Nov 29, 2005

At least 5 people killed as JMB blasts again

Jamatul Mujahedin of Bangladesh (JMB) has strucked again in Bangladesh. This time the bombs were blasted in Gazipur and Chittagong Court yard. Three persons including one suicide bomber in Gazipur was killed at once and two persons including a policeman was killed in Chittagong by the blast.

In gazipur the suicidal bomber entered the hall room dressed as an advocate and blasted the bomb tied with his waist killing 3 people and more than 50 injured.

In chittagong the suicidal bomber was suspected by the police check post in front of the court yard. And when he was searched he blasted the bomb killing one policeman and and another person. But he himself escaped death and now under police custody in Chittagong medical hospital. 13 more policeman was injured in this incident.

Bangladesh has been hit by a wave of recent bombings that have targeted judges, journalists and politicians. The latest blasts follow the killing of two judges in southern Bangladesh earlier this month.The courts and judges are targeted because JMB wants to establish Islamic law in Bangladesh. What a way to exploit Islam by killing this innocent people!

Furthermore bomb threats were received by American and British Embassies in Bangladesh and also district judge of Dinajpur received bomb threats. The police forces were searching for the JMB leader Abdur Rahman but they hadn’t been successful so far.

The fact that JMB has prepared a suicidal squad is very horrific because you can’t catch them as they are all ready to die.

What’s coming next? I don’t know ..