Dec 29, 2005

Bring Matiur Back to his mother ..

It's a matter of shame that after 34 years of liberation Bir Sreshta Matiur Rahman, who was awarded the highest state title of honour 'Bir Srestha' in recognition of his patriotism and sacrifice in the liberation war of '71, is still buried in the soil who he fought against to free his motherland. I was very surprised after I have recieved a mail to sign a petition to bring Matiur's remains back in his beloved motherland. Not only the fact that Matiur's still buried there but also I was unaware of such a big issue, made me annoyed. Then I made a quick search on it and found that this is actually true! It's a shame that a person sacrificed his life , we honoured him with our highest honour still we can't bring his body back to the free soil he sacrificed for!

But still it's good to see that someone's trying. You can help him by signing into the petition to bring Matiur's remain back.

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Here's a little about Matiur from Banglapedia. :

Rahman, (Bir Srestha) Matiur (1941-1971) martyr in the war of liberation. Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman was born in dhaka on 29 November 1941. He received his primary education at Dhaka Collegiate School. Next he got himself admitted into Pakistan Air Force Public School at Sargoda in West Pakistan. After completing his twelfth class course there he entered Pakistan Air Force Academy. He was commissioned in June 1963 and was posted at Risalpur, West Pakistan. He successfully completed the Jet Conversion Course in Karachi before he was appointed a Jet Pilot in Peshawar.

Rahman made a secret plan of hijacking an aircraft. His aim was to join the liberation forces with the hijacked plane. On the morning of 20 August Pilot Officer Minhaz Rashid was scheduled to fly in a T-33 aircraft from Masrur Airbase in Karachi with Matiur Rahman as his trainer. The T-33 aircraft was code-named 'Bluebird'. During the training flight Matiur Rahman attempted to take control of the aircraft into his own hands, but failed. The plane crashed in Thatta, a place near the Indian border. Matiur's dead body was found near the crash sight, but no traces of Minhaz's dead body could be discovered. Matiur Rahman was buried at the graveyard of fourth class employees at Masrur Airbase.

Matiur Rahman was awarded the highest state title of honour 'Bir Srestha' in
recognition of his patriotism and sacrifice.

Tahsan's new album : Krittodash er Nirbaan released

Tahsan's new album 'Krittodash er Nirbaan' has been released on 25th Dec. The launching ceremony was held at Gseries Outlet at Bashundhara Complex-Level 6. The tracks of the album are :

1. Premataal
2. Shosta khobh
3. Kichukhhon
4. Krittodasher nirban
5. Kada
6. Niranobboi
7. Oddrishho robi
8. Ekattor
9. Chaader hat
10. Sroter shesh
11. Chayar shorir
12. Ayna

Here is a song for you to download. Click here to download it and also don't forget to buy the whole album.

Dec 28, 2005

More songs from Close up - 1

I've found some more songs from close up -1 . This includes songs from :

Nolok Babu

Here is the link to download the mp3s.

For videos you can go here. But you can't download them. But if you have a fast enough connection then you can watch it online. But don't worry if you've a slow connection like most of the people from bangladesh have. Whenever the player starts then pause it. Wait until the full program is buffered. You can understand the progress by looking at the player's progress bar. Have fun..

Notify your msn contacts whenever you post in blogspot.

Msn messenger has a nice way to notify msn contacts about new posts made at your msn space. Now the question arises that if you have a blog elsewhere (like I have in blogspot) how could you notify your msn contacts like msn spaces. I found a way to achieve this goal. It's simple but not efficient. Ok here's the process..

1. Go to your msn space. Click on settings. Then under settings click on e-mail publishing.

2. Under this e-mail publishing tab click on the Turn on e-mail publishing check box. Then it will enable some more options below that check box.

3. In 'Type your e-mail address' field type the e-mail adress you specified at blogger.

4. Select publish entries immidiately after you put your secret word. And remember the msn generated e-mail adress at step 5.

5. Now go to your blogger account.Go to settings. Click on E-mail under settings.

6.In the 'BlogSend Address' field put the msn generated e-mail adress. Then click save and your'e done.

Now whenever you post something in your blogger account it will be published in your msn space too at the same time. As a result your msn space will ping your msn messneger contact card and notify your msn contacts. But the problem is this won't bring people to your blogspot blog but they still can read your blogs @ msn that's the benefit.

Spymac is back :D is the best hosting service i've used so far. It's mainly for mac users but everyone's allowed to use it. They've a great community of users and lot's of forums and everything. In fact spymac's most benefitial offer is to me that they don't have any bandwidth limit. They used to offer 250MB hosting storage which was then quite huge because no other site was providing more than 50 megabytes for free. But suddenly they suspended their web manager tool for upgradation purpose and now they are back with more new features.

