Nov 10, 2005

I love this Dhaka

Dhaka, the capital of bangladesh dresses with lights for SAARC . Tonight I went to take a few snap of the city but due to security reason the security forces prohibited me of taking pictures so I had to take them while driving. As a result some picture got blurred. But still you'll have a glimpse of the beautiful Dhaka city. Another important thing is my monitor has brightness problems so I was unable to check the brightness of these pictures.

So you might need to adjust your monitor's brightness level to view the pictures properly.So enjoy...

Due to images this page might take time to load so have patience.Also You can click any image to get a larger view.


  1. Hmmm good job piccchi.Lekin Problem holo oii lighting er jonno loadshedding ta ektu beshi :(.Dhaka Sohor je shundor ter nomuna to dekhchi.

  2. Dhaka looks so different :O w/ all those lighting nd decorations.

    thanx for sharing de pics here. gr8 job! ;)

  3. Lighting ta ektu beshi kore felse. zai hok kharap na, valo. aro valo hobe zodi ei soundorzota(lighting chara) dhore rakha zay.
    Nice piccy indeed.

  4. I do beleive that pumping all bloods in face isnt a sign of good health...But still when its bout natioanl pride, we can sacrifice anything.

    Nice work Shafi.
    I think you can do a series titled 'Raater Dhaka'

  5. Nice job buddy. Though I wish they did not spend so much money on this, Bangladesh is already in serious financial crunch.

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  6. Hi U hv dn a gr8 jb. anw dhk is simply lokin lyk a princess. (despite loadshading).think you will see this view round the most regretable fact is this is not gonna happen.
    anws hp 4 d bst.

  7. well done! its great to see people from dhaka who are bloggers!

  8. gr8, but could u also take some daytime pictures as well.
    nice blog

  9. i visited Dhaka 2 months ago
    i live in Pennsylvania, USA
    Dhaka looks 100 times better than it did the last time i visited it.
    although my hometown is Pabna ,Dhaka is georgious.

    my myspace+

    _Noyan Rahman