Nov 29, 2005

At least 5 people killed as JMB blasts again

Jamatul Mujahedin of Bangladesh (JMB) has strucked again in Bangladesh. This time the bombs were blasted in Gazipur and Chittagong Court yard. Three persons including one suicide bomber in Gazipur was killed at once and two persons including a policeman was killed in Chittagong by the blast.

In gazipur the suicidal bomber entered the hall room dressed as an advocate and blasted the bomb tied with his waist killing 3 people and more than 50 injured.

In chittagong the suicidal bomber was suspected by the police check post in front of the court yard. And when he was searched he blasted the bomb killing one policeman and and another person. But he himself escaped death and now under police custody in Chittagong medical hospital. 13 more policeman was injured in this incident.

Bangladesh has been hit by a wave of recent bombings that have targeted judges, journalists and politicians. The latest blasts follow the killing of two judges in southern Bangladesh earlier this month.The courts and judges are targeted because JMB wants to establish Islamic law in Bangladesh. What a way to exploit Islam by killing this innocent people!

Furthermore bomb threats were received by American and British Embassies in Bangladesh and also district judge of Dinajpur received bomb threats. The police forces were searching for the JMB leader Abdur Rahman but they hadn’t been successful so far.

The fact that JMB has prepared a suicidal squad is very horrific because you can’t catch them as they are all ready to die.

What’s coming next? I don’t know ..

Nov 28, 2005

An amazing story....

From Rezwanul bhai I came to know about this amazingly touching story. Thanks to him for this amazing story. Here's the story for you..:

November 11, 2005, 8:22 a.m.
I Never Knew His Name
The true face of Muslim martyrdom.

By Chaplain Carlos C. Huerta

Mosul, Iraq — It is October 11 as I write this, the day before Yom Kippur. The Day of Atonement is supposed to be a day of fast, reflection, and prayer for the Jews: a time when I reflect on my own actions and intentions from the previous year. But the images I carry into my fast are sad ones, of someone else’s child, a Muslim child. There is blood spattered on my uniform despite the fact that I haven’t been hit or wounded. And yet it is B-positive blood, my own blood, mixed with the blood of a nine-year old Iraqi boy who was observing his fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Today there was a terrorist attack at a place most people have never heard of. Unless you’re a soldier stationed here, the name Tal Afar would probably be insignificant to you. But Tal Afar means a lot to me.

Today some terrorists decided to kill some Iraqi citizens — good Muslims — in order to discourage them from voting on Saturday on the new constitution. These terrorists called themselves Muslims and claimed that what they did was for Allah. But their connection to Islam is about as true and strong as Timothy McVeigh’s connection to Christianity. What they did is so contrary to the holy teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) that to say their name in the same breath as Islam is considered sacrilege.

I was at the Combat Support Hospital — known as CASH — when the call came: Terrorists had hit, no American casualties, but 22 Iraqis wounded, five of whom were children under the age of twelve. I stood on the tarmac watching as the MEDEVAC choppers came in one at a time to deliver the wounded. Many of the wounded had no legs, or deep chest, head, and abdominal wounds. I noticed the children, two in particular who had severe head trauma. I followed them into the ER and then watched our physicians struggle in the OR to stabilize them. After the physicians did what they could, the children were taken to the ICU. I helped carry their stretchers into the ICU and stood by to see if I could help. I had a serious conversation with G-d and pleaded with him to take care of these kids — kids who should be playing soccer, or doing their homework for school the next day, or helping their parents get ready for supper. Both of these children had skulls so badly shattered that their heads needed to be bandaged to keep their brains in. I watched as the nurses and medics gave them pint after pint of blood and as their head bandages turned from white to red. I held the youngest one’s hands, reassuring him to the extent I could.

