Aug 25, 2005

Drunk Test

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Aug 22, 2005


I’ve just taken the death test and it said that I’ll die on the August of 2056 at the age of 74 years. They measured it from some questions like my families death histories, about my smoking habits or like if I live a risky life or not! But what they didn’t enquire was where I live. Yes I am from such a country where 500 explosions take places across her 144000 square meter area within only half hour duration. Still no clue of her police or detective forces about how or who did it and why! Instead the two major political parties started blaming each other like they do as always and made it easier for the terrorist to laugh and escape safely.

What should I do? Wait for my unexpected death? Still don’t know!

Aug 18, 2005

Venice Turns to Future to Rescue Its Past

Construction is under way on a system of gates to protect Venice from extremely high tides of the sea. I wonder what we will do in future to control the nature by disbalancing her!

Source : NewYork Times


Hi folks! I am back. My midterm break has just started and so I am back at home. And as usual I am sitting here in front of my PC. So when I checked my mail I found an interesting link which one of my best friends sent me. It's called the The 2-Variable Intuition Test. They asked you some questions and based on your answers they'll measure your smartness from your emotional intuition and scientific intuition (weird but funny). Fortunately they didn't categorize me in the geeks (which I certainly am not). So you can see that the test is at least that much accurate. I've attached my results here..

The graph on the right represents my place in Intuition 2-Space As you can see, I scored above average on emotional intuition and above average on scientific intuition. (Weirdly, my emotional and scientific intuitions are equally strong.)

My Emotional Intuition score is a measure of how well I understand people, especially their unspoken needs and sympathies (Do I? I strongly doubt that I understand people's unspoken needs but I think I do understand people.). They say a high score usually indicates social grace and persuasiveness( Wow! yeah I am quite influential). A low score usually means I am good at Quake.

My Scientific Intuition score tells you how in tune I am with the world around me (which I think I am); how well I understand my physical and intellectual environment. People with high scores here are apt to succeed in business and, of course, the sciences. (Yey I am into science )

My results are 70% SCIENTIFIC INTUITION and 62% EMOTIONAL INTUITION. And they decided that I am "Very Well-Rounded" (Very flattering huh!)


PS : "Happy Midterm Break" for readers who are from BUET.

Aug 13, 2005

Music at it's best!

Hi ,
here's one of my most favourite music The Secret Love .

And please don't forget to comment after listening it.

Aug 11, 2005

Is Old Gold?

Here’s the house in front of ours which is being demolished. They already took off the doors and windows which gave it a haunted look. They advertise that there will be a 6 storied Apartment building on the plot. So I decided to take the pictures of the whole process. So here’s the first part. After the picture I’ve attached a poem written in Bengali by my most favorite poet Shukanto Bhottacharjo. Hope you’ll like it.

Sukanto Bhottacharjo

Je shishu bhumistho holo aj rate
Tar mukhe khobor pelum:
She peyeche charpotro ek,
Notun bissher dare tai bekto kore odhikar
Jonmomatro sutibro chitkare.

Khorbo deho nihsohai tobu tar mushtiboddho hat
Uttolito udbhashito
Ki ek durboddho protiggai.

She bhasha bojhe na keu,
Keu hashe,keu kore mridu tiroshkar

Ami kintu mone mone bujhechi she bhasha
Peyechi notun chithi asonno juger-
Porichoi potro pori bhumishtho shishur,
Osposhtho kuyasha bhora chokhe.

Esheche notun shishu ,take chere dite hobe sthan,
Jirno prithibite bertho,mrito ar dhongshostup pithe,
Chole jete hobe amader

Chole jabo- tobu aj jotokkhon dehe ache pran
Pranpone pritthibir sorabo jonjal,
E bisshoke shishur kore jabo ami-
Nobo jatoker kache a amar driro ongikaar.

Obosheshe shob kaj shere
Amar deher rokte notun shishuke
Kore jabo Ashirbad,
Tarpor hobo itihash.

Aug 10, 2005

Confession of a Repented mind

They know i'm sorry...
They know i'm sorry for what I did.

Its true.
But They dont know that at the time I didn't enjoy it.