Spymac is now offering 1Gb free storage. Can you believe it? Whole 1024Mega bytes for you free!!! But you need to verify your account through sms. Luckily their sms can reach our mobiles in bangladesh (not like But there was a little trick.

There were three fields. One is for country code, the second one is for area code and the last one is your mobile phone number. But as you know mobile phones don't have any area code so what I did was just splitted my mobile number into two halves and bang just after a few clicks I got my sms with the activation code. And now my spymac is up and running again.

You can try it for yourself for hosting your files over web. Spymac is really cool!

Dec 27, 2005

Believe It Or Not

Today I went to my friend Chayan's house. On the way back to home at shantinogor I was stunned to hear an announcement. Here's it for you:

" জামাত - ইস্‌লামি বাংলাদেশের্‌ মহাসমাবেশে দলে দলে যোগ দিয়ে বোমাবাজ্‌দের বিরুদ্ধে আপ্‌নার প্রতিবাদ জানান "

Unbelievable? Believe it.

Dec 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Santa

Santa, I’ve always cherished for an interview with you. As today’s your birthday I thought it’s a perfect day for it. But unfortunately I have an exam tomorrow so it’ll be short. By the way for the readers this is the first time I am interviewing someone. So please forgive me for the meritless questions. As it’s just a personal interview so I think that wont bother much. Any way lets begin.

Me: Happy birthday Santa
Santa: Thank you

Me: Am I the first one to wish this year?
Santa: No definitely not, as you’ve just wished so you’re the last one.

Me: Can you tell us how you are feeling about this day?
Santa: I should say that I am very happy. Some one could argue with me that birthday means just deduction of a year from your life. But I am not with them. To me it’s celebrating the new start of life. To me every birthday is the start of another life, the beginning of the rest of my life.

Santa at the age of 40 days.

Me: Any special resolution for this year’s birthday?
Santa: Basically I’m not the kind of person who makes resolutions but couldn’t achieve them. Instead I am among them who never make such resolutions because I know I can’t achieve it.

Me: My times are running out do you have anything more to say?
Santa: I am thankful to them who has wished me this year’s birthday so far. And also thankful to them who are planning to wish (you can wish me here by commenting..). Below is a list of person who have wished so far. Thank you every one.

Chayan , Sheetal , Dadi (Grand ma) , Monami (my sister) , Amma (Mom) , Abba (Dad) , Saad , Turyo , Enamul , Shishir , Shajeeb , Masuk ,Latif bhai , Arif ,Tumpa , Shaon , Putul , Shantonu , Shimana Apu , Shwakkhar , Uttam , Dipu , Ove , Raka , Shaila , Shahan , Rikhi , Rumi , Abir , Yafi bhaia , Sraboni , Reejuta , Shajib, Hridoy, Anika, Khaled, Lalu nana, Putli, Chachi, Upal , Rezwana Bhabi ,Tonima , Zia Mama , Dahik , Nani , Mami , Lovely Nani , Shohagh , Tehjib , Kafi , Linda , Yakut , Laboni .

Dec 24, 2005

Mobile Moments

Thousand of mobile users take photos almost every hours, at work, during leisure time, for fun. Most of these images are erased from the memories or lying idle.

Colors of Bangladesh and Map photo Agency plans to organize a photo competition and exhibition inviting people to send mobile images to be used for visual awareness of our daily life. The objective of this project is to tell people that not a single moment in your life is insignificant; every moment is valuable; make your private moments immortal.

Attractive prizes are :

Prize 1 – digital camera, 8 mpxl
Prize 2 – digital camera, 7 mpxl
Prize 3 – digital camera, 5 mpxl
Prize 4 – Multimedia phone set, 2 mpxl
Prize 5 – Multimedia phone
Prize 6 – Holiday trip, Sundarbans
Prize 7 – Holiday trip – Cox’s Bazar
Prize 8 – Photo books, 20 winners
Prize 9 – Pen drive, 10 winners
Prize 10 – Free food coupon at Pizza hut, Taka 500 for 20 winners

Click here for details..

Dec 23, 2005

Google Doodles..

You might've notice google change it's logo time to time. They've a variety of logos commemorating holidays and events. They've put them in this online museum for your amusement.
Here are some more of them (sorted on most recent order).

Doodle 10
Doodle 9
Doodle 8
Doodle 7
Doodle 6
Doodle 5
Doodle 4
Doodle 3
Doodle 2

Download MP3 songs of Close Up 1

As I've mentioned in my previous post that I'd try to upload mp3 songs of the program close up 1 , first ever talent show in bangladesh, so here they are.