As they were giving the youngest his third pint of blood, I heard the nurse say that they were running low on O Positive, the universal donor, and that due to the tremendous internal bleeding, this child would need more. I asked what blood type he was, and it turned out both children were B Positive, my own blood type. I went to the head nurse and asked if I could donate blood for the youngest child and they quickly hooked me up and took a pint. After giving it, I went back to see him; he already my blood hooked up to him and surging in his veins.

I held his tiny hand and watched as the monitors told the story: His heart was in trouble owing to the brain trauma. I watched as he fought for his life, fighting to breathe. But I knew he was dying and there was nothing I could do. This innocent Muslim child, who had been observing Ramadan the way a child does, was now dying despite the fact that my blood was moving though his veins, despite the fact that I pleaded with G-d to do what I thought was right, to keep him alive. But G-d had other plans.

I didn’t want this boy to die hearing the strange sounds of a hospital and a foreign language. I wanted him to be comforted by the last sounds he heard, by words that were close to his heart, words that spoke of home and faith. I started to recite the Holy Koran to him.

My close friend, a fellow clergyman, Imam Burgos, the imam for the United States Military Academy, had helped me learn Surahs of the Holy Koran, and I chanted these out to the boy in Arabic. As I chanted, I heard the monitor go flat-line. I held his little hand, as my blood moved through his tiny pure heart that could no longer bear the evil of this world.

I held his hand and cried — cried for a boy whose name I didn’t know, for an innocent Muslim child who gave his life for his G-d, Allah, for his country. He was the true face of Muslim martyrdom. With tears streaming down my face, I looked down and noticed blood on my uniform. His blood, my blood, our blood had dripped from his open head wound onto my uniform.

An hour or so later I walked away into the waiting area as they prepared his body for transport. There I met Chaplain Mark Greschel, a Catholic priest. He looked at me and knew that I was in trouble. He sat with me, somehow knowing that the pain we felt was best not mixed with words. He quietly put his arms around me, and we both sat there in silence. I thought to myself, isn’t this the kind of world we are fighting for — a world where an Imam teaches a Rabbi words from the Holy Koran to comfort a young Muslim boy, and that rabbi himself is comforted by a Christian, a Catholic priest.

On this day before Yom Kippur, the Jewish Fast Day, the Day of Atonement, I ask myself: What is Ramadan all about? Is it about killing, or is it about seeking out G-d through fasting and prayer? For those of us who choose not to carry hatred and prejudice in our hearts, the answer is simple. For the holy Islamic community, Ramadan is a time of introspection, of hope, of belief that if we all work together, we can truly build a better world for all our children, even those whose names we don’t know. There is so much that we can learn about faith and G-d through other religions; there is so much that our Muslim brothers and sisters can teach us about our Creator, about personal sacrifice and selfless service. But if we consider their faith only with mistrust, hatred, and indifference, then this nine-year-old angel with his faith in G-d means nothing. Then we have diminished our own faith in G-d. If we objectify the Muslim people as well as those who don’t share our exact views on the nature of G-d, if we see them as less than our brothers and sisters, then we as a human race are lost.

There are many Americans who ask why we’re here. Why are we sacrificing so many American lives and placing so many in harm’s way? What is the purpose of it all? Well, I don’t really know the big picture. But from my small sector of the battlefield, the reason I am here is to give “the least of these,” my children over here, a shot at “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” — just like my other children living in America.

I didn’t give birth to him, but on this fast day in Ramadan, on this day before Yom Kippur, I lost a son, someone who had my blood coursing through his body. And for him, I choose not to hate, I choose to follow the path that the great Sheik Ibn Arabi followed when he said, “Love is my Faith and my religion and wherever its caravans take me, that is where I shall follow, for love is my religion and faith.” Let us join hands with our Muslim brothers and sisters and let this be the message of Ramadan that we carry in our hearts and take with us. G-d has a new Muslim angel in Paradise. I hope to tell you his name one day when I meet him again.

— Chaplain Carlos C. Huerta is Jewish Community chaplain in Mosul, Iraq.

