Nov 24, 2005

The Truth Award

Ruling party BNP has awarded MP Abu Hena with 'The Truth Award'.It wasn't a bolt from the blue to the people who follow bangladeshi politics. Abu Hena was nominated for this award when he spoke against militant in Bangladesh and their relation with the ruling parties. As he was the only nominee this time so it's evident that he was going to recieve that. Daily Star tells us details about this..
A BNP press release yesterday evening said BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has expelled Abu Hena, a lawmaker from Rajshahi-3, from the party and cancelled his primary membership for violating party discipline and tarnishing its image.

For those who are not femiliar with 'The Truth Award' I can give a short description. This is the award bangladeshi 'democratic' political parties usually awards their members for speaking against their party. Previously Awami League , current opposition party, awarded this prestigious award to Kamal Hossain, Kader Siddiqui and so on.. The prime reason to become a nominee for this award is to speak the truth which could be against the party policy. Because according to our politicians this would diminishes the so called 'image' of the party.

Thanks to Begum Khaleda Zia, leader of BNP for awarding Abu Hena 'The Truth Award' and thus certifying his anti-militant statements.

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  1. Underlying this Abu Hena issue is a very fundamental problem - why should an MP lose his membership to parliament if he speaks against the party? He is an elected member of the party. I want to see how BNP handles this.

    After Abu Hena, there will be Oli Ahmed, Ashraf Hossain and hopefully more who will speak up against Jamaat and right wing BNP members.