 2005

Download MP3 songs of Close Up 1

As I've mentioned in my previous post that I'd try to upload mp3 songs of the program close up 1 , first ever talent show in bangladesh, so here they are.

The available downloadable tracks are :

Maa (Rashed)
Rongdhanur Shaat Rong
Chokher Pani Dekhe
Vedh Bedi Path
Shadhur Charan Dhuli
Tumi Ki Aaj
Bhalobashi Bole Bandhu
Meghe Vanga Rodh
Aaj Sharata Din
Neela Tumi
Ami Jantam
Tumito Kadoni
Dheuye Dheuye

I have remove the links, please purchase the albums and support the artists.
Listen them and enjoy..

Thanks to Adnan for uploading those tracks.