* * *

You can also read the story here

Nov 27, 2005

Bangladeshi Hafez wins the award

While whole bangladesh and the rest of the world are debating about Madrassa studies, Bangladeshi Hafez Saiful Islam brings glory to his country by becoming first in the World Hifzul Quran Competition among contestants from 30 other contestants. Second and third was from Pakistan and Egypt respectively.

Previously he stood second in Dubai International Holy Quran Award and was fourth in Saudi Arabia.

Read the news here from Prothom Alo.

Nov 24, 2005

The Truth Award

Ruling party BNP has awarded MP Abu Hena with 'The Truth Award'.It wasn't a bolt from the blue to the people who follow bangladeshi politics. Abu Hena was nominated for this award when he spoke against militant in Bangladesh and their relation with the ruling parties. As he was the only nominee this time so it's evident that he was going to recieve that. Daily Star tells us details about this..
A BNP press release yesterday evening said BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has expelled Abu Hena, a lawmaker from Rajshahi-3, from the party and cancelled his primary membership for violating party discipline and tarnishing its image.

For those who are not femiliar with 'The Truth Award' I can give a short description. This is the award bangladeshi 'democratic' political parties usually awards their members for speaking against their party. Previously Awami League , current opposition party, awarded this prestigious award to Kamal Hossain, Kader Siddiqui and so on.. The prime reason to become a nominee for this award is to speak the truth which could be against the party policy. Because according to our politicians this would diminishes the so called 'image' of the party.

Thanks to Begum Khaleda Zia, leader of BNP for awarding Abu Hena 'The Truth Award' and thus certifying his anti-militant statements.

Nov 23, 2005

Flag? Why?

Probably you've noticed this navigation bar above your blogger homepage. This navigation bar is a easy tool that can drive audiences to your blog site. Like when someone clicked on the 'next blog' button it'll drive the visitor to a recently updated blog. But do you know that by accepting this navbar you also have the risk of being de-indexed by blogger and google? I didnt!

When a person visiting a blog clicks the "Flag?" button in the Blogger Navbar, it means they believe the content of the blog may be potentially offensive or illegal. Blogger track the number of times a blog has been flagged as objectionable and use this information to determine what action is needed , like de-indexing it from blogger and also from google.

Now consider the scenario that you have a large online community and you don't like the content of a particular blog. So jump with your online gangs to 'Flag' the blog and bang it's out of publicity!!!

While blogging has opened a media of online journalism to everyone this type of censorship tool by blogger is clearly unacceptable.

To remove or hide the navbar from your blog just paste this code

#b-navbar {
display:none }

into your template somewhere between < style type="text/css" > and < /style > . Thanks to Blogger Forum for this code.

By the way removing navbar would be a violation of blogger terms.

Nov 20, 2005

The Wake Up Call

Finally CSE department of BUET noticed that they are not getting the brightest of the students from the admission test. For many years the top students according to the buet admission test choose CSE as their subject. But the scenario started changing from 2003. In 2003 the CSE / EEE ratio among the first 100 students was 50-50 and the following year i.e. 2004 EEE took the place where CSE was. The main reason behind this was the arrival of telecom companies. As BUET don't have Telecom Engineering Electrical students got the preference as telecom engineer. With the arrival of Orascom as Banglalink and 19 other PSTN companies' starting operation together made a huge market of Electrical engineers. By this time the CSE department did nothing but to only act as a specatator. But now when last year only 9 students from the top 139 chose CSE the wake up call rang.

Finally BUET CSE department did something to attract newcomer's attraction. Department of CSE is arranging a seminar focusing on future of CSE and prospects of CSE graduates. The motto is to inform the newcomers about the current picture of the CSE industry. Officials of leading IT and Telecom organizations will be present to express their views on CSE. I hope they will be successfull. But as a CSE student I think it's fun to study here. Specially after solving a critical assignment the pleasure that I had can't be expressed through words. Now for the newcomers and frustated CSE students below is the detail of the upcoming seminar.