The available downloadable tracks are :

Maa (Rashed)
Rongdhanur Shaat Rong
Chokher Pani Dekhe
Vedh Bedi Path
Shadhur Charan Dhuli
Tumi Ki Aaj
Bhalobashi Bole Bandhu
Meghe Vanga Rodh
Aaj Sharata Din
Neela Tumi
Ami Jantam
Tumito Kadoni
Dheuye Dheuye

I have remove the links, please purchase the albums and support the artists.
Listen them and enjoy..

Thanks to Adnan for uploading those tracks.

Dec 22, 2005

Nolok Babu : The first ever close Up 1 Bangladesh

Finally the curtain raises and Nolok Babu, becomes the first ever Close up 1, Bangladesh. After 7 months of competition from 40,000 competitors Nolok babu, son of a baby taxi (three wheeler) driver from Jamalpur grabbed the title scoring 91 points out of hundred based on judge’s awarded points and peoples votes from SMS. The first runner up was Razib and Beauty becomes second runner up.

Close Up 1 Nolok Babu

Hometown: Dhaka
Profession: Employed, High School

Favorite Color: White
Favorite Season: Spring
Other talents, besides singing: Sports
Favorite Food: Bhoona Khichuri
Favorite Book: Bisher Bashi
Favorite Persons: Mother
Dream: I have want to make my country proud

The mp3s of this program was previously uploaded to But now I can't find them. I'll try to upload the mp3s as soon as I got those.

Dec 21, 2005

Funny, Isn't it?

I got this song from Jenny khala and found it very funny...
It's actually a remake of the famous song "My heart will go on" by Celine dione which was the theme song of the blockbuster movie Titanic.

Hope you'll enjoy.

Click here to download the song in MP3 format.

(Right Click on the link and select save target as..)

Dec 20, 2005

Mail From Past ? Or Mail to The Future?

Isn't it amazing if you recieve a mail now which is from the past and obviously written by a younger you? I think it is. But it's possible. Suppose I schedule a letter now in a way such that I'll recieve it after 20 years. By this 20 years time it's very likely that I will forget about this whole letter thingi. But after 20 years when I recieve it what could be my reaction? I am waiting to see this.

To surve you with this purpose Futureme started mail scheduling.The site is one of a handful that let people send e-mails to themselves and others years in the future. They are technology's answer to time capsules, trading on people's sense of curiosity, accountability and nostalgia. The site lets people send messages 30 years from now.

Recently, jumped on the idea, offering an "e-mail time capsule" promotion. It is partnering with Yahoo! and Codefix Consulting on the project.

Another type of future message service can be found at sites such as or, which promise to send messages to loved ones (or less-than-loved ones) after you die.

So start mailing to the older yous...

Japanese men lap up new comfort

Japanese men without a shoulder to cry on this Christmas are being offered a woman's lap - made out of foam - to rest on instead.

The "lap pillow", shaped like the bottom half of a kneeling woman, is selling for about 9,429 yen ($90), the French news agency AFP reported.

"Single men find this soothing," said Mitsuo Takahashi of the manufacturer Trane KK.

He told AFP that the Hizamakura, or lap pillow, fulfilled a primal need.

"From the time people were kids, people have laid their heads on their mothers' laps to get their ears cleaned," he said. "This is made to be quite close to the real thing."

But they are also reported to be proving popular as joke gifts at office parties.

So far the company has sold about 3,000 laps, Mr Takahashi said.

The Hizamakura is similar to a product, shaped like a man's torso with one sturdy arm, which has been on sale since last December.

That product, the Boyfriend's Arm Pillow, was made by Japanese company Kameo, and is being targeted at Japanese single women.


Dec 16, 2005

What's around : December 17 , 2005

It's been long since I posted last my regular post 'What's around' due to my exam. Now as the exam's coming to an end, I am trying to find some air to breathe again inside the blogosphere. So here I am once again ...

Somewhere in launches free bangla blogging tool - badh bangar aawaj.

This Advertisement for the new Honda Accord was shot in real time with no CGI involved in the sequence. It required 606 takes and cost $6 million to shoot and took 3 months to complete.

Mohammud Mahmudur Rahman at has lot's of historical documents, newspaper clippings back from `71.

Muktijuddhyo Jadughor's New website.

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Tobuo Bhalobashi Bangladesh..

Thanks to Shaptahik 2000 via Drishtipat.

Dec 11, 2005

Satisfaction and happiness....