They also dont know sometimes I think about it again and again wishing I had not.
Its that guilt I've always carried with me and will haunt me to my grave.

P.S. : I once read something like this somewhere. Cant remember where but the essence was quite same. So when similar thoughts crossed my mind I just put those words in my way. ---Shafi

The Latest Update Of Mine

Menal Condition : Unknown..a bit mixed !

Physical Condition: Click Read More

Co-Incidence ( Part II )

In the year 1978 Pope died At the same year Liverpool Fc
won European Cup and Wales rugby team won the Grand Slam.


Pope dies, Liverpool won Champion's Cup.
1981Wales won Grand Slam, Prince Charle's marries,
Liverpool won Champion's Cup.
2005Pope dies,Charle's marries, Wales won Grand
Slam, Liverpool won Champion's Cup.

After 3 years of those incidents, in 1981 Liverpool Fc
again crowned as European Champions and this year Prince Charles was married to
Princess Dianna.

Now after 24 years Liverpool had all those good omens for
them. The pope dies, Prince Charles marries and also Wales’s rugby team wins the
Grand Slam. So the world was waiting to watch whether Liverpool can be the
European Champion again to maintain those unbelievable similarities. And
amazingly Liverpool who had a very little chance from the very beginning, won
amazingly the final of the Champions trophy from 3-0 down and then fought back
to clinch the title.

Co-Incidence? You bet!

Aug 7, 2005

A Scorecard To Remember!

ODI # 2250 NatWest Series, 2005, 2nd Match between Australia v Bangladesh at Sophia Gardens, Cardiff on 18 June 2005 (50-over match)

Australia won the toss and elected to bat.

Umpires: BF Bowden (NZ) and DR Shepherd
TV Umpire: MR Benson
Match Referee: JJ Crowe (NZ)

Australia innings (50 overs maximum)                            R   M   B  4 6
+AC Gilchrist lbw b Mashrafe Mortaza 0 1 2 0 0
ML Hayden b Nazmul Hossain 37 71 50 4 1
*RT Ponting lbw b Tapash Baisya 1 21 16 0 0
DR Martyn c Nafees Iqbal b Tapash Baisya 77 138 112 2 0
MJ Clarke c Mashrafe Mortaza b Tapash Baisya 54 100 84 4 0
MEK Hussey not out 31 38 21 5 0
SM Katich not out 36 27 23 4 0
Extras (lb 3, w 2, nb 8) 13
Total (5 wickets, 50 overs, 205 mins) 249

DNB: GB Hogg, JN Gillespie, MS Kasprowicz, GD McGrath.

FoW: 1-0 (Gilchrist, 0.2 ov), 2-9 (Ponting, 5.2 ov),
3-57 (Hayden, 15.4 ov), 4-165 (Martyn, 41.4 ov),
5-183 (Clarke, 43.3 ov).

Bowling O M R W
Mashrafe Mortaza 10 2 33 1 (1w)
Tapash Baisya 10 1 69 3 (8nb)
Nazmul Hossain 10 2 65 1
Mohammad Rafique 10 0 31 0 (1w)
Aftab Ahmed 10 0 48 0

Bangladesh innings (target: 250 runs from 50 overs) R M B 4 6
Javed Omar c Hayden b Kasprowicz 19 84 51 3 0
Nafees Iqbal c Gilchrist b Gillespie 8 27 21 1 0
Tushar Imran c Katich b Hogg 24 35 35 4 0
Mohammad Ashraful c Hogg b Gillespie 100 118 101 11 0
*Habibul Bashar run out (Gillespie) 47 82 72 3 0
Aftab Ahmed not out 21 28 13 2 1
Mohammad Rafique not out 9 11 7 2 0
Extras (b 1, lb 11, w 6, nb 4) 22
Total (5 wickets, 49.2 overs, 199 mins) 250

DNB: +Khaled Mashud, Mashrafe Mortaza, Tapash Baisya,
Nazmul Hossain.

FoW: 1-17 (Nafees Iqbal, 7.1 ov), 2-51 (Tushar Imran, 15.4 ov),
3-72 (Javed Omar, 20.5 ov), 4-202 (Habibul Bashar, 43.5 ov),
5-227 (Mohammad Ashraful, 47.1 ov).