Date: 26th November, 2005 (Saturday)
Time: 3:00 PM
Venue: BUET Auditorium

In fact the most tensed moment a student faces after being selected in BUET admission test is now when he is to choose his subject. I hope this will clear all confusions regarding CSE graduate's future and lead the new brains into the CSE realm. Because CSE needs brighter students for it's curriculum.

Nov 18, 2005

100$/ Haji

The News: State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism Mir Mohammad Nasir Uddin was axed yesterday in the wake of a mess made of the flight fare for the Hajj pilgrims.
He tendered his resignation at around 8:00pm. Source

The Reaction: Biman slashed down the fare from the earlier $1,150 to $1050 .

The reason I think : The pocket that was supposed to collect that additional $100 was shown the door.

Nov 15, 2005

Exam Time!

Today I’m gonna write about my experience of my last few day’s stay at our dormitory, Titumir Hall, BUET. As the exam became closer I decided to stay at hall to study with my friends. Another reason was that this won’t let me easy access to internet so I can concentrate on my studies for the exam supposed to be held on the 19th, November. In fact I got a bit scared when the authority hadn’t agreed with the student’s demanded about extending the PL (preparatory leave before exam). So I hurried off towards my seat. But when I got their, I found totally different atmosphere. There were no trace of fear about the exam and the relaxing mood among fellow hallmates were so great that it also eased my anxiety. I too became a resident and started acting like them assuring the other non resident students about the exam. The funniest thing was when I asked one of my roommates that whether the authority would bend this time. He was so surprised that he didn’t speak for a while and after that he just asked me “I don’t understand how could you got through 3-2 , I won’t mind if a student of 1-1 or 1-2 asked me something that silly, But how could you???”. It just shut my mouth off and also their confidence strengthened my belief. And once again they were proved right. They (should I write WE?) made the authority to change the starting date of our term final exam and it’s going to start from 3rd December (Otherwise I would definitely fail in one or two subjects).

So it made me think a little bit Abraham Lincolnish way. To me ‘The Date of term final’ is the decision of the pupil, by the pupil, for the pupil.

P.S. Since I’ve been living in hall so I can’t update my blog regularly. Sorry for the inconvenience. But I’ll try to update when I got time and internet like I’m doing now. Thank you for staying with me.

By the way I just took a funny test that said that my blog is worth $4,516.32. Cool eh? Try yours too.

My blog is worth $4,516.32.
How much is your blog worth?

Nov 10, 2005

I love this Dhaka

Dhaka, the capital of bangladesh dresses with lights for SAARC . Tonight I went to take a few snap of the city but due to security reason the security forces prohibited me of taking pictures so I had to take them while driving. As a result some picture got blurred. But still you'll have a glimpse of the beautiful Dhaka city. Another important thing is my monitor has brightness problems so I was unable to check the brightness of these pictures.

So you might need to adjust your monitor's brightness level to view the pictures properly.So enjoy...

Due to images this page might take time to load so have patience.Also You can click any image to get a larger view.

Nov 9, 2005

As if ..

I wish to see more like this picture.

I don’t understand why they can’t sit together and discuss for the good of the country in parliament while they’re doing it in workshops and TV shows (like Trito matra of Channel I ).

P.S. : Image from Prothom Alo

Nov 7, 2005

My Playlist : November 08 , 2005

From today I decided to start another regular post 'My Playlist'. In this thread I will try to share one or two songs I've been listening to now a days in MP3 format and also the lyrics if possible. So enjoy..

Disclaimer: You are downloading this file because you have the original copy of it. Otherwise, you must not download this file because it is illegal to have it. You have been notified and I do not take responsibility for the incorrect use by the visitors.

So todays Mp3s are:

Song: Ondho
Artist: Black
Album: Shopnochura - 2
Downloadable Link: Click Here


Song: Ekta Gopon Kotha
Artist: Yaatri
Album: Shopnochura - 2
Downloadable Link: Click Here
Lyrics: Akta Gopon Kotha

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Random Ramblings..