From my childhood the most often scenario after the exam was that I was unhappy with the exam and some of my friends were very happy with it. But I don’t want to use the term unhappy instead I should say I was not satisfied with the exam compared to the preparation I took. And the opposite effect was observed during result time. In fact I scored better compared to them quite a few times. People used to say then that I was whinny always complaining because I was unable to make them understand them that I was unsatisfied not unhappy. To me happiness clearly depends on satisfaction. And now when I am into BUET clearly failing to achieve good result, after every exam when people asked about it my reply is obviously not good. But people won’t understand now and keep saying that he always says like this we’ll look into his result which hurts.

The most funny thing is everytime I was unsatisfied with my exam I scored good but now when I am satisfied (because I took very little preparation before the exam) my result ….. (hahaha don’t want to talk about it).

P.S. : This blog is from the inspiration I got after securing at least a C+ in todays microprocessor exam.

Dec 8, 2005

Seven killed as JMB blasts again!

At least seven people were killed and more than 50 wounded in a suicide bomb attack by JMB during the morning rush hour on a crowded street infront of Udichi center at Netrokona.

According to local tv reports pollice found a bomb in the same place at around 9.30am the same morning and while attempting to defuse the bomb huge mass gathered to watch that incident. JMB suicide squad took this opputunity and two suicide bombers arrived and blasted on the spot killing at least seven people and wounding more than 50 persons. 3 of them was killed on spot including Udichi general secretary. One of the suicide bombers was among the wounded who was still carrying the bomb while taking to the hospital.

When pollice arrested the head bomb maker in Gazipur I thought that could stop JMB for a while but stupid me was so wrong! Just a little while ago when I heard this news from TV (again Amma's the one who informed me about the bombing just after I woke up!) I was discussin the issue with my friend Shaon. His thought was very clear that you can't stop someone who's prepared to die. If you hold him on gunpoint he won't care because he's here to die. So the only way to stop is when they will stop because government has clearly failed to stop them.

Is this the way we'll have to live? Is this the country our martyrs died for? Let's reunite once again and make our moderate islamic country peaceful.

N.B. I edited the picture above which is actually from here.

Dec 7, 2005


So, in summation, hartals are bullshit. Unfortunately, the political/security situation seems to be slowly deteriorating, and the election is still almost a year away. That means things are only going to get worse, which means that hartals are going to be called more and more frequently.
-- Read Joe Coyle's full post here.

But for me personally I am in dying need of a hartal on the 11th so that my microprocessor and microcontroller exam will be rescheduled later and I would have a little more time to study. Only a hartal on that day could help us. Aren't you listening??

Today was my Operating System Final and as usual I messed up. Reading OS from Tanenbum or Bach was fun but memorizing them was not. The first one was accounting and it was fun to do maths while listening to music without feeling the pressure. Isn't it funny that me being a CSE student had more fun with accounting than with OS? If it's so than I can't help because I hate to memorize.

By the way I should congratulate Bangladesh Pollice force as they've successfully captured the main co-ordinator of JMB in gazipur.

Dec 1, 2005

An Afraid Blogger

It's been a routine that I woke up in the morning, turn my mobile on and after an hour or two received amma’s call informing me about another suicide bombing and asking me to be careful as I’ve been living away from home for the last two weeks. Really I would never think that someday I’ll end up in a country where suicide bombers wander around searching for the door to jannat. What a shortcut! These unfortunate brainwashed fellows are surely greatful to their ‘ostad’ / mentors for showing them the shortest path to get into jannat by killing innocent people instead of engaging themselves into the ‘holy work.’ The police or security forces don’t have any clue before any of these incidents took place. But I don’t understand why don’t they take the help of our leaders!!!. Let us check what these learned persons know..

Sheikh Hasina: "It's now clear to the people that BNP and Jamaat are the direct patrons of militants. They can rein in them if they want to do so. There was a pause in terrorist acts during the SAARC Summit here when the government had very tactfully stopped bomb attacks to make them believe there is no law and order problem here,"

"The government has got panicked seeing the massive gathering of the people in the grand rally. It got the message that people no longer want to see the BNP-Jamaat coalition in power. So it's trying to terrorize the innocent people through bomb attacks,"
-(What an interesting insight!!)

Nizami: "Target of these bomb blasts is to break up the ruling alliance, discredit the government and create a situation so that BNP considers Jamaat as liability... The beneficiary of these blasts is the Awami League, not the alliance," (You are in the government then why are you letting your opposition took advantage of the situation? Are you insane?)
Begum Khaleda Zia : Criticising Awami League for their misdeeds, terrorism, corruption while they were in power, Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia said they were now enforcing hartal frequently on one pretext or other to disrupt the country’s development activities. (You knew that they did wrong and you’ve already got 4 years why didn’t you correct those!!!)

These freaks really pissed me off!