Bowling O M R W
McGrath 10 1 43 0 (2nb)
Gillespie 9.2 1 41 2 (2w)
Kasprowicz 10 0 40 1 (2nb)
Hogg 9 0 52 1 (1w)
Clarke 6 0 38 0 (1w)
Hussey 5 0 24 0
Result: Bangladesh won by 5 wickets
Man of the Match: Mohammad Ashraful
© Cricinfo

Aug 5, 2005

XMMS player

Finally I've installed Xmms player in my fedora core project 4. It's too cool. I was using Beep for playing Mp3s (which is almost like winamp) and now Xmms gives me the feelings of using the original winamp. Even the shortcuts are also same.

Now let's come to the point why I can't install xmms previously.

I am using fedora core project 4 with default installation for "Personal Desktop". Which didn't install all available packages. So when I tried to install xms I was recieving this error " is needed by" constantly and can't install xmms.

So then I googled for libmikmod and knew that it's a package which is included in fedora core 4 extras. So then I followed the following steps.

1.From the menu I selected Desktop->System Settings->Add/Remove Applications

2.Then the Package Management window appears.

3.Then from the list I choose "Sound And Vedio" under "Applications" and clicked
the details link for details.

4.Then the "Sound And Vedio Package Details" window appears.Then under the "Extra
Packages" menu I noticed that the checkbox beside "mikmod-A MOD music file
player" was unchecked.

5.So I checked it and clicked "Close" and finally clicked "Quit". Then it will
prompt for Disk-2. I inserted it and bang it's installed. :P

6.Then I downloaded,, and


7. I saved the three files in the home folder and opened the terminal. Then I
typed 'su' and pressed enter.It prompted for the root password and I provided
it and pressed enter.

8. Then I typed 'rpm -ivh xmms-*' and pressed enter.

And Xmms is installed :) Now I am working to install my tv card..Let's see if I can!

Mp3 with Fedora Core 4

Now I can play mp3 using fedora core 4 .. Thanks to Stanton Finley, for the amazing website.
I actually followed her blindly and now I am able to watch dvd and play mp3 :D using fedora core 4.
Now here's what I did :

1. To watch dvd I installed Xine...How? Follow this link: Install Xine
By the way, Don't forget to install codecs. It'll help when you try to playback compressed movie clips.

2. To play mp3 that is in your windows partition, mount the hdd drive. Then install either Xmms player or Beep media player.. Both looks like the famous winamp. But as I can't install Xmms player, (due to some dependency problem :-s but I am working with it.) I installed Beep.
Click Here to know how to install Beep.

Happy linuxing :P

Aug 4, 2005


Not in the mood to post a blog right now. But blogging has become a habit of mine nowadays so can’t resist either! Here is what kept me busy and prevent me from blogging:-

Sony Ericsson K750i 2MP camera phone with mp3 player and camcorder!

Aug 3, 2005

Co-incidence with accounting teachers!

Co-incidences should maintain some limits. But this one has probably gone a little too far from reality. It started in the mid of June when I was invited to one of my school friend Robin’s sister Lima apu’s marriage ceremony.
Well from my mother I heard before attending the marriage that the bridegroom is an accounting teacher of our university. As I knew that I have to take the accounting course in the coming term (semester) I was quite enchanted thinking that what if our new ‘brother in law’ is going to take our class! Then when our class began in July, I was quite surprised to found that it’s indeed him, Mr. Moazzem. Anyway as I am a bit talkative by nature and also always inattentive during classes, I was quite anxious about the embarrassment if he scolds me!
So I started attending his classes quite seriously (it’s tough because it's in the last period after 4 consecutive classes!).
Now let’s come to the second part of this story.There were another accounting teacher Mr. Nikhil Chondro with whom Mr. Moazzem was taking our classes alternatively and suddenly the news broke…..

Mr. Nikhilo Chondro had his engagement with our friend Dipu’s sister on the last Friday (29th July). So he too is goint to be our brother-in-law.

Co-incidence, huh?

P.S. : Want to marry any of our friend’s sister? …..Teach us accounting then.