Probably the most common question you would face while talking with a bangladeshi for the first time is that 'Apnar desh kothay?' ( Where do you come from?) Now when I was a child I always wondered what they mean by that? Because everybody knows I'm a bangladeshi (some might think otherwise because of my appearance). Anyway when I replied Bangladesh they just laughed and asked me again.

So oneday I asked my father where's my desh? and what they meant by asking that? My father explained me that by desh they wanted to know where my father was born. By that they would judge what kind of a person I was. Like someone from Nokakhali or Barishal is usually considered to be bad ( common trend of bangladeshis not my personal opinion). Anyway after that my father told me that as he was born in dhaka so my answer should be Dhaka. But now a new problem arose. It seemed that they are not satisfied with my answer because they thought I misunderstood them and told them where I was living instead of telling them my 'desh'. So I again sought help from my father. This time he advised me to tell them bogura where my mother was born. Now everyone was happy when they heard that I was from Bogura. But the problem was I was not satisfied. So I asked my father why people don't believe me that I am actually from dhaka?. After that he told me that not many people are from dhaka that's why people weren't satisfied with my answer. So he then told me my family history which is in short is that my grandfather and his brother sold all their properties in west bengal, india in 1942 and then settled in dhaka. My grandfather served as register of the High court so from then my family started living in dhaka. So after these whenever I told someone that I am from dhaka and saw disbelief in his/her eyes then I told them the whole story starting from my grandfather and so on..

Now all these things was just an introduction. In fact yesterday when I was chatting with a new friend suddenly I was asked this very question and it turned out that my friend also had the same fate. After that i thought that my father was born in dhaka but in that time dhaka was a part of pakistan in that sense he is a pakistani and I am a Pakistani too as his son. My grandfather is from India. As a son my father is an Indian too and so am I as his son. And now I am a Bangladeshi by born.

How international I am!

Nov 6, 2005

The Eid

So after 3 days of celebration finally the Eid – ul- Fitr is going to finish for me. Well it was a good one. I enjoyed it by visiting my relatives instead of hanging around with friends which I do every year. Being a student I am in a close contact with my friends and also with the advent of technologies like mobile phone and internet I am always in contact with them. That’s why I thought to pay a visit to my elders in this joyous occasion and it proved me right. Among them I visited my great grandfather who is suffering from damaged kidney for the last 3/4 years by dialyses. He was very happy to see all of us in front of him which made me think my visit to my relatives instead of my friends was a right decision.

The 2nd day of eid was divided into two parts. During the first half a few of our relatives visited us and the newly married couple Upal (my most of favourite cousin) and his wife Rezwana was among them. They also had their lunch with us after that we enjoyed a movie together , which was a great fun.

And in the later half my friends visited me. We watched Humayun Ahmed’s drama together and the drama sucked. By the way I read his ‘Kuhurani’ from Prothom Alo’s Eid Special but that one also sucked. I don’t know what happened to this guy but his recent works are clearly far far below his standards!!! In the picture from the right there're Enamul, Shahan, Uttam, Shakkhor and me.

I forgot to tell you that there was an unwanted guest in our bathroom who visited the day before the Eid day. But unfortunately we had to drive it out of our house because people were scared to use the bathroom. Take a look at it.

And here's a picture of some foods that amma prepared for Eid day.

Nov 3, 2005

Eid Mubarak

EId MubarakEid Mubarak, Yes it’s different. Because you actually have to come here to receive my greetings. So it’s an exception. Most of the time these good wishes find you through sms , e-mails , e-cards , messages through Instant messengers and so many other ways but this one’s different. Because it’s you who finds it. So you had to work a bit to receive it. Is it worth? I don’t know.

