Nov 6, 2014

Popcorn time is back

They have a new address, but same old functionality. That is if you like watching torrent, it will enable you to watch torrent without even downloading the whole torrent. It will feel like as if you are watching from the stream site, except imagine replacing the crappyness with HD quality. Bonus feature is, you can now cast your favorite movie to your tv through chromecast as well. Killer deal.

Oct 28, 2014

How to google fit with strava

Google released the android app google fit today. If you have a google gear device, then you can see all your data uploaded into google fit, if you don't then nothing to worry. Because you can install it in your phone and the phone will register your movements as well like how many steps you took. Sounds cool. But how about apps like strava? Which as a hobbyist bicyclist, I use a lot. Google announced today that you can connect your google fit account with strava as well. I expect apps like myfitnesspal would be next, where you can update your activities and have them together with your food logs. So I was wondering how you can connect strava with google fit.
You can also connect your favorite fitness devices and apps like Strava, Withings, Runtastic, Runkeeper and Noom Coach to Google Fit and we’ll surface all of the relevant data in one spot, giving you a clear and complete view of your fitness.
An obvious solution would be to connect strava with your google plus account, but I couldn't find that option yet. Leave a comment if you know how to connect strava with google fit, I will update this post once I figure out how. Update 8PM, 28th October - This is what was posted in the android official blog -
Hi everyone - thanks for your interest! The Strava-Fit integration is not live yet, but will be in the coming weeks. Thank you!

Sep 10, 2014

Sep 6, 2014

How hollywood inspires bollywood from time to time...

Murder 3 poster copy Jennifer's body
The poster of Murder 3 was 'inspired' from the movie Jennifer's body
Bollywood movies had been notorious in copying from hollywood and the rest of the world. Following the Bollywood traditions, our own film industry, often called Dhallywood, also chose this route. They can't even come up with a name for the industry itself.

Story, posters, action sequences, stunts, songs, music - every area had some examples of copying. And when caught and later asked about it, they often claim that they were 'inspired' by other's work. I think inspiration is fine, as long as you attribute it properly.

Sikander Sidhu shows how from even the early days, bollywood music directors were 'inspired' by music produced by others. Sad to see that some of my favorite musics are among them. Watch the video-


 Small correction - It's my Birthday" is a collaboration with A.R. Rahman, not a copy without permission or attribution. This shows the difference.

hiss poster copy from king arthur

Finally, nothing beats our own Ananta Jalil aka A.J. (Thanks to Tanjil). For the posters used in this post and to see more like this visit this great collection.

The Spy mohanayok poster, copy from Casion Royal

Sep 5, 2014

A watch to remember...

For quite some times, I have been looking to buy a casual watch under 200$. So the first thing I did was to list some features


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