Today is Eid day. Is it different to me or just an usual one? I would say it’s all the same. Because buying new clothes doesn’t charm me. When I need one I buy one. So what’s the difference? Why should I wait for this day? Just because from today I can eat whenever I wish until next Ramadan? I don’t think so. In fact Eid has no special meaning to me. It’s just a usual day which I celebrate a bit glamorous way. But I’ve seen Eid. When our maid’s son received his new set of dress that my family gave him for Eid I saw an enormous joy in his eyes and that’s Eid. Probably this is the only new dress for him this year. And he was waiting for this day. So that he can wear a new dress and can eat some very good foods. It’s Eid for them not for us. So why should I wish you? Because actually Eid is for all of us. It’s the day when we forget our discrimination and divide joy among us. So after a long boring speech Eid Mubarak once again. (According to physics we have done nothing because I end up where I started .)

Now the persons I am missing very much in this EID:

First of all my uncle whom I called Papa is not celebrating this day with us in fact he won’t do any of the next ones. And this is the first Eid-ul-Fitr after his death. May his soul rest in peace. Papa I don’t know where you are..but I am missing you very much : (

Secondly it’s chayan. Last Eid-ul-Fitr he was in Bangladesh and celebrated this day with us. He’s now in Melbourne and had his Eid yesterday. I miss you my buddy!

Now the things that made this Eid more enjoyable than the previous ones :

Well you know the answer. Obviously it’s this blog and you the readers. Although this blog was here last year but you weren’t :P.

Now the worst thing about this Eid:

I have my exams just after it. So the more quickly it finishes the more the exams comes nearer.

Don’t worry lecture’s are over. And that’s Eid a mixture of many things but overall a joyous festival.

What's around : November 03 , 2005

Yakoub Ibrahim's views and snaps during his stay in bangladesh.

Salam from 'Outside The Box' starts his journey in the blogosphere by apologising from Deepali.

"Genuine question
Accha bolun to dada "nengti idoor" keno boli
Jongoley bagh ke ki amraa kapor poriye choli
Tobey keno bolina nengti bagh, doggy ba bunny
Idoor er saathey injustice - not at all funny.
"--------More funny rhymes from Kobi Thakur(viewer's discretion recommended).

Eid mubarak from Jake, Bridget, Rezwanul Bhai, Nabil Hannan, Rashed, Ruzina, Mohua, Mansoor, Tasnim, Zia, Minhaz Uddin, Sumaya and ofcourse me.

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Nov 1, 2005

Taj needs your help

Taj means crown. Yes indeed she was the crown of her family. Being the eldest among three children of Mr. and Mrs. Lokman, Taj has also showed great academic promise securing 2As in her A level exams. On March 2003, Taj was diagnosed with a cancer called the Hodgkin Lymphoma Nodular Sclerosis. After months of treatment at Bamrungrad, she was tested to have made a full recovery. But the expanse of the treatment costs her parents everything financially. But the joy was boundless, Taj was back.But unfortunately the killer is back. Taj had relapsed.

As a glimmer of hope to this distraught family, the Try Foundation decided to give it a final shot. Great news was received from the Cancer Research Center, Maryland, USA who agreed to take up Taj as a patient and provide the treatment free of cost. The treatment that depended on donors for the bone marrow transplant, will take up to a year. For the transport, living and an initial treatment at Bamrungrad the family now needs another 70-80 lakh taka(almost 120,000$). But they are already drained by the treatment of the previous attack.

Today, she is appealing to the spirit of the Bangladeshi community both at
home and abroad to make a difference to this budding life. The same spirit
that showed hope to Amit, Shuchi, Hridoy and numerous others.

If you want to help Taj then you can contact on following address

E-mail :

WebSite :

You can send online payments via paypal to - .

In Dhaka

MD.Bazlul Lokman
Road# 9/A House#97

To Send Money:

Account No.34080094
National Bank Limited
Dhanmondi Branch,Satmoshjid Road,


Mamun Khan
50 Fairfield Ave
CT -06854
Ph: 001-203-852805, 001-203-4344095

To Send Money:
Peoples Bank
Savings Account: 